Who Will Win the Premier League?


The finishing line is in sight, it’s a four horse race and there is only one fence to go, who’s going to fall at that final hurdle?  It’s the big question that everyone is asking, who will win the Premier League?  There are arguably four teams involved in the Premier League title race this season; Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City.  So which one will be lifting the crown by the end of the season?  Find out right here with these awesome predictions!


Arsenal sit on 62 points with 8 games left to play, which are against Swansea H (home), City H, Everton A (away), West Ham H, Hull A, Newcastle H, West Brom H and Norwich A.  Quite frankly I don’t think Arsenal are good enough to win the league, and I had that opinion before they were embarrassed 6-0 by Chelsea (and before then if you look back in the archives).  The one thing Arsenal have in their favour is a fairly easy fixture schedule, with only their games against Everton and City being tough fixtures.  Currently Arsenal sit 7 points behind Chelsea with a game in hand, and to win the league I think that they will need to win all of their games, which I seriously doubt they will be able to do.  For me they will lose (probably humiliatingly) to City and also drop points to Everton, as well as one of the teams they should really be beating.  That leaves Arsenal sitting at the end of the season on 79 points and with a substantially worse goal difference than their competitors, the FA Cup is where they are most likely to find success.


Chelsea sit atop the table with 69 points and 7 games left to play, which are against; Palace A, Stoke H, Swansea A, Sunderland H, Liverpool A, Norwich H and Cardiff A.  Chelsea have the enviable position of having played more games than their competitors and an easy run to finish the season, but they have unenviable position of having the Champions League to still compete in (yes unenviable).  When you look at it from simply a position of winning the league, there is nothing worse than having equally as important fixtures to play, especially when your two main title contenders have only the league to concentrate on.  I think Chelsea will definitely win six out of seven of those games; the only question mark is against Liverpool.  To be continued…


Liverpool have 65 points with 8 games left to play, which are against; Sunderland H, Spurs H, West Ham A, City H, Norwich A, Chelsea H, Palace A and Newcastle H.  Throughout the season I have waited for the wheels to fall off the Liverpool bus, this team is not good enough to win the league, yet there they are second and only 4 points off of Chelsea with a game in hand at home to Sunderland (almost a guaranteed 3 points).  How can a team which is in my opinion the sixth best squad in the league be putting in a serious title challenge?  There is one word which describes the situation perfectly; confidence.  Look at Man Utd, who could honestly say that Liverpool have a better squad than Utd?  Nobody who is being honest, yet Liverpool have been much better than Utd this season, so why?  Well one team is playing with absolute confidence and the other team has none at all.  Fair play to Liverpool because they are playing high flying attacking football and deserve to be in the spot which they find themselves.  I was always of the opinion that they could afford to concede three goals against teams like Cardiff because they could then go on and score six, but against the top teams they would still concede the three goals but wouldn’t be able to score as many, this turned out to be wrong.  Anyway Liverpool should win six out of eight of their games, with the only question marks being against City and Chelsea.  To be continued…

Man City

City sit on 63 points with a whopping 10 games still to play, which are against; Utd A, Arsenal A, Southampton H, Liverpool A, Sunderland H, West Brom H, Palace A, Everton A, Villa H and West Ham H.  City have easily the hardest run in of the title contending clubs, not only do they have the most games, they also have by far the hardest games.  I think it’s probably fair to assume that they will win all their home games and their away game to Palace, but they also have away games to Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton.  I think City will beat Arsenal (because they are a total mismatch), and for all the world they should be able to beat a Utd team whose home record is nothing short of embarrassing this season, but I get a sneaky suspicion that Utd will cause an upset (yes Utd not losing at Old Trafford this season is an upset…), and City traditionally struggle against Everton.  I don’t think that they will necessarily lose to both Utd and Everton, but I don’t see them winning both games.  To be continued…

