Who Has Had the Worst Start; Mourinho, Moyes or Pellegrini?


At the beginning of the 2013/14 season, the unusual situation of the top three teams in England starting the season with a new manager.  Not that it is unusual to see Man City and Chelsea change their manager, but Man Utd for the first time since the 1986/87 season and the first time ever in the Premier League would start with a manager that wasn’t called Sir Alex Ferguson.

There was always going to be growing pains for each manager, but most people wouldn’t have thought the growing pains would be quite as severe as they actually have been, with each manager struggling in his new role (or old role if your Mourinho).  This begs the question, which manager has started the season the worse?

The way of calculating how well each manager has done is fairly simple; the question will be asked what were the minimum expectations of points from each game that they have managed compared to the points they actually achieved.  So in alphabetical order here we go.



Chelsea currently sit on 11 points and are therefore 1 and 4 points clear of City and Utd respectively.  However what is the minimum points they actually be on?

Chelsea started the season with home wins against Hull and Villa, then followed it up with a draw away to Man Utd.  They then lost away to Everton, before beating Fulham at home and drawing at Spurs.  Through those six games they achieved 11 points, and the only dropped points that would have been considered poor was not drawing away to Everton.  So it is fair to say that Mourinho has only not gained 1 point that he shouldn’t have.  Essentially Chelsea should be on a minimum of 12 points.

If you look at the cup competitions (Super Cup excluded), Chelsea lost to Basel at home and beat Swindon away.  Obviously the Basel result was a shocker and is an obvious 3 points that Chelsea and Mourinho should have picked up.



Utd currently sit on a very disappointing 7 points and are therefore 3 and 4 points behind City and Chelsea respectively.  However what are the minimum points should they be on?

Utd started the season with a win away to Swansea, and a draw at home to Chelsea.  This was followed up by a loss at Liverpool, a win at home to Palace and an embarrassing loss away to Man City.  However the most embarrassing result for Utd so far was the loss at home to West Brom.  So in those six games Utd have only been able to achieve 7 points.  It would be fair to say that Utd gained 2 points away to Swansea, however dropped 1 point away to Liverpool and City as well as 3 points at home to West Brom.  Therefore Moyes has dropped 3 points more than Utd’s minimum expectations.  Essentially Utd should be on a minimum of 10 points.

Utd have however won both of their cup games (Charity Shield excluded) with wins at home to Liverpool and Bayer Leverkusen, so there are no poor results there.



City currently sit on 10 points and are therefore 3 ahead of Utd and 1 behind Chelsea.  However what are the minimum points they should be on?

City started the season with a win at home to Newcastle, before being beaten away to Cardiff.  This was followed by a win at home to Hull, a draw away to Stoke and a convincing win against arch rivals Man Utd.  However City then lost once again away to Aston Villa, one of the worst home teams in the league.  So in those six games City have managed to achieve 10 points.  It would be fair to say that City gained 2 points above minimum expectation by beating Utd, however they would have expected to win against Stoke, Villa and Cardiff, yet only managed to achieve 1 point.  Therefore Pellegrini has dropped 6 points more than City’s minimum expectations.  Essentially City should be on a minimum of 16 points.

City have won both of their cup games with wins over Plzen away and Wigan at home, so there are no bad results there.



Overall Mourinho has had the best league start of the three managers with only 1 point below minimum expectation, that is in comparison to Moyes who is 3 points below minimum expectation and Pellegrini who is 6 points below minimum expectation.

If you take it as an overall points dropped then Moyes would come out on top (with 3 compared to Mourinho’s 4), however despite Mourinho having an embarrassing result against Basel, it isn’t as big a deal because of how easy Chelsea’s Champions’ League group is, and they can still afford to drop those points and qualify easily.  Therefore they can’t be categorised on the same level as Utd losing to West Brom or City losing to Cardiff.

Moyes’ start to the season has been very poor in the league (worst Utd start in Premier League), however as has been shown by the fact that Utd are only 3 points below what would be considered their minimum expectation, Utd have had by far the hardest schedule of the top three clubs, although it still is a very poor start.

Pellegrini’s start is however by far the worst of the three.  Despite an excellent result against City’s least favourite team, where they totally outplayed their opponents, City have had three very poor away results (still haven’t won an away game this season) and with a very easy fixture list to start the season, being on 10 points isn’t acceptable for Pellegrini and City.

Therefore Pellegrini has had by far the worst start to the season of the three new managers, however all three will have to shape up pretty quickly if they have desires of winning the Premier League in their first season of their new job.


So what did you think of the outcome of the minimum expectation point totaliser?  Were you surprised with who came out on top, or who came out on bottom?  Let me know and leave a comment.  Also feel free to follow BM23reviews on twitter or like BM23reviews on Facebook, they are both at the top right of the page.  Thanks for reading.


