The Premier League Positional Top 5.


This is going to be a pretty simple list where I will name the players who I believe are at the top 5 of each position in the Premier League.  This is a list of the elite players at each position.



  1. David De Gea     (Man Utd)
  2. Asmir Begovic     (Stoke)
  3. Hugo Lloris     (Spurs)
  4. Petr Cech     (Chelsea)
  5. Michel Vorm     (Swansea)

I think that De Gea is not only the best keeper in the league; I also think that he has them most upside of any keeper in the league.  If you consider that De Gea is only 22 and the next oldest on this list is 26 (Begovic & Lloris), you wonder how good he may get.  The major omission on this list is Joe Hart, and that is because he hasn’t played at an elite level for well over a year.


Right Back

  1. Rafael     (Man Utd)
  2. Pablo Zabaleta     (Man City)
  3. Branislav Ivanovic     (Chelsea)
  4. Glen Johnson     (Liverpool)
  5. Seamus Coleman     (Everton)

A close contest between the top 3, but I think that Rafael edges it because of his superior attacking skills (he also has more upside that the other two as well).  Ivanovic (who is really a centre back) and Zabaleta are both better defenders than Rafael but for me if I were to pick a team right now I would have Rafael in there first.


Left Back

  1. Leighton Baines     (Everton)
  2. Jose Enrique     (Liverpool)
  3. Patrice Evra     (Man Utd)
  4. Ashley Cole     (Chelsea)
  5. Luke Shaw     (Southampton)

Baines is easily the best left back in the league.  There isn’t a massive gap between the next three but Cole (one of the most overrated players in the league) is the worst of them.  Luke Shaw gets the fifth spot because he is a top prospect and there isn’t another stand out left back in the league, Ben Davies at Swansea would’ve been another option.


Centre Back

  1. Vincent Kompany     (Man City)
  2. Nemanja Vidic     (Man Utd)
  3. Younes Kaboul     (Spurs)
  4. Rio Ferdinand     (Man Utd)
  5. Jan Vertonghen     (Spurs)

Oddly enough the five top centre backs in the league have all recently been injury prone.  Kompany and Vidic are the two best in the league, with Kompany edging it because he has been fitter recently.  If you had told me that Rio Ferdinand would be on this list two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you but his play over the past year has been vastly improved.  Mamadou Sakho would be my man to watch for the future that got edged out because he hasn’t actually played a game yet.


Right Midfield

  1. Jesus Navas     (Man City)
  2. Theo Walcott     (Arsenal)
  3. Kevin Mirallas     (Everton)
  4. Antonio Valencia     (Man Utd)
  5. Victor Moses     (Liverpool)

Wow there is a distinct lack of right midfielders/wingers in the Premier League.  I was scraping the bottom of the barrel here, with players like Valencia getting in because there wasn’t much else to offer.  I wouldn’t say that any of these players were elite on the world stage, which really tells you that the Premier League is seriously lacking in quality.


Left Midfield

  1. Andre Schurlle     (Chelsea)
  2. Hatem Ben Arfa     (Newcastle)
  3. Ashley Young     (Man Utd)
  4. Willian     (Chelsea)
  5. Pablo Hernandez     (Swansea)

Basically the exact same as right midfield, a distinct lack of actual quality.  It says a lot when three out of five of these guys didn’t even play in the league last year, which says a lot.  Bring back Bale!


Defensive Midfield

  1. Yaya Toure     (Man City)
  2. Sandro     (Spurs)
  3. Morgan Schneiderlin     (Southampton)
  4. Leroy Fer     (Norwich)
  5. Victor Wanyama     (Southampton)

At the top end of the game there does seem to be a lack of holding midfielders, with many teams either not utilising one, or using a player that doesn’t actually fit the position.  Southampton have two excellent young defensive midfielders, both of whom have bright futures in my opinion, as does Fer.


Central Midfield

  1. Michael Carrick     (Man Utd)
  2. Marouane Fellaini     (Man Utd)
  3. Paulinho     (Spurs)
  4. Ramires     (Chelsea)
  5. Jack Wilshere     (Arsenal)

Odd to think that Utd have the two best central midfielders in the league, yet they don’t have a great central midfield.  To be fair Fellaini hasn’t really played yet, and the drop off to the next central midfielder would be quite large.  Unlike the defensive midfielders, the central midfield is dominated by players from top teams.


Attacking Midfield

  1. Juan Mata     (Chelsea)
  2. David Silva     (Man City)
  3. Mesut Ozil     (Arsenal)
  4. Santi Cazorla     (Arsenal)
  5. Eden Hazard     (Chelsea)

Both Arsenal and Chelsea have two top attacking midfielders (Chelsea have more than two), and you can see the quality of attacking midfielders in the Premier League when guys like Kagawa (play da man!), Eriksen, Oscar and Coutinho can’t get on the list.



  1. Robin van Persie     (Man Utd)
  2. Sergio Aguero     (Man City)
  3. Luis Suarez     (Liverpool)
  4. Wayne Rooney     (Man Utd)
  5. Christian Benteke     (Villa)

RVP is by far the class of the strikers in the Premier League, the next three are also quality strikers and Benteke is one of the brightest young talents in world football (where are all these Belgian’s coming from!).



Overall there were 11 Man Utd players, 6 Man City players, 8 Chelsea players, 4 Arsenal players, 5 Spurs players, 4 Liverpool players, 3 Everton players, 3 Southampton players, 2 Swansea players, 1 Newcastle player, 1 Villa player, 1 Stoke player & 1 Norwich player.

Based on those figures you wouldn’t be discarded for thinking that Man Utd has by far the best squad in the Premier League, however it is probably because Utd are stacked at certain positions (multiple players in top 5) and also because of the lack of quality wide men in the league (allowing Young and Valencia to push up numbers, despite not being that great).  The other numbers aren’t overly shockingly high or low for what you would expect from each team (maybe City could’ve been higher but that’s about it).