So who’s winning the league?  I’ve deliberately not said who will win the games between the top three contenders because it would mean I would be repeating myself, well, three times.  If the other results go the way I think they will then Chelsea will be on 87, City will be on 84 and Liverpool on 83 but with an extra game than the other two.  Now if results go the way I think they will it means that both Liverpool and Chelsea will have their own destiny in their hands, but in reality only City does.  The problem with City is that they have a much harder run in than the other two, which means that their variables are much higher than Liverpool and Chelsea’s.  If City beat Arsenal, Everton and Utd, then they will win the league, I just don’t think it will happen and that is why I don’t think City will win the league, in fact I think that they will be beaten by Liverpool who will rip City’s backline to bits (Demichelis anyone?).  For me as things stand, I think City will finish third in the league on 84 points.

That leaves us in the situation of Chelsea on 87 and Liverpool on 86, this makes their match up just three games from the end of the season quite mouth-watering indeed.  One match to rule them all, one match to win them, one match to bring them all, the success that will find them.  Anyway…it’s a shoot-out between two clubs, winner takes all, the best defence in the league versus the best attack, and something’s got to give.  Sadly for Liverpool it will be their chance of winning their first title in over twenty years and finally becoming relevant again, almost as if it were the eighties.  I can’t see Chelsea conceding more than two goals against Liverpool and I also can’t see Chelsea not scoring at least two against a leaky Liverpool defence.  The big difference between the two teams is that Chelsea need to not lose and Liverpool need to win.  If there is one thing Mourinho knows how to do, it is to play out a boring 0-0 when that’s the result that’s needed.  Essentially what I’m saying is I think Chelsea will beat Liverpool (even though they don’t need to) and win the league, with Liverpool coming second.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is going to be a surprise result along the way that nobody saw coming (like Villa beating Chelsea, despite the fact they hadn’t won two home games in a row for four years).  Despite that, and despite the fact that I doubt that Chelsea will win their last eight games in a row, I still think that they will win the league because they have the easiest run of fixtures and are least likely of the three teams to have a costly slip up.

So Chelsea fans rejoice!  I think you’ll win the league, and hey you probably will as well, so thumbs up to you.  City and Liverpool fans begin to cry into your hats (or bin bags for the Liverpool fans) because it is going to be at least another year before your team will be lifting that gorgeous Premier League trophy.  Leave a comment and let everyone know how you think the league will culminate.  Plus find all the latest bm23sportsreviews updates on Facebook and Twitter.


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18 thoughts on “Who Will Win the Premier League?”

  1. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! From City’s display I just watched, I tip City for the title as I I don’t see them dropping their one game advantage for anything in the world. City for the title I say!


    1. I think you could make an argument for each of the top three teams winning the league, and City are in the strongest position, as they are the only team which truly controls their own destiny. That doesn’t mean that I think they will do it.


  2. After yesterday’s game I don’t think we’ll win it. I could only really see shitty trippingbup at you guys and Liverpool. I can’t see how they will trip up twice now 😦


    1. Thanks, if City win at the Emirates they will have all the confidence, the best squad and no distractions, so there will be no excuse for them not winning the league, but I still look at those two ties against the Merseyside clubs as their true test as to whether they will be champions.


  3. Ok as a Liverpool supporter, I would definitely go for Liverpool to win the title but regardless they would win it or not, considering since 09-10 season after nearly won title under Rafa era, we being absent from UCL for nearly 5 years, this season result is already a big achievement to regain as top club status and most importantly a CL spot. Hence I don’t agree with your statement that Liverpool fan will cry without lifting Premier League trophy, moreover among the top 4, Liverpool have spent the least amount to achieve the current status, even Wenger are losing his strong capability of spending less but getting the expected result, so there’s no way the pool supporters should regret about from this season achievement.

    Going into the title race between these top 4 teams, Arsenal is confirm out of the race, I don’t need elaborate more on that based on their current form, anyway what they need is just any cup so basically the FA cup is good enough to at least minimize the negative impact of not winning anything for so long. City and Chelsea are the two clubs that have took the short-cut out through big spending on players, combine it with both their good tactician managers style, it will be a big joke that neither one winning the league. Frankly speaking, Liverpool current squad couldn’t win the league unless it comes to a time when we could afford to place good players on the bench just like what Chelsea and City are doing, the advantage we have is because we didn’t participate in that much competitions as the other 3.