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14 thoughts on “Who Has Had the Worst Start; Mourinho, Moyes or Pellegrini?”

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that i read your tweet about Neymar and I think you way too much overreacted. Neymar may overdid it, but Brown deserved that red card, because if you rewatch that clip you can clearly see he did it with a malicious intent and if you follow the rules it’s a straight red card. You said you were a fan of man utd, but i didn’t hear you say anything about Young’s dive(s) against palace. Calling Neymar a little shit is pretty low too. Even I dislike Barcelona but that doesn’t mean you van say idiotic things. I’m dissapointed I didn’t Know you were one or these fans. You also said that Carragher was pathetic juste because he gave he’s opinion on that Gerrard was better than Scholes (an opinion that the man utd legend Bryan Robson shares BTW). Really low man…


    1. My reaction to Neymar isn’t based upon one event, it is based upon several. This is the same man that in a friendly against Scotland had a banana thrown at him and called every Scottish person a racist, only for it to turn out to have been a German and for him not to apologise. I agree it was a red card, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the Barca players and the way Neymar reacted was totally over the top for what was essentially a little brush on his back.

      It’s embarrassing when any players dive and as a Utd fan I don’t want to see it from any of our players. It is worse when they are repeat offenders, as Ashley Young is. What he did, play acting, is just as bad as diving because he is pretending he is hurt to have a fellow professional sent. He is essentially cheating, exactly like Young did, and he got what he wanted because Brown got sent off.

      I actually like Barcelona, I just don’t like Neymar, and I don’t see how calling Neymar a cheat (which he was doing all match with his play acting) or arrogant (which he clearly is also) is incorrect or idiotic.

      You misinterpreted the Carragher comment, I don’t have a problem with him thinking that Gerard is better (I disagree though), but he also thought Lampard was better (when he clearly is not) and then talked about Scholes in such a derogatory fashion that really made him look pathetic and petty. It was almost as if he was just saying those things to upset Neville, and that isn’t what a good pundit does. He was saying silly things like when did Paul Scholes ever win a game for Utd…..eh are you kidding me? His comments were ridiculous and pathetic about one of the best players to ever play in the Premier League, and a player that has done a hell of a lot more than Lampard and Gerard have in theirs. Watch it again (or for the first time) and you see Neville is getting fed up with Carragher’s basic and unintelligent drivel, and it make him look like a fourth rate (and that’s being generous) pundit. The tweet had nothing to do with who was better between Gerard or Scholes.


      1. LOL Neymar is a cheater …. then what we should call ashley young , evra , evans , valencia and you beloved red nose saf . Basicly the whole Manchester Team is build on cheat . Viva Barca ! You just jealous because we got Neymar . And the whole world knew that Gerarrd miles better if compare to ginger scholes . Period


      2. Not sure I’d describe Evans or Valencia as cheaters, you could argue that the other two are as I clearly believe Neymar is. Also in what way is Fergie a cheat? Maybe you don’t like him but the man was not a cheat.

        In what way would I be jealous that Neymar is at Barca? It isn’t like he had a chance to go to Utd, so why would I be jealous?

        If you think that Gerrard is MILES better than Scholes then maybe you should stick to the picking your nose and give up on the commenting on football.


      3. Sorry if I misinterpreted your words. I don’t think that what Young did and what Neymar did is comparable. I agree that play acting is bad, but wouldn’t he have done it Brown might only have gotten a yellow card and it would have been unfair because he deserved a red card(I think that Gary Neville said something similar about diving on sky). It’s a shame that Brown got himself sent off because Celtic could have left the pitch with one point. I didn’t Know that Neymar said those things after the Brazil vs Scotland game, maybe he was in a moment of shock but there is no excuse for him not apologising. Me being a Liverpool fan and you a Man Utd fan we will probably never agree on who is the best between Scholes and Gerrard. I don’t like to rank them but hopefully we can both agree that Gerrard and Scholes better are than Lampard(not to disrespect him, he’s a great player but not as good as Scholes and Gerrard).I think saying that Scholes accomplished a lot more is pretty inacurate, because judging them on titles won is unfair towards Gerrard’ otherwise you could say that Giggs is the greatest player ever(Legend, but he clearly isn’t). It ‘s a shame that England never won a major title with these players. I think that Carra said those things to try to make good TV(he failed). When people heard that they will both be working for sky they expected them to fight(apparently they hated eachother on the pitch) , but nothing happened so Carra tried to do something about it(wich he shouldn’t). You being a Man Utd fan don’t you think that some of the fans are spoiled brats? It’s only the sixth game of the league and some already want Moyes to be sacked. Crazy. Just wanted to say that your articles are really great, even if the last two were a bit weaker I still enjoy reading them(some are even better than the ones I read on BR so keep up the good work). Thanks 🙂


      4. I think that diving and play acting are fairly similar, because they are both ways of trying to get an advantage through unhonest means. What I would say however is that play acting is a much more accepted thing in the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1CCgt_Fqe4 Take a look at that and tell me that there is a huge difference between that and winning a penalty through diving. Both in my mind are deplorable and as bad as each other.