One of the things that became blatantly clear to me whilst picking the top 5 players at each position was the distinct lack of good wide players in the Premier League.  It is odd because if you were to describe the style of play of English football, you would talk about high paced counter attacking wide play, yet it seems like the Premier League has moved into a more attacking midfielder based league, surely concerning for an England national side that has lost its identity and doesn’t know what way to turn.

There were only 10 English players in the entire list (three of whom were left backs, and one of whom is retired).  In comparison there were 7 Spaniard’s, 5 French, 6 Belgian’s & 4 Brazilian’s, if you consider further that these nationalities have players playing all across Europe it becomes even more stark for England who’s players only play in England.  There is clearly a lack of quality English players playing at the current moment, and only two made it to the top of their positional rankings (ironically neither starts for the international team…..go figure).


Premier League Best 11

GK-  David De Gea

RB-  Rafael

LB-  Leighton Baines

CB-  Vincent Kompany

CB-  Nemanja Vidic

RM-  Jesus Navas

LM-  Andre Schurlle

CDM-  Yaya Toure

CM-  Michael Carrick

CAM-  Juan Mata

ST-  Robin van Persie

If you’re counting that’s 5 Utd players, 3 City players, 2 Chelsea players & 1 Everton player.  Maybe you disagree with the team (I imagine many will) but if I were to pick my perfect Premier League starting 11 this would be it.

For fun here’s a bench:

Subs-  Asmir Begovic, Branislav Ivanovic, Theo Walcott, Marouane Fellaini, Paulinho, David Silva & Sergio Aguero.


So there you have it the Premier League Positional Top 5, what did you think?  Did you love it and couldn’t have written a better list yourself?  Or more likely did you hate it and will send me hate comments about how I hate every single team in the league and how dare I leave John Terry out?  Either way leave a comment and send your love!  Also like bm23reviews on Facebook and follow bm23reviews on Twitter.


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52 thoughts on “The Premier League Positional Top 5.”

  1. Good analysis like the last transfer one but I have to disagree on some of the listings.

    At the CB, I’ll put Dawson instead of Kaboul. He was the one that was leading the line and made some crucial challenges for Spurs. Kaboul was equally efficient but I think Dawson deserves more credit for being the leader for their defense.

    Navas is not better than Walcott in my eyes. People have doubt on Walcott but at this point(sadly) he is the no 1 right wing in the league and I think the reason he sometimes get underrated(mostly by Arsenal fans strangely) is because there still lies some high expectations on him. It’s a close call between those two, but I guess I still think Walcott can improve and be much better than Navas.

    Also I think Weimann must be included somewhere in the top 5 for that right wing position. He really played well for Villa last term and I like his awareness in an off ball position. Also a neat finisher.

    I haven’t seen him feature in the PL yet, but Lamela, just pure talent wise, eclipses all of the top 5 listed players. He was a very important player for Roma last year so I’ll put him there as well.

    So for me it’ll be Walcott-Navas-Weimann-Lamela-Schurrle(Judging from the opening games for Chelsea it seems he’ll be playing there this season)

    I think Hazard usually starts there for Chelsea(correct me if I’m wrong) and he is top 3 in that position.
    So it’ll look like Hazard-Cazorla(he’ll be pushed to LM from what I am hearing and seeing thanks to Ozil)-and the rest(I have no clue who else will make the rest though)

    Ozil is easily the king in that position. He is a class above the rest. So
    will be my pick.

    Mostly agreed but will replace Benteke with Lukaku. Both talented but Lukaku played better and has more potential.

    Very good read as usual, but I think Tottenham made things far more complicated this season with the signing of Ericksen and Lamela. Their best signing this season wasn’t neither of them but Franco Baldini. I think we(United) should have gone for him.


    1. Thanks for reading. I think your point about Dawson is fair but I think that Kaboul pre-knee injury was a better player.

      I agree that Navas Walcott is a bit of a toss up, but I think that Navas is just the better player right now. Although if you had asked me before writing this I wouldn’t have thought this would have been my 1-2. I haven’t actually seen Lamela play, and that’s why he isn’t on the list. I know he’s supposed to be good and he cost £30m so it sounds like he should be up there, but it’s too early to tell. Weimann I agree is a very good player but I have always considered him a striker.

      The same is true of Cazorla and Hazard, who I believe are both attacking midfielders rather than left midfielders (although Cazorla especially tends to play out left). So that’s why they both didn’t appear on that list. If they had appeared on the left midfield list, then I would have had Kagawa and then Eriksen as the next two to appear on my attacking midfielder list, much like yourself.

      I understand you thoughts on Ozil, but until he’s played in the league I don’t think it’s fair to put him in front of guys that have been excellent in past years like Mata and Silva. If he shows his worth throughout the season, then he would naturally move up.

      Have to disagree on your comments on Lukaku, Benteke is an excellent player and is already one of the best strikers in the Premier League. It is only a matter of time until he is starting for a top team in Europe. Lukaku is also a good player and has lots of potential, but Benteke has fulfilled more of his potential and is only 22 (2 years older than Lukaku). He is also the definitive starter for Belgium, in front of Lukaku.

      I agree with your comments about Spurs, and if they and Arsenal can keep their form up from this weekend then it could be a very interesting season for the top 4. I also agree that Franco Baldini has so far done an excellent job at Spurs, but it is too early to anoint him as a genius. Although how he got Eriksen for £11m without another club getting involved is beyond me.


      1. If you won’t rate a player based on his league performance, it’ll be unfair to put Navas ahead of Walcott. Putting others ahead of Ozil is like putting Messi down a rank because he hasn’t featured in the PL. I think you and I both know Ozil is just a class above. He might only had 14 assists last season but he played about 600-1000 minutes less than other competitors that feature in that competition.