    In conclusion, Man City would win in my point of view because they have only left with league to compete, somehow I have a feeling that Jose would prefer to get the UCL. Arsenal most likely will stay at 4th but I think Everton have a good chance of kicking them to get that last CL spot. Liverpool wise, I feel that at least one between City or Chelsea would lose at Anfield and that will determine the league winner, which also mean that Pool is likely to get 2nd.


    1. Liverpool should be proud of the season they’ve had because almost nobody had them finishing anywhere near the top 4, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this may be Liverpool’s best chance to win the league for a long time. If you imagine that City and Chelsea are likely to be as good if not better next season, as well as Utd likely to drastically improve and Spurs as well, it is going to be a big ask for Liverpool to push on and win the league if they don’t do it this year.

      I also think Liverpool could finish second, but winning the league a step to far for this team. If they do win the league then it will be an incredible achievement, I just don’t think it will happen.


    2. Took the shortcut out through big spending?? Andy Caroll? Henderson? Liverpool have been spending a lot of money the past few years….not really Chelsea’s fault you didn’t spend it wisely.


      1. Very true, I dont understand where Liverpool fans get this idea that they built this squad with buttons and whatever was down Brendan Rodgers couch. I don’t know if you could say Chelsea spent their money wisely though, we are only a few years removed from them paying £50 million for Fernando Torres…


      2. For Caroll and Downing, you can see that they are flop and BR have no hesitation to remove them the moment when he arrived. But Allen and Henderson are still around and improving as a decent players, you can’t denied that fact. Every club sure will made mistake in the transfers, this season Tottenham and Man United already shown as great examples, no need me to elaborate more on this.

        Look at the current Liverpool first team line up, who are really the new players based on this season transfer window? basically none, the players are the ones who have been with the squad for more than 1 season with only Coutinho & Sturridge to be considered as the new 1st eleven players. In the past when we watch football, what we love to see is top players developing from own club or even if is buying someone in, that players are good but need more development into top players, both Suarez and Sturridge are good examples of these, Suarez might not become a matured player in terms of his character and Sturridge could still be wasting his time at the Chelsea bench. Same goes to Allen and Henderson who might still be seen as normal mid team players if they weren’t given the chance to develop with a club that emphasis on building up players instead of buying top players. Past records already shown so many players who did well in Liverpool becoming less valuable players after they left the club.

        I don’t know why you said not really Chelsea’s fault but is a fact Chelsea only became a top team after Roman Abramovich took over in 2003. My justification for this statement is that if you look at the trophies achievement of Chelsea over the past 2 decades, you can’t denied the fact that they only became so good ever they become ‘rich’, if you take away these trophies during Abramovich ownership period, they are decent but never a top team. However the hard truth is that in current football world, $$ means everything. As long as you are rich enough, eventually you will become a top team or even champion, City achievement is also justifying what I have said cause if recall just a decade ago, who would ever thought City will become so good and even won the league title? So in conclusion, does these two clubs took the short-cut out? yes definitely, take out the $$ portion, then we could really see something, just Chelsea bench alone, it could equivalent to some mid-team first 11 or even whole squad players value, that’s a amazing scene.


      3. I think to say that Liverpool haven’t spent that much money is naive, they’ve spent a lot of money on their squad. I think what Alex implied was that Liverpool have wasted their spending on average players, whereas Chelsea have done a better job in the transfer market.

        Suarez a matured character? He is only one year removed from biting another player…

        Your final point is very true both Chelsea and City’s current position has nothing to do with how well they’ve actually done or how big a club they are, but rather how much money their sugar daddies have, but it wasn’t really relevant to his point.


  4. Clearly a Liverpool hater who thinks the current United squad is better than Liverpool’s. Confidence is why Liverpool is flying high? That’s sheer bollocks. Ok, I am a Liverpool fan, but let’s look at some facts and statistics to prove that confidence is not the only factor for Liverpool’s dominance.

