The Premier League Quarter Season Awards.


Ten games into what has been one of the most competitive Premier League seasons in recent memory, is as good a time as any to hand out awards (theoretical awards, no trophy included) to those who have excelled so far this season.  So put on your party hats and grab a piece of cake because the awards are about to be handed out.


Best Team

Southampton have been excellent this season and have far exceeded expectations at the start of the season, but it is hard to look past the team that are top of the league by five points, Arsenal.  After an incredibly disappointing first match loss at home to Aston Villa, Arsenal have bounced back excellently with eight wins and one draw, whilst also putting in a number of high quality performances.  It isn’t surprising that Utd, City and Chelsea have struggled to find form under new management (although no one expected them to be so poor), Arsenal have been the one team who have taken advantage under an old head.  One criticism about Arsenal’s league position would be that it isn’t particularly accurate due to them not playing one of the other top four teams in the league, and even the most adamant Arsenal fan would have to agree that they have had a very soft fixture list to begin the season.  Despite all that Arsenal have still been the team of the season so far because you can only beat who has been put in front of you, and they have on the main done exactly that.



Best Player

This is an easy one; Aaron Ramsey has been by far the class of the Premier League this season and deservedly wins the best player award.  Not only is he third in goal scoring with 6 goals from central midfield (behind Sturridge and Aguero on 8), but he is also joint top of the assists table with 4 assists.  Ramsey has been outstanding so far this season statistically and also with his performances on the pitch, finally looking like he is turning into the player he looked like he may when he first signed for Arsenal.

Aaron Ramsey


Best Manager

Mauricio Pochettino has turned Southampton from a team that was scrapping around the bottom of the table to a team that is challenging for a European place.  Southampton play attractive possession football, with high levels of pressure and a high defensive line which has seen them pick up excellent results at both Anfield and Old Trafford so far this season.  Many people were critical of Southampton when Nigel Atkins was fired and Pochettino (a man who couldn’t speak English) was put in charge, but the Southampton board must be sitting with a smug smile of satisfaction on their face and they seem to have one of the best young managers in Europe on their books.  It is because of Southampton’s massive improvement on last year that Mauricio Pochettino deserves the quarter season best manager award.

Mauricio Pochettino


Best Goalkeeper

The standout goalie so far this year has been the Holy Goalie himself Artur Boruc.  Boruc has only conceded 4 goals in ten games which is the league’s best and the second best record in Europe’s top leagues (behind Roma).  Boruc has kept an impressive six clean sheets in ten games (the second best in the league) and hasn’t had two goals scored past him in any game, making him the perfect candidate to win the best goalkeeper award.

Artur Boruc


Best Defender

It is always harder to give awards out to defenders because you can’t fall back on statistics to help show why they deserve to win.  Despite that it isn’t surprising that it is another Southampton player who picks up the award, Dejan Lovren.  Lovren has been a rock in the heart of the Southampton defence and a major part of the six clean sheets and four goals Southampton have conceded this season, plus he scored a massive goal against Man Utd to earn Southampton a big point at Old Trafford.

Dejan Lovren


Best Midfielder

Quite simply put if Aaron Ramsey is the best player in the league so far and he is a midfielder then guess who is going to win the best midfielder……you got it!

Aaron Ramsey


Best Striker

Sergio Aguero takes this award due to his excellent play upfront for City this season, which has seen him grab 8 goals (in eight starts and one sub [7 goals in his last six games]) and four assists.  This of course means that Aguero is top of both goal scoring and assisting in the Premier League, so nobody has created more goals than Kun (careful) Aguero, making him an easy choice for the best striker award.

Sergio Aguero


Best Signing

There have been a number of good signings so far this season and any of Wanyama, Paulinho, Remy, Barry, Lukaku, Negredo or Ozil could easily have taken the top spot, however I’m going to give it to Dejan Lovren who has helped transform the Southampton defence into the league’s best with a number of rock solid performances, making the £8.5m Southampton paid for him look like an absolute bargain.

Dejan Lovren


Biggest Surprise

The biggest surprise so far this season has to be Southampton’s over exceeding pre-season expectations to the degree that they have (God I sound like a broken record here).  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Southampton have been excellent this season and don’t look at all like a team that was in the Championship less than two years ago.



Game of Season

This is a hard one to do because naturally I haven’t seen every game this season, but for me the best game of the season so far was Cardiff’s 3-2 win over Man City.  The game had everything; an underdog story, Cardiff’s first ever home Premier League game and a bunch of goals.  The atmosphere was rocking as City rolled into town to try and ruin the Cardiff fans party.  After  going 1-0 down Cardiff’s chances of winning looked very unlikely, until a Gunnarsson equaliser and a double from ex-Utd man Fraizer Campbell stepped up (with a little help from good ol’ Joe Hart) and gave Cardiff the unlikeliest of leads.  A late Negredo goal made things a little tense before the final whistle gave Cardiff a famous win.