        Yep with Navas I think it can be switched depending on what you like more on a player. I just like Walcott more because of his pace and composure(which he might have lost just for the start of the season). On a counter, he is almost unstoppable(unless he is on a 1 on 1 situation).

        Also do check some of the Roma matches that Lamela played. It won’t be a waste I guarantee.

        With the Lukaku VS Benteke argument, I put Lukaku higher up because he was only 2 goals short and as you pointed out 2 years younger. His physical game is unquestionable and he is also quite a hard worker. However, I definitely also see your point. Benteke performed better against stronger sides so that could sway the title on his way a bit more. It might have been that I put too much weight on the potential calculation. I think in two or three years Lukaku will be ahead of Benteke or at least par on him, but I’ll have to agree with you that Benteke performed better last term and deserves that spot.

        Baldini was already quite a famous figure before he joined Spurs. I’ve heard he literally knows every big agent that is out there and has a great connection with the rest of the football world through his past work at Roma, Real Madrid and England International team. He signed Erik Lamela, Bojan Krkić, Maarten Stekelenburg , Gabriel Heinze. Pablo Daniel Osvaldo, Miralem Pjanić, Fernando Gago, Simon Kjaer and Fabio Borini. Not all of them are great players but certainly good enough for Roma and some surprising businesses that usually wouldn’t have been possible for a club of Roma’s current status. I can almost guarantee Lamela would not have been a Spurs player were it not for Baldini. The Eriksen business should be credited to the Baldini and Levy duo. Baldini spots an opportunity and talks to the team, then Levy jumps in and cuts the price down. It was steal of the summer to snatch a worldclass talent like Eriksen for penny money and he already looks great for them.

        I can only hope Kagawa will turn up this season and lets us say the same thing about him.


      2. I don’t agree with the Ozil comments but I don’t really have a major problem with them either. A lot of the positions that I set out don’t have a clear no.1, so if someone thinks that Ozil is better than Mata I disagree but can understand their reasoning.

        I do remember Baldini from his England days, although have only really read about his Roma days because I don’t follow Serie A. He used to be a coach I would bring in on Football Manager because he had excellent stats (not real life but you know it basically is).

        If Kagawa can get played in his position then I think he will turn up this season. However so far it doesn’t look like that is going to happen, I naturally hope it changes because he is potentially one of the best players in the league.


  2. Interesting idea, but some of your rankings are shocking.
    Zabaleta was far and away the best right back in the league – sure Rafael has potential, but he was in no way THE top right back. At left back Baines is a a shoo-in, but Jose Enrique second? Seriously, he was poor last season, coming from a Liverpool fan.
    And centre back…. wow. The best centre backs last season sadly belonged in North London – one on either side of the divide, Koscielny and Vertonghen. Kompany had a seriously bad season, at least for his standards. He should be top 5, but he is not the best CB in the league. Vidic second? I know you’re a United fan and all, but he’s been injured for so long I don’t see him being in contention. Rio… fair enough, had a good season.
    For right wing, if you want to include new players, then Lamela and Shurrle should both be there. As should Oscar, considering he played well there when called upon for Chelsea. Moses? How can a guy who played about five games be the fifth best in the league. Lennon, Snodgrass and Wiemann should all be in there ahead of Valencia as well.
    Left wing: HAZARD GOD DAMN IT! Ben Arfa and Young? Pfff, do me a favour…
    Perhaps Dembele should into Central Midfield somewhere.
    And no Lukaku up front… oh man…


    1. Thanks I try to do different things.

      This isn’t a list on how people played last season, because a number of players wouldn’t be on the list if that were the case. It is more a list of the players who I feel are currently the best at each position. Which is why players who have just joined the league and players who have struggled with injuries are included.

      I can’t really argue with your Zabaleta comments because I do think that he is a very good player and it was very close between him and Rafael for my no.1 pick. Rafael edged it because I think a full back’s attacking abilities are more important than their defensive abilities, and I think Rafael is a better attacker than Zabaleta (although obviously they need to be able to defend as well, which Rafael can).

      The Kompany and Vidic thing; I think if everyone is fit these two are by far the best centre backs in the league. I agree that Kompany didn’t have a great year last season but he was being forced to play injured because City had so few options at centre back. Vidic has shown this season and at the tail end of last season that he is getting back to the Vidic that dominated strikers before his serious knee injury. I like Vertonghen (who was on the list), but Koscielny is too clumsy to be in the top 5, he would be in a top 10 however.

      You aren’t the first person to recommend Lamela on the list but I haven’t actually seen him play so I can’t judge how good he is and wasn’t willing to put him in based upon a £30m transfer and playing well in Serie A (Sakho was similar to this). I also had Schurlle as a left midfielder so that’s why he isn’t in the right midfield. I would also classify Oscar as an attacking midfielder rather than a right midfielder. You also aren’t the first one to mention Weimann for right midfield, however I think of him more as a striker than a right midfielder (similar to Danny Welbeck). I also considered Snodgrass for the 5th slot but thought Moses just edged it. Also didn’t really want Valencia in the list but though that he was better than the alternatives that were available, whether he is playing well or not.

      The left midfield; Hazard I consider to be an attacking midfielder, so he wasn’t in the left midfield list for that reason. If I thought he was a left midfielder then I would have had him as no.1, but I don’t. Ben Arfa is an excellent player that can’t stay fit and has attitude issues. He is miles too good for Newcastle but hasn’t moved beyond there because of those two reasons.

      Dembele I considered as a central midfielder but thought Wilshere just edged it.

      I don’t understand the Lukaku thing because he isn’t nearly in the class of the 5 I picked and I would also have Soldado in front of him, potentially as well as others like Hernandez, Fletcher, Sturridge and Bony. Not that I think he is a bad player in any way at all, but who would drop out of that top 5 to let him in? I just don’t see who.