    Firstly let’s start from the top: Brendan Rodgers. The man may have been derided for his “To sell the papers” sounding quotes such ‘death by football’ or ‘Welsh Xavi’ (when asked about Joe Allen) or even his comedic ‘3 names of Doom’ envelope stunt. The fact though is that Rodgers has shown a different side to his abilities this season: pragmatism and an openness to adapt to what he has at his disposal. He has successfully employed 4 different formations to great effect this season, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2 Diamond and even the quite extinct 3-5-2 formation.

    He is also a great man-manager as his current starting 11 are all players that were at the club the season before, with the exception being Simon Mignolet of course. He has made Jordan Henderson a midfield engine and now seems to be worth every penny of the 15 mil. we paid for him. Steven Gerrard has had a second coming as a Deep-lying Metronome initiating devastating attacks from deep inside Liverpool’s half while shielding his two Centre Backs. Raheem Sterling was a forgotten ‘International Talent’ until this season though as he tore down the flanks on multiple occasions, as Everton, Tottenham and Arsenal would readily attest. His greatest feat though, was keeping Suarez, and also keeping him and his ill-begotten ego in check, which would have been a difficult thing to do if Rodgers; pardon me French; didn’t ‘have the minerals’ or so to speak.

    Next, is the team itself, players have now genuinely bought into Rodgers’ vision of the next coming of Liverpool. They now play for the manager week-in, week-out. Steven Gerrard a few weeks ago said that Brendan Rodgers is the best man-manager he has ever played under, and that’s saying a lot coming from a veteran player who had played under 4 other managers, 2 of whom have had obviously more success than Brendan. Gerrard knows that this would probably be his last chance at Premier League glory and the way he plays on the pitch really alludes to a desire to achieve that. This season, he has proven that he is indeed a ‘top, top player’. Speaking of Fergie, another player that was critisized by ol’ Red Nose was Jordan Henderson, whose gait, it was said, will be the undoing of his professional career. Well, the only thing Henderson has ‘undone’ is the vitriol of the past 2 season’s critics. This season, he has blossomed into an integral cog in the Red Machine, playing only 1 less game to Mignolet in 31 games so far.

    Let’s move on to the game changers: the SAS
    When was the last time you have seen 2 strikers from same club score more than 20 goals each in a season? I don’t remember either. Sturridge and Suarez are not ‘goalscoring partners’ per se, and are actually more complimentary than being tango partners. They are different types of players, who are equally devastating on their own (Sturridge in the beginning of the season, Suarez in November and December) but it’s their desire for their partner to score which really mystifies even Liverpool supporters. The best example of this is the backheel pass by Sturridge for Liverpool’s 4th goal at Cardiff and Luis Suarez’s holding of the ball and subsequent pass to Sturridge that made the 5th. The backheel though, will definitely fit in an episode of the X-Files.

    All these elements have come into play this season, and yes confidence is part of that, but definitely not the most important. I believe the most important is desire. Desire by the club, the manager, a desire of a captain whose time is running out for one last shot at glory, the next generation of Liverpool players and the fans as well. Liverpool desires and aspires to win.

    All being said, I believe Liverpool will fall short of the League Title this season, which is fine by me, as I think we are now on the right track for future glory.


    1. The current Utd squad is better than the Liverpool squad, as are Chelsea’s, City’s, Arsenal’s and Spurs’ squads.

      Liverpool are outperforming their squad on the pitch, which is quite commendable. Liverpool’s success this season isn’t unlike Dortmund’s success of a few years ago, a young team which is committed to the cause of the manager. It’s laudable of Rodgers to have achieved such success with this group of players, but the simple fact is that all of this is based off of confidence. Luis Suarez has taken this Liverpool side to a level which they shouldn’t really be at and his play and contributions have made those around him better. It isn’t too different to what Bale did at Spurs before he left.