        I think the Gerrard Scholes things is one of those, they’re totally different players, and it’s tough when you aren’t comparing like for like. I agree that trophies aren’t a great way to measure people’s abilities because an average player could win a host of trophies in a very good team (a la Victor Valdes). I think even Chelsea fans would concede that Lampard isn’t/wasn’t in the class of either Scholes or Gerrard (not that he was a bad player either). Although when you think of the players that England had at that time (around 2002) you really have to wonder why they didn’t do better than a quarter final, can only blame the manager. Not that I am complaining because being Scottish there was nothing I loved more than seeing Ronaldinho chip Seaman from 40 yards out.

        Any Utd fan or pundit or journalist who is writing that Moyes is under pressure or that Moyes should be sacked, clearly don’t understand football or Man Utd. I love how you keep seeing that this is Utd’s worst start to the season in 24 years, but they fail to point out that the manager 24 years ago was Fergie. People see what they want and for some reason Moyes isn’t getting any leeway. It was never going to be a smooth transition to a new manager after so long, and it hasn’t been a good start at all, but if the results are still like this next year or if we miss the Champions League this year (which I seriously doubt we will) then will be the time to question if he should be sacked, not before. IT really wouldn’t shock me if Utd went on and won the league, because if you look at how Moyes tends to start the season, his teams usually don’t start playing until about January or February, obviously it will have to be sooner than that but as a manager he undoubtedly had talent. The one thing that would concern me as a fan is the fact that Utd haven’t scored a goal from open play since the opening match, that obviously has to change and I’m sure when Moyes finds a system to fully utilise his players it will. I would also point out that we both know that Utd have a tendency to pick up a number of people who don’t properly follow the team but claim to be fans, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was generally these “fans” that were making the noise. We both know that the noisy minority tends to outshine the quiet majority.

        Thanks for the compliments man, they’re much appreciated.


  2. A few weeks/months ago, I would have thought this thread was ridiculous. Admittedly my opinion on appointing moyes wasn’t with great confidence, I worried alot. Pre season poor form was understandable, but our form so far this season has been a step beyond pathetic. I’ll also admit that although he walked into a squad of champions, who could honestly say that we only needed one addition? We need multiple, we need to spend alot. We need to buy a starting eleven next summer, I’d say Rafael and de gea are the only ones who aren’t in need of a replacement/near future replacement. But, lets have a look at moyes’ targets. First we signed fellaini, I beg you do not get me started. Mediocrity. Baines, cracking player, too old too expensive. Herrera, decent player, too expensive. Mangala, brilliant and a future prospect, I’d prefer us have him than anyone else, but do we need him? We need to build our defence from what we already have in my opinion, also alot of money. De Rossi, how long has he been at Roma? No go. So, lets look at other prospects we could sign at similar prices. Gundogan, similar price to Herrera, better, younger. Shaw, going to be outstanding, similar price to Baines. Kurt zouma, half the price of mangala.
    Further prospects in the likes of Oliver Torres, though barca have first refusal. Fischer? Draxler? Leitner? We need creativity and a bit of spontaneity, not complacency and mediocrity, so why are we trying to sign old, and decent players? When we have the option of anyone who we could want, but somehow don’t?
    We are being lead into the wrong direction, my mind isn’t set on moyes, as I do respect him as a manager, and under advice of saf we should believe, but he is making it very, very hard.

    To answer your question you are wrong, united should not have dropped a single point, Chelsea should have only dropped three, and city four. All three clubs have had poor starts, but man utd have been an absolute disgrace, lack of signings and ambition are at fault. City, lack of chemistry, they haven’t had a single manager with a sufficient concept of football. Chelsea, inexplicable, mourinho is undeniably brilliant, their squad is brilliant too, but mata NEEDS to be played.


    1. Utd needed to sign two central midfielders in the summer, they only managed to get the one and you could question whether he is what was needed, although I think you’re very harsh on him.

      You also point to a number of good young players, but noticing good players and signing them for reasonable money is two different things. For instance I think Gundogan would be perfect for Utd but that doesn’t mean that Utd are necessarily guaranteed to sign him, maybe he doesn’t want to move, maybe Dortmund don’t want to sell him, you just don’t know.

      To say Utd should have dropped 0 points is of course silly, especially when you then say that City should have dropped only 4, when 3 of those must be to Utd and a team can’t drop 1 point.


  3. Too bad there were nothing about the actual article in the comments.. I had something to comment but already forgot it reading the feud 😦


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