  3. Nice concept and I agree with most of the rankings.

    Ashley Cole is surely one of the most over-rated players in the Premier League. Prepare yourself for the backlash from Chelsea and England fans, though. (I know how the Chelsea fans love you)

    De Gea is certainly the most solid, consistent ‘keeper in the league and given that, as you said, he’s still very young ( especially for a goalkeeper), there’s plenty more to come from him.


    1. Thanks, nice to see I have at least one person who agrees with me (doesn’t happen that often).

      Yes I am very popular with Chelsea fans, maybe they have gotten their heads out of the sand after their lackluster start to the league (worst since the money came in, not that their fans would know about anything prior to that). Ashley Cole hasn’t been the top left back in the league since his second last season at Arsenal, since then he has been playing at a mediocre level.

      De Gea is one of the most under rated players in the league, he has excellent shot stopping and distribution and has grown in stature to a great extent since his debut season where he struggled. You no longer hear the harsh media criticism that he once was subjected to, because they know that they were wrong. The fact that he is starting his third season at Utd as the starting goalkeeper and also had couple of season at Atletico and is only 22 is incredible.


      1. Funny how Man Utd players are under rated and Chelsea players are over rated …. Anyway I don’t know what Albayr is on about, we love you 😀


      2. I said A Chelsea player was overrated and A Utd player was underrated, don’t know where these plurals are coming from. I’m also glad to hear that a Chelsea fan loves me, maybe you could tell the rest of them at the Chelsea Fanboy Club (est.2003) to follow suit.


  4. Well you have said in your previous blogs that the whole Chelsea squad is overrated just because of Mourinho. I can’t do that since I am not a est.2003 fan myself 😉


    1. That is very true, did you notice the lack of Chelsea centre backs, strikers and holding midfielders? That’s because they have a serious lack of quality in these areas, and that is why they won’t win the league. Can’t score goals and can’t keep them out, not what I’d call a great formula for winning the league. I also didn’t realise that there was such a thing as a pre-2003 Chelsea fan…..bit like meeting a dinosaur, as in it doesn’t happen very often (or not at all). It’s also funny how every Chelsea fans supported the club before 2003, even the ones born in 2004…..


      1. well I am quite old but I wouldn’t call myself a dinosaur 😛 I am not saying we have a great squad, I’m just saying (and you can’t deny this) that you are showing empathy toward Chelsea even more than you are towards Man Shitty which is very weird for a Utd fan.


      2. Not really, Chelsea fans just have too high expectations for where they are at the current moment. That’s why it seems like I hate Chelsea more than City, because I don’t, trust me.


  5. I don’t think we have too high expectations, I think we believe we can challenge for the title and I think we will. Pellegrini seems to be needing some time to get to grips with the Premier League so I think it will be between us and you guys. So depending on Ashley Young’s improving diving skills either one of us could win it 😉


    1. 4 games is really too early to judge, but if these 4 games are anything to go by then I would say that City look like they’re in for another lackluster season of missed opportunities. I’m sure Young’s diving will improve once he shakes the rust off.


  6. …………………….david de gea…………………
    ………….carrick………….yaya touray…………
    ….hazard…………..ozil……………….d silva….
    …………………..van persie………………………

    it dont get no better, thats my 11


    1. …………………….david de gea…………………subs:mignolet, vorm, begovic
      ivanovic…….kompany……vidic………baines :rafael, vertonghen, ferdinand, evra
      ………….carrick………….yaya touray………… :fellaini, paulinho, ramires
      ….hazard…………..ozil……………….d silva…. :walcott,navas,mata,kagawa,cazorla,
      …………………..van persie……………………… :rooney, suarez, aguero,

      it dont get no better, thats my 11


    2. Yeah, that’s a good team and not to dissimilar to my own. What I would say is that although I had Navas and Schurlle starting I also would rather play attacking midfielders out of position than play them (Ozil and Silva). However to fit what I was writing they had to go in the team.


  7. I would like a bit of clarification, what do you mean by elite and why isn’t Joe Hart on the list?

    Otherwise i think Azpilicueta deserves a spot in the RB position at the expense of either Coleman or Johnson.

    As a United fan i don’t think i would rate Carrick as the best midfielder in the premier league. Honestly, Lampard edges it for me as he can pose as a threat through set pieces and scores goals.

    In RM and LM i think Nathan Dyer and Scott Sinclare deserves to be there up there too. I say this because Dyer is quite effective but since he doesnt play for a top 4 team his efforts go largely unnoticed. Sinclare; mainly because of what he did during his time at Swansea before making the biggest mess of his career. As a United fan again i don’t think Young deserves to be on any list, largely useless except for his first few games for United and some scattered good performances there after. Walcott has never struck me as a winger mainly because he can’t beat his marker with skill. Once his pace goes so does his career in my opinion. The Ox has always been a better player in my eyes despite being largely inexperienced.I wouldn’t put Willian on that list, because he came from a league that wasn’t all that competitive plus i think they might just have overpaid for him by about 5million pounds but only time will tell.

    As for the forwards i think Wayne is the best of the lot. Maybe he doesn’t score all the time but he compensates for that through assists and wonderful build up play, i don’t think you can find a striker who has the attributes of a winger, attacking midfielder and central midfielder all rolled into 1. I would also put Sturridge over Benteke on the list mainly because he delivers regardless of the opposition and takes his chances as he showed during his spell at Bolton and since making his move to Liverpool.


    1. When I refer to elite I mean it as players who fall into the top 5 of their position. Most of the people on the list I wouldn’t refer to as elite on the world stage but they are in the top 5 in the Premier League. Hope that clarifies that.

      Joe Hart isn’t on the list because he hasn’t been good for at least a year. If I had written this a year ago he would have been 1st, but he has fallen so far in terms of production that I would much rather have the 5 keepers I chose over him in nets.