      It’s ok, if I were you I wouldn’t worry about it, you’re a Liverpool fan who has become drunk on a tiny piece of success and got carried away with how well you are doing. Liverpool have done very well this season but surely you can’t deny that they are playing better than the sum of their parts.

      As far as you being on the right track, you couldn’t really have been doing much worse than you were prior to this season. Assuming that Liverpool don’t win the league this season, you have to wonder when they will do it next. City and Chelsea are going to be as good as this season, if not probably better, Utd you would imagine will improve dramatically and Spurs are also likely to be better. Add onto that that teams now have tape on the Liverpool style and it is more likely that teams will find a way to play against it more effectively next season. This could be it for Liverpool, there are three teams which can easily out spend them in the league, and even as a Liverpool fan you can’t deny that Liverpool aren’t the draw that they once were. For Liverpool to push on from this season they need to make four good signings in the summer, and that won’t be easy.

      Nothing destroys confidence like expectations, and expectations for next season are going to be huge for Liverpool, that will be the true test of how good this team actually is.


  5. 1. United squad good? You must be joking!
    2. Liverpool squad weak not really.
    3. Chelsea and City sugar daddy’s – cheap shot!
    4. Arsenal even though strung out with injuries – tactically weak.
    5. City will probably win the league.
    6. I am hoping Mourinho and the boys win the Champions League!


    1. 1. Utd have a very good squad on paper, they are just grossly under performing.
      2. Liverpool have a good first team which is over performing, but have little to no depth.
      3. Not really a cheap shot when it’s true.
      4. Not tactically weak, mentally and physically weak and that becomes apparent against the top teams.
      5. Disagree but wouldn’t be surprised if they do.
      6. Don’t think Chelsea have a chance of winning the Champions League, but I’ve said that before about them…


  6. May the better team win in this epic marathon of 38 games!I suppose City being what they are have got their feet firmly planted on the ground this time round! Patience in the Villa game! Not wanting to be presumptious yet! Only need a draw against the Hammers and Liverpool will have to score 14 unanswered goals against Newcastle at Anfield this Sunday!!Good luck mate. Not a Liverpool fan but do admire the loyalty of Gerrard.Could have gone on to other clubs and perhaps have more trophy lifting glory! One only has to look at Man Utd. They give their youngsters a break, and they should have a few coming through the ranks in the coming years. Mind you, when it comes to BUYING success, get real!!From 1990 til Man City become a moneyed club, how much have Liverpool and Manchester United spent each to buy players??Just because the noisy blue neighbours have suddenly found a little seat in the corner at the table in such a short time does not mean that they have won all the trophies that can be won! Maybe there are those who want to maintain the status quo and have the same few clubs fighting for the top honours years in year out. And turn the BPL, La Liga Serie A, SPL, Bundesliga, etc etc into the European version of American baseball…..WORLD SERIES!!!Will be interesting to see Liverpool’s performance in the BPL next season…with the distraction of the lucrative UCL.On a final note, Manchester United being a publicly listed football club can actually raise money from new share issues to reduce debt! Is there any ruling in the FFP regarding that?Is that FAIR??


    1. I think it is fair to assume that City will be lifting the title this Sunday.

      I too admire Gerrard for sticking at Liverpool for his whole career but he should have moved on and forged what could have been one of the greatest English careers ever.

      To be fair to Liverpool and Utd they spend money according to the size of their club, so they spend relevantly. City on the other hand (and Chelsea as well) have spent money which is not relevant to the amount of money the club makes. It’s the equivalent of injecting things into your body to make them bigger, sometimes it works out and everyone is happy and sometimes it’s a disaster and it ruins the persons looks, either way they now are unnatural.

      I’d love to see more clubs attack the established clubs but what I want is to see it done organically rather than have some guy plough loads of money into the club. If anything these clubs have made it even more unaffordable for those clubs to have a chance by creating a gargantuanly over priced market.

      A share issue is to do with capital funds not revenue funds and FFP only deals with the revenue side of football, so it is totally unconnected. The revenue side of debt is the interest that you pay on it. So yes it’s fair.


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