Super Bowl XLVIII Betting Tips.


Everyone likes a bet now and again, and what better time to throw your hard earned money at very rich businessmen than this Sunday’s Super Bowl extravaganza?  Yes lots and lots of money will be placed on the match up between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks and most of it might as well have just been flushed down the toilet instead (toilets are hungry for your money and your poo!).  Anyway if you are looking for things to bet on for the game and are willing to take a total strangers advice on the matter, despite the fact you know nothing about him and who knows maybe he’s talking a lot of shit, then read on and make lots and lots of money!

All odds were correct at time of posting and are taken from Bet365, although other gambling vehicles are available (I personally would recommend the shifty guy at the back of the pub missing a couple of fingers).


Seahawks to win outright and total score to be under 48 Double                                   2.91/1

I think the Seahawks will win and it will be a low scoring game so what better way to start out than a nice little double that pays out at almost 3/1?  The bookies clearly think it is a tight game with the spread only being -2, so if you think the Broncos will win then bet them and the under because due to the weather conditions and Manning’s tendency to bottle it, the game is unlikely to be high scoring.


Kam Chancellor First Interception                                14/1

If there is one area of weakness in Peyton Manning’s passing game, it is that sometimes he thinks that a player isn’t actually where he is, and usually that player is a linebacker.  Now Chancellor isn’t a linebacker, but is a safety that likes to play in the box and although I doubt he will play in the box that often in the game I do believe that if you are betting for the first Int then you are going for a Seahawks safety, so then it is the choice between Chancellor and Thomas (10/1) and in my opinion both are a good bet.


Marshawn Lynch Super Bowl MVP                    9/2

The MVP of the Super Bowl can realistically only be about three guys.  If the Broncos win then it is almost certainly going to be Peyton Manning, and if the Seahawks win it is going to be either Russell Wilson or Lynch.  Lynch is a big game player and has shown it so far in his play-off performances, I expect him to do it again against what is a good Broncos run defence.


Eric Decker To Score First Touchdown                11/1

More than likely the Broncos will score a passing touchdown in the game, the question is when do they score it?  Demariyus Thomas is going to be locked up by Richard Sherman, so it leaves Eric Decker more free to find the land of glory and there is a fair chance he will be the first to do so.


There are really so many options available for you to choose from, some are silly (like coin toss) and some aren’t (like everything but the coin toss).  So to finish us off here’s a lovely big accumulator of situations which are good odds but probably won’t come up all together because it is pretty unrealistic to think otherwise.  Apparently you can’t make an accumulator out of this…oh well…

Will There be a 2 Point Conversion- Yes              7/4

Either team to have a 300 yard passer- Yes        8/11

Team to have Longest Punt Return- Seahawks    10/11

Team to have Longest Rushing Gain- Seahawks   8/13

Broncos to convert a 4th Down- Yes                      6/5


So there you have it, do what you will with my tips and enjoy the game.

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