      Your point about Azpilicueta is fair and he was in my considerations for the RB slot, but just felt that Coleman and Johnson edged it slightly (although there isn’t much in it).

      Lampard wasn’t even in my consideration for the central midfield slot, not because he is a bad player but rather because he is well past his best and all he really does is score goals. A central midfielder for me is more about controlling the pace of a game, rather than scoring goals. That is why Carrick is number one.

      I didn’t leave Dyer and Sinclair out because they play at too low a level, I left them out because they weren’t good enough. Sinclair has shown that he is at best average by twice failing to make it at a top club.

      I don’t think Young is a great player but when you look at the other players that fall into the left midfield category, there is a reason he is on the list. There is a distinct lack of quality of wide players currently in the Premier League.

      I would say Walcott is a winger, whether that is his best position is a different question. He clearly thinks that he is a striker, I’m not so sure. I would agree the Ox looks like he will be a better player but just now Walcott is better than him.

      Chelsea definitely overpaid for Willian, but he definitely is a good player, whether he has been playing at a lower level or not. Christian Eriksen was playing at a lower level, but would you say that he isn’t a good player?

      Rooney can play all over the pitch, but his production over the last couple of years hasn’t been in the same league as RVP, Aguero or Suarez.

      Sturridge scored 13 goals last year, Benteke scored 23. Benteke played in a team that scraped not being relegated, and scored big goals all season. Benteke doesn’t have attitude problems. I know who I would rather have in my team.


  8. A lot of people write a lot of stupid lists, but this is the most idiotic I have ever seen. At best I would say that it is too ambitious for one person to presume to know all of the best players in the EPL, and this proves it – it’s just a list of players from the predicted top 5 clubs with a few others chucked in if you happen to have seen them on match of the day playing for other teams. I don’t even know where to start with the criticism, but even if I just look at goalkeepers – making an assessment on the goals conceded isn’t a basis for assessing a good goalkeeper. There are goalkeepers that will concede a bag of goals because they play behind poor defenses. I love it how you pick Joe Hart as being a controversial omission, but clearly have never taken a look at Mignolet or Guzan who kept Sunderland and Villa in the EPL last year. A twelve year old with Wikipedia would make the lists you have made.


    1. Well of course your comment is silly because as it happens the best players tend to play for the best teams, that’s why they tend to challenge for the top spots. However to realise that you need some resemblance of intelligence, which you clearly don’t (shame for you).

      The funny thing about your annoyance is that you pick the goalkeepers as your way of showing how silly the list is, yet I didn’t realise Stoke and Swansea were top 5 teams….Maybe that’s just me. Also at what point did I say that this was based on who conceded the least goals? I think the answer is never, otherwise Joe Hart would probably be on the list, as would Szczesny. I wouldn’t even think about putting Guzan on the list, he doesn’t even start for the USA internationally because Howard is a better goalkeeper.

      Since you have a lower level of intelligence, you won’t realise that it is really easy for a keeper of a low level team to look really good because they have a lot of shots to save and even if they concede or make a mistake it isn’t as big a deal. If you play for a top team and concede a cheap goal or make a mistake, it costs your team a result and is heavily scrutinised.

      Feel freeto come back and criticise the other positions with your un-educated opinions, I’ll still be here.


  9. Rafael really? Zabaleta and Ivanovic are both better then him. Left-back: 1-Baines 2-Cole! I don’t mind you saying Evra is better than Cole but Jose Enrique! Not a chance! Why so much hate on Chelsea! Im a Liverpool fan but come on! You call yourself a sports writer and yoi don’t even know Hazards position. Cech is VERY underrated.


    1. For me Rafael more embodies what I want in a full back than Zabaleta and Ivanovic, that is why he is above them, plus he also has more upside because he is much younger.

      You aren’t the first person to question Jose Enrique’s high ranking, maybe I over rated him when I made the list, but I do think he is a good player.

      For me Hazard is an attacking midfielder not a left winger. That is how I see it. I think that David Luiz is a very good holding midfielder (would’ve ranked out 2nd) but clearly is a centre back.

      Cech has never been the same goalkeeper since his head injury, and I would say that he is actually overrated because people still talk about him as if he is as good as he was before his injury, which he is not.

      Is there hate for Chelsea in this? They have the second highest number of players of any team on the list. I understand that you are saying that you think a number of their players are too low on the list but which player that isn’t there belongs on any of the lists? I can’t think of any.


      1. Just want to add a bit on your(bm23) comment. Rafael had a breakthrough last season and was touted as one of the best in the RB by many pundits. Not that the pundits opinions matter that much but they said so for a reason. He was defensively stable and were miles ahead going forward than the two you(jim) mentioned. D. Alves and Marcelo tend to me less concrete defensively than Zabaleta and Ibanovic, but would you rate those two Brazilians lower than the latter two? I don’t think so. In modern football, it is crucial the fullbacks attack the flanks aggressively unless you play the likes of Real or Barca who have Ronaldo and Messi. You don’t get to meet a whole lots of team that have players on such caliber, so the most important role for the FBs will be supporting the attack while being responsible for the defence. There is a reason Baines is rated as the best LB in the PL when you have more defensively solid options like Vertonghen(although he is a CB) in that position.

        Judging from the start of the season, I think you’ll have to put Hazard as a LW now. I don’t think Mourinho will play him in the center unless both Oscar and Mata are injured. He’s got too much of a trickery to play a central role, because getting past defenders is a great asset and Hazard is one of the best at it.

        With the Cech argument, I’m weighing more on jim’s opinion. He isn’t as agile and aggressive as he used to be, but he learned the most important skill for a GK which is reading the game. He rarely makes a mistake and has developed his no-nonsense part of a game significantly. I think De Gea was the best last season, but Cech isn’t so behind. I would have put him as a 2nd up there, but also can understand the point of Begovic and Loris being in their rank as well. Begovic was easily the only reason Stoke stayed in the Prem last year and Loris, somehow is seen as a “quality” GK, when he actually is worldclass. To sum it up, De Gea was the top of the lots but the rest can bee seen as debatable.


