The Super Bowl XLVIII Preview.


After months of hard hits, big plays and quarterback controversies, the big game has finally arrived and it sees the AFC Champion Denver Broncos take on the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks, in a perfect storm match up.  We will finally find out what wins a Super Bowl, offense or defence.

I’ve written about the NFL season throughout the year, making predictions along the way.  My prediction for the Super Bowl prior to the start of the season was Seahawks-Bengals (so not too bad) and though 49ers-Broncos was the second most likely match up (again not too bad).  When I wrote my play-offs preview I managed to go 0-4 in the wild card round (cementing my credibility) but luckily for me (in a betting sense) I went 6-0 for the rest of the play-offs, and this gave us my favourite from the NFC and my second favourite from the AFC.  So overall not too bad, although you always want to be right about things so naturally going 0-4 was a tad embarrassing.  Anyway enough of my nonsense and onto the real thing.
I think you couldn’t have a more perfect storm than this match up that we have received.  The best offence in the league against the best defence in the league, something’s go to give.  The best thing is that these two teams aren’t just about their strongest side of the ball, the Broncos have a competent defence which can give opposing quarterback headaches and the Seahawks are capable of putting up big scores with dynamic plays from Russell WIlson or thumping runs from Marshawn Lynch.

Big games are where big players step up and seperate themselves from the rest of the pack and show that they are in fact elite.  The only way the Broncos will be able to win is if Peyton goes out and plays well, otherwise they will lose handsomely.  If this was the regular season I think that you would be more confident of a good Manning performance but his record in the play-offs for the calibre of player that he is leaves little to be desired.  The Broncos have a good team without Manning but they don’t have a team capable of winning a Super Bowl without him.  The Broncos chances of winning totally rely upon the oddly shaped shoulders of one man, they better hope he doesn’t regress back to his old ways.
On the other side of the field you have a different question, can a quarterback who has shown incredibly maturity for his young age in only his second year as a pro win it all?  The Seahawks man for man are the better team, the one position which they are definitely behind in is quarterback.  The one thing you cna say about Manning and his uneasy play-off record is he has been there and done that, in comparison Wilson has barely started shaving.  Luckily for the Seahawks their chances of winning do not lie squarely on the shoulders of one player, but rather on their defence.  If Manning runs up a high score then it is unlikely that the Seahawks offence will be able to keep up, but if the scores are kept close it is a different story.  For the Seahawks to win they need their defence to play well, Marshawn Lynch to have a big day and Russell Wilson to not throw the game away, if all those things happen then they will more than likely win the game.
I think if the game turns into a shoot out then you couldn’t pick a better quarterback to have under centre than Peyton Manning, but if it is a low scoring tight game, the running ability of the Seahawks coupled with their stingy defence will win the day.  It really depends what kind of game you thin it is going to turn out to be, and if you work that out then you probably have the answer of which team is likely to win it.  Personally I think it is going to be a tight game and with the weather in New York (or Jersey…whatever) expected to be incredibly cold I think it will be a fairly low scoring affair as well.  Now if you were following the formula above then you should have been able to decipher that I believe that the Seattle Seahawks wil be lifting their first ever Lombardi trophy at the expense of old Peyton and his orange jerseyed pals.
I think the game could probably go either way but I have felt that the Seahawks have been destined for the big stage since the start of the season, and I haven’t seen anything to change my mind yet.  The other concern for me is that the Broncos seem to struggle against teams which can cover to a high level, which of course the Seahawks can because they have the best secondary in the NFL.  Everything for me points to the Seahawks, and maybe I’m blinded by picking them at the start of the season but I don’t see it going any other way.
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