Cardiff 3 – Man City 2


Best 11

GK – Artur Boruc

RB – Mathieu Debuchy

CB – Dejan Lovren

CB – Michael Dawson

LB – Leighton Baines

RM – Andros Townsend

CM – Aaron Ramsey

AM – David Silva

LM – Mesut Ozil

ST – Sergio Aguero

ST – Olivier Giroud


So there you have it the Premier League quarterly season awards!!!  What did you think of the winners?  Do you think we are going to have a Kanye West type situation on our hands or did I get it about right?  Let me know and leave a comment.  Also don’t forget to like BM23reviews on Facebook and follow BM23reviews on Twitter.  Thanks for reading.


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15 thoughts on “The Premier League Quarter Season Awards.”

  1. What do you mean Arsenal haven’t beaten anyone in the top 4, Tottenham 1-0 and Liverpool 2-0.. as for best signing that surely has to go to Arsenal with the signing of Mesut Ozil.. yes i am a gunner but i am saying that signing on the basis of who it is and what he does but alos how much we got him for when others so much worse than him (Bale) went for $100mil


    1. I mean Arsenal haven’t beaten any of the top 4 teams in the league, as in Utd, City and Chelsea, who along with Arsenal make the best four teams in the league regardless of league position.

      I agree that Ozil’s signing has had an excellent impact on Arsenal and it wouldn’t shock me if I were to write this at the end of the season he would be the signing of the season, however this is the quarter season awards and the impact that Lovren has had at Southampton so far has been equally as large but for much less money, hence why I chose him over Ozil.


  2. Thought it was a great review (enjoyed reading the special love for Southampton over the likes of United and Chelski), but spoiled by the line aforementioned by Darryl Cook, “…due to them not playing one of the other top four teams in the league”.
    Seriously, what league has your writer been watching for the first quarter?? Played Spurs (4th), Liverpool (3rd), beaten them both! I personally have no problems with Lovren as your choice for best signing, but the Saints defense will ultimately get found out. sooner rather than later. Ozil over time will get better and like my German mate (who follows Liverpool) said when Arsenal signed him, “He’s the kind of player that can win them the league”


    1. Thanks, got to spread the love after all and Southampton deserved it. As you note you are the second person to point out that Arsenal have beaten two teams in the top 4, however I didn’t mean the physical top 4 but rather the actual top 4, as in Utd, City, Chelsea and Arsenal (who obviously can’t beat themselves).

      I agree with your sentiments on Ozil (as does Darryl Cook) and think that by the end of the season he looks like he probably will be the signing of the season, however these are the quarter season awards and Lovren’s impact on Southampton’s defence has been equal to Ozil impact on Arsenal. I agree eventually Southampton will begin to concede more goals and Lovren will drop out of the picture but he has been a rock for the first 10 games of the season and he was cheap, hence why he won the award.


  3. When I read it, I assumed that you could be referring to what was widely known as the “big four”, as opposed to the current top four. Problem is, football fans rarely use the big four term as much nowadays because there are so many quality sides capable of winning the league this season. This is due to the additions made at Spurs and to a lesser extent Liverpool, and the managerial changes at the three sides you previously mentioned. All good, just an easy misinterpretation..


  4. Much as you tried the balancing, your bias showed forth in leaving Liverpool out of all your considerations. But that’s fine. Neither Sturridge nor Suarez even got picked in your striker options. Suarez missed 6? games at the start of the season and is currently joint leading scorer. Coutinho has been as massive any EPL Player in Midfield, and Henderson has shown the stuff he’s made of. Yet, not one of them is considered for anything? Christmas and indeed May, are not too far off.


    1. I honestly can’t understand how you could accuse me of biasness in writing this, and to call it a balancing act is laughable. The list is based off of the first 10 games of the season, in which Suarez had played 5. He was in contention with Giroud and Rooney for the other striker spot next to Aguero, but Giroud has had a greater impact over the space of games, which isn’t surprising considering he has played in most of them.

      Coutniho wasn’t in consideration at all because he only played about half the games and the fact that you include Henderson in there is laughable. You accuse me of biasness, yet every player that you recommend putting in is a Liverpool player? Try looking in the mirror the next time you write something.


    1. I think that Aguero, Giroud, Suarez and Rooney have all had better quarter seasons than Sturridge, plus I think that Sturrdige has done very little beyond scoring so far this season, which I know will sound odd seeing as he is a striker but the other players I have mentioned have been more than just goals.


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