      2. I agree with your comments on the fullbacks, and I agree that the goalkeepers in the Premier League are all very interchangeable and I am sure that if someone else were to make the list they could easily have 5 different players in each position. I said to a couple of other people who commented that if I had written this last year then more than likely Joe Hart would have been number 1, yet a year later and he doesn’t even crack the list because there is a number of top keepers in the league.

        I’m getting a lot of grief over putting Hazard as an attacking midfielder, but I always seen him last season as playing on the left side of a three pronged attacking midfield. Now Mourinho likes to play two wide players and that could very well be the reason Mata can’t crack the first team and of course that would see Hazard playing more as a winger than an attacking midfielder. We’ll see how it goes and maybe when I write my next positional list he’ll be out on the left wing, who knows.


  10. I would just like to understand your thinking, but why is Arteta or Flamini not in the top 5. Arteta is a critical player for Arsenal and Flamini at least deserves a mention. Also, I think Aaron Ramsey should at least have a place in the top 5.


    1. It basically the top 5 players at each position in regards to ability, form (over the past couple of years) and overall success.

      Flamini isn’t on the list because I don’t think he is that good a player. Arteta isn’t on the list because the players that are on the list are better than him (I would say he’s a central midfielder). Ramsey isn’t on the list because until the past number of games he hasn’t actually been a good player. I would say that Ramsey would probably be top of the central midfielder list if it were based on form so far this season, but he wouldn’t even be considered for the list unless he was able to play to a similar level to what he has so far, for the entire season.


  11. Although I wont dispute the abilities of all the players mentioned above, I would like to suggest a few names that could have been included in the list (Albeit whom to discard is still your headache :P)

    GK: Mignolet
    RB: Kyle Walker, Carl Jenkinson
    CB: Nastasic, Ashley Williams, Agger
    LB: Kieran Gibbs, Nacho Monreal, Neil Taylor
    DM: Lucas
    Wings: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sterling
    CM: Henderson, James Milner, Ross Barkley
    AM: I will not dispute this because you have listed Hazard as an AM instead of the LW position that he usually starts in… If not Coutinho will replace Hazard.
    ST: Sturridge, Michu, Shane Long, Lukaku, Dzeko, Hernandez, Steven Naismith


    1. They’re all good players, but when you only name a top 5 you’re always going to miss a number of players who maybe deserve to be on the list but are at a position that is stacked in the league or are 6th.

      I have to say that I started to choke when I read Naismith’s name in there, the 2nd coming of Kenny Miller… was enough thanks.


  12. Ludicrous lists. Your bias views are spilling over all throughout your assessments. The criteria you seem to be using has no consistency whatsoever. You state that you assess the players qualities using how you ‘feel’, instead of an objective evaluation system. This is just poor analysis, and lacks credibility. Maybe an assessment criteria based on player attributes, using a numerical system, may be more appropriate for this type of analysis. Anyway, the ranking of the premier league players was still entertaining to view, though a more objective system would be more beneficial for future analysis. Keep it up.


  13. Utterley deluded Man United fan shocker….

    Carrick and Fellaini the best two centre midfielders?
    No Lucas in def midfielders?
    No Agger in the CB’s?
    No Countinho at all? No Sturridge?
    Yaya Toure is the best CM full stop, Fellaini isn’t even the top 10 lad.


      1. I don’t think that Young is a great player and he certainly isn’t good enough to play for Utd, but the quality of wide men in the Premier League is very poor. If he played for an Everton he would be more highly regarded.


    1. Well I don’t need two guesses as to who you support. Sturridge isn’t even close to cracking the top 5, Coutinho I like but isn’t as good as the 5 that are in his position, Agger is over rated and Lucas is at best average. Yaya Toure is in the defensive midfield role, so that’s that. If you don’t think that Carrick is a top central midfielder then you are blind, and how can you deny that Fellaini isn’t a top central midfielder? He would walk into the Liverpool team.

      Honestly mate, I get that you support the 3rd (being generous) biggest team in England but you need to get your head out the trees because it’s blocking your judgement.


      1. As I said, utterly utterly deluded.

        You have 11 United players in your lists whilst many United fans I know will tell you this is their worst squad in years.

        Fellaini is pants, looked good at Everton just as Darron Gibson looks good for them now, he’s been woeful so far for United.

        Young isn’t even your best wide man, never mind one of the leagues.

        And the ironic thing is two of the Liverpool players you have chosen shouldn’t be there. Moses? Enrique?

        Carrick is decent but overrated by United fans, as is Rafael…next you’ll be telling me Phil Jones is the next Duncan Edwards right?

        Yaya is a central midfielder, not a defensive midfielder. I know you were desperate to get Carrick on the top of the midfielders but that’s ridiculous.

        3rd biggest club? get a grip you moron, can clearly see you’re a modern day “footy started in 1993” fan.


      2. I liked your last “insult” because I was born in 1990 so obviously I don’t remember anything prior to 1993….so….

        At the start of making the list I wouldn’t have thought that there would have been 11 Utd players but it just turned out like that.

        6 months ago everyone wanted Fellaini, 5 matches at Utd an now everyone is claiming they always though he was shit. It is that kind of short term thinking, that shows you don’t know what you’re talking about. Also who thinks that Gibson looks good at Everton?

        I agree Young isn’t Utd’s best wide men, but then again as I’ve said and you’ve clearly ignored (or struggled to understand) the quality of the wide men in the league is poor and that is why Young made the list.

        Your comments on Rafael and Carrick being over rated are of course silly. Phil Jones is a good player and has tons of potential, but he is a centre back and Duncan Edwards was a defensive midfielder, so not the best comparison even though it was intended as a poor joke.

        If you don’t think Toure is a defensive midfielder then that’s fine, by no means have I classified him as such just so Carrick comes out as number 1.

        Man Utd are a much bigger club than Liverpool, and Arsenal are also a bigger club than Liverpool. I know you struggle at counting but that would make Liverpool 3rd. If you think otherwise then you’re clearly deluded, which is ironic because that’s what you keep calling me. One of us is right, and I get the feeling it isn’t the one who is stuck in the 80’s.


      3. Believe me lad, living in Liverpool I know hundreds of blue noses and half were wanting rid of Fellaini. None were sorry to see the back of him. Your choice of him as the second best midfielder in the league is comical.

        Yaya is nothing of the sort, the man is a box-to-box central midfielder, if anything Carrick plays deeper and is more a defensive midfielder. Do you even watch Toure? He spends as much time on the edge of his opponents area as he does his own, something a true defensive midfielder doesn’t do…something tells me your footballing knowledge is merely what you read int he media.

        Also regarding your centre back choices? Rio Ferdinand? Seriously? The man is massively over-the-hill, his best days are long gone…with Vidic not far behind, he too is showing a drop in standards by the week.

        My reference to Jones and Duncan Edwards refers back to when United bought the lad off Blackburn, because United bought him all of a sudden he was over-hyped with many people suggesting he’s “the new Duncan Edwards” “the new Bobby Moore”. He has played in a defensive midfielder position many times for United and even England (where he was shown up badly). He is a truly average player if I’ve ever seen one. Good centre back, poor right back and god damn awful def midfielder.

        Rafael I do like, but he too is massively over-rated due to the media darling connection, Carrick too, why do you think Carrick has so few England caps? Because whenever he gets into the side he has an average game. Once again, good player, massively over hyped.

        Right, as far as your “biggest club” reference…Arsenal? Bigger than Liverpool? Hahaha my oh my. Dude I know hundreds of Gunners through various football forums and not one of them will claim that. What criteria are they bigger? World wide fanbase? Not a chance. Success? Nope? Recent success? Well eight years and counting since their last trophy. Let me guess, crowd size? Well err it would sure be hard for Liverpool to beat their weekly 60,000 whilst we’re in a ground with a 45,000 capacity don’t you think 🙄

        Next you’ll be telling us David Moyes is the best manager in the league? Hahaha

        In Moyes We Trust, enjoy your season in mid table 🙂


      4. Toure plays in a two defensive midfield formation alongside Fernandinho, where he plays as the more progressed of the two. If you watch Wanyama you’ll see that he spends as much time on the edge of the opponents box as Toure, yet you don’t seem to have a problem with his classification.

        I wrote this a month ago and at that time Rio had been playing at a top level for over a year. I agree that his form has dropped off dramatically to the level it was prior to the period of good form. Your comments on Vidic are very harsh and if you feel that way about Vidic then you surely have a problem with Kompany as well. Neither is the player they once were, but both are still the best centre backs in the league.

        Your analysis of Jones is correct, he doesn’t have the composure or passing ability to play at right back or centre midfield. I think as the season goes on he will take Rio’s slot in the team, especially if Rio continues his bad form.

        To judge a player on how many caps he has isn’t a good barometer of how good a player he was. Emile Heskey has more caps than Paul Gascoigne, does that mean he is a better player? We both know the answer. I think as England progress to the World Cup you will see Carrick starting next to Gerrard, and by the end of his career Carrick’s cap total will be more impressive than it is currently.

        Well based on your criteria: worldwide fan base, technically both Chelsea and Arsenal have a bigger worldwide fan base than Liverpool. Success: fair enough Liverpool are at worst 2nd to Utd. Recent success: well Liverpool’s last four league finished were 7, 8, 6 & 7, which doesn’t even put them in the conversation, in fact Chelsea’s recent success has been much more substantial than Liverpool’s. Crowd size is of course irrelevant. So based on your methodology both Arsenal and Chelsea are bigger than Liverpool.

        I wouldn’t claim that Moyes was the best manager in the league, but he is in the top 5, whereas Rodgers would not be. Mid table for Utd? I guarantee that Utd finish above Liverpool and in the top 4. Liverpool will finish at best in 6th, because that’s what Liverpool is now, in line with Everton as the best of the rest.


      5. Your comparing the playing positions of Toure and Wanyama? Get real lad, Toure is a much more attack minded player…far far more. He’s a typical box-to-box midfielder.

        Chelsea and Arsenal have bigger world wide fan bases? Jesus, that’s the worst you’ve ever come out with…is that why a friendly in Australia involving Liverpool football club this summer drew the second biggest EVER football attendance in australia? Is that why Liverpool drew bigger crowds for training than what Chelsea did in actual games in SE Asia this season? Not to mention our massive Scandinavian following, Ireland, the states, etc. Get a grip lad, neither club comes near Liverpool in the world wide fan base stakes.

        Crowd size is only relevant if the stadium allows it, not long ago Arsenal were only getting 37,000 in Highbury due to its size, now they get 60,000, just as we’d get 60,000 with a ground their size. It’s not rocket science lad.

        As for Chelsea being bigger using this methodology? Hmm how do you work that one out? They average 40,000 we average 45,000…strange logic.

        Moyes the top 5 managers? Hahaha…seriously mate, I’d give up “sports writing” if I were you as your basic knowledge of the game seems poor. The man is being found out for what he is, an extremely average manager, I had been begging for Moyes to get the United job for two years because I knew what is happening would happen, he plays piss poor football that United fans will hate, he’s as negative as hell, he can’t handle big stars re his fallout and court case with Rooney, there are rumblings Van Persie dislikes him, Evra wants out and Kagawa will not be at United next season, that I can assure you.

        Moyes spent 11 years trying to win a game at Anfield, Old Trafford, Arsenal and Chelsea..that is a piss poor record and before you say “but it was with little poor Everton”? The same little poor Everton that are in fact one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the country? They’re about 6th in the trophies won league and I’d say about the 6th/7th biggest club in the country…hardly a Fulham or Wigan are they? Besides, Martinez is now doing a far better job whilst playing nice football than Moyes ever did…In Moyes We Trust.

        Rodgers is a puppy in his managerial career, still learning the game and WILL without a doubt end up a far better manager than Moyes, that I have no fear.


      6. You clearly have never seen Wanyama play at Celtic, because he was a very attacking defensive midfielder.

        I don’t know where you are getting your figures from (I imagine that you are making them up) but it is generally accepted that both Chelsea and Arsenal have a bigger worldwide fan base than Liverpool. The little stories you run out are cute but don’t have any actual evidence in them.

        I said that stadium attendances are irrelevant, so I don’t understand why you are then trying to tell me that they don’t matter. After all Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool all sell out their stadiums and could easily sell more. In case you didn’t know, irrelevant means not relevant.

        I didn’t say Chelsea were a bigger club than Liverpool, but based on the criteria you set out they win more sections than Liverpool do. You could also add in the fact that Chelsea produce a higher revenue than Liverpool, which could be used as another argument as to why they are a bigger club.

        I know actually looking at statistics is a little tough for you to understand but I found this link from the BBC that has pretty much all the statistics that you need to show you that Arsenal are a bigger club than Liverpool.

        To judge a manager on 13 games is ridiculous. Yes he hasn’t had a good start in the league, but it isn’t truly fair to judge him until the end of the season, and unlike Liverpool Utd will give their manager time to succeed. The media has been incredibly hard on Moyes and clearly want him to fail, which would be why he is getting much more negative press than Pellegrini even though both have had very poor starts.

        Your comments about Everton are very unfair, Notts Forest are one of the most successful teams in English football, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still in the Championship. Your blinkered opinions are really holding back your points. When Moyes took over Everton, they were more likely to be relegated than finish in the top half, he turned them into a team that regularly finishes in the top 7 which for a team with the budget of Everton is incredible. Teams like Stoke aren’t even close to the size of Everton but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they spend more money than them, and the same could be said about Sunderland and Southampton. Your comments on Martinez are also jumping the gun, I agree that he has had a good start but he has only played 8 games in the league, I wouldn’t go anointing him just yet.

        If Rodgers is ever going to be better than Moyes then he would have to manage at a club that could potentially win a league, and currently he isn’t at one of those. So if he gets a step up we’ll see how he does.


      7. Dude, in Scotland Jamie Carragher would be classed as attacking, piss poor league of course he’s going to get upfield more often.

        What stats? You mean the 95,000 that watched Liverpool play Melborne? Reported to be the second highest crowd for a football game in Australia. Or the 80,000+ absolute sell out crowds we drew in both Indonesia and Thailand yeah? Check the stats kid you’ll see they’re far from made up. We had a training session where 30,000 fans turned up…

        At the same time Chelsea were playing a friendly in the same area they drew two 40,000 crowds in stadiums that held 80,000, they then played in Indonesia and didn’t sell out either. They then played Roma in the USA and only drew 25,000 in a 50,000 stadium.

        So I think its safe to say the pre season tours this season clearly shows Liverpool have a bigger world-wide fanbase…but never mind, rather than look at actual crowd sizes you prefer to look at guess work from a pathetic poll, lol.

        13 games? Nope I judge Moyes from what I’ve seen over 11 years kid, 11 years of not getting near winning a trophy, not winning a single game at any of the so called “big 4” which in itself is absolutely pitiful…even Wigan, Stoke, Norwich, Sunderland, etc can claim to have done this during Moyes time at Everton.

        Martinez won a trophy at tiny Wigan, Moyes can’t say the same can he?
        Martinez has Everton playing nice football, Moyes has turned Man United into a dire football playing team that’ll settle for 1-0 wins all day long…this is not the United way. He’s a small time manager at the second biggest club in the world….way way way out of his depth.

        Your last comment is just pathetic like most of the baseless crap you post. Moyes will not win the league at United, never, he’ll be sacked by December…there are already rumours of massive unrest in the camp. Happy Days….In Moyes We Trust.

        Adios mid-table fan dude.


      8. I agree it is easier to stand out in a worst league or team than it is when you take a step up. Liverpool players have been doing it for the past four years.

        I’m not disputing your attendance figures, but rather saying that isolated attendances are not the best way to judge a teams fan base. I then offer you a study that is based on worldwide fanbase and you reject it because it doesn’t agree with your opinion.

        If you’re judging Moyes off of his time from Everton you can only surely have compliments for him. He took an incredibly inconsistent team and made them a standard top half European challenger. What is the so called big 4? If you rightly consider City to be in the top 4 then your point is incorrect.

        Barely any teams have won the FA Cup outside of Arsenal, Chelsea, Utd and Liverpool. Only 3 teams since 1996 have won the FA Cup outside of those four teams (Pompey, City & Wigan). Plus nobody really cares about the League Cup, even the Championship sides put out weakened teams. Also he did get to an FA Cup final, so to say that he didn’t get close to winning a trophy is also untrue.

        I think that you and I both know that Utd will not finish mid table, but I guess if anyone was to know what is like to support a team who thrives on mediocrity I couldn’t find a better person to ask than a Liverpool fan. At best the 6th best team in the league, yet still believes that they are the 2nd biggest club in the country. Delusions of grandeur indeed.


  14. Don’t understand why Luis Suarez is in the 3rd place?! Now he is the leading goal scorer of Barclays Premier League?!
    I think, he should be in the 1st position @ Admin


    1. Well the list was written over 3 months ago and was based on historical data and upside, so what he has done since is irrelevant. There are more players than Fellaini who wouldn’t appear on the list if I were to write it today.


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