PFA Player of the Year Analysis.


To be quite frank there is only one man winning the PFA Player of the Year award this season, and that is Luis Suarez.  It’s a forgone conclusion, if he doesn’t win it, it would be a disgrace, and he has been head and shoulders above any other player this season and thoroughly deserves the award.  Nonetheless six players have been nominated, but were they the right six?

Luis Suarez

Easily the best player in the league this season, there is no need to even bother taking a vote on this; he has just been that good.  At the time of writing Suarez sits on 29 goals in 29 appearances, plus 12 assists, both of which are best in the Premier League.  He has carried Liverpool to a position which they don’t really belong, and a year removed from biting Branislav Ivanovic seems like a reformed character.  Suarez’s tally is even more impressive when you consider that he missed the first five games of the season through suspension.  Simply put it is quite a remarkable season from Luis Suarez and he will win the PFA Player of the Year award.

Daniel Sturridge

Doesn’t belong on this list.  Yes he has scored 20 goals which is second only to Suarez, and yes he has 7 assists, but that’s it.  Sturridge is one of those players where if everything is going through them they are great, but when things aren’t going their way they are less than useless.  I’m sure you can point to many games this season where Sturridge has looked like a world beater, but I can point to equally as many, if not more, where he has been a selfish liability to the team.  Sturridge has improved as a player this season, but one of the six best players of the season he is not.  Excluding the first five games of the season, you could take Sturrdige out of the Liverpool team and they would probably be in the same position, that’s why he really doesn’t belong on this list.

Steven Gerrard

I think most people would agree that a player who has the abilities and career of Steven Gerrard deserves to have a Premier League medal in his trophy cabinet.  Sadly for Stevie G he has stuck around at an uncompetitive Liverpool his whole career, so it makes sense that a Liverpool team who are genuinely challenging for the league should have the heart and soul of their team nominated for player of the year, doesn’t it?  In theory yes, in reality no.  The simple fact is that Gerrard has had up until recently a very ordinary season.  In the first half of the season he struggled in his new role, he has however had a strong final third of the season, but was Gerrard’s good form in the final third of the season better than say Aaron Ramsey’s in the first third of the season?  The answer is no.  Gerrard has scored 13 goals this year and 10 assists, but 10 have been penalties.  That’s the thing about Gerrard’s nomination; he got nominated because of who he is rather than how he has played this season.

Eden Hazard

The only Chelsea player to make the list, despite the fact that he hasn’t been Chelsea’s best player this season, go figure.  I don’t really have a problem with Hazard’s nomination; after all he is Chelsea’s best attacking player and has contributed 14 goals and 7 assists.  My major issue with Hazard has always been that he doesn’t turn it on enough against the top teams, and although he has got better he still doesn’t do it consistently enough for my liking.  I don’t think he doesn’t belong on this list (like Gerrard and Sturridge) but I wouldn’t be putting him in my top six for the season.

Yaya Toure

When Yaya’s on it he is unplayable, the simple fact is that more than often instead of the on it Yaya you get the big slow couldn’t give a fuck Yaya.  My feelings on Yaya Toure are very similar to my feelings on Hazard, good player but doesn’t produce it consistently enough.  Toure has scored 18 goals this season, but most have been from dead ball situations, and he also has a tendency to pad his stats against the diddy teams and when games are over.  His stats are better than his actual performances this season.  Again I wouldn’t have him in my top six players of the season, but similarly to Hazard I can see why he is in there.

Adam Lallana

I was shocked when I saw Lallana had been nominated, not because I think he doesn’t belong on this list but rather because people who play for teams like Southampton don’t tend to get nominated, regardless of how well they have played.  He doesn’t have a chance of winning it, firstly because he isn’t a big enough name but also because Luis Suarez will win.  Lallana has scored 9 goals and had 3 assists this season in a very impressive Southampton team.  Of the six players nominated Lallana and Suarez are the only two who I would actually have on my top six players of the season list.

So if I don’t think four of the six nominations deserve to be on the list, then who do I think deserves to be there?

Well I think that the most major omission is Wayne Rooney, he has been the outstanding player in what has been a very poor Man Utd team with 15 goals and 10 assists.  You wonder where Utd would have been this year if it were not for Rooney, and I was very surprised that he wasn’t included in the top six.

David Silva also seems like a glaring addition, he may have only played in 23 games so far this season but he has easily been City’s best player.  You can see the glaring hole in City’s team when Silva isn’t on the team sheet.  People talk about Yaya Toure being the backbone of that midfield when in fact Silva is the more important and consistent player.

They hate giving nominations to defenders, but two defenders who really should be on the list are John Terry and Seamus Coleman, both of whom have had remarkable seasons.  I personally don’t like John Terry one little bit (like any sensible person) but I can’t help but applaud the way he has played this season, he has been the rock in that Chelsea back line (the Premier League’s best).  Coleman has also been part of a very good defensive back line, plus the fact that he has scored 6 goals from right back and you have an astonishing season.

Those would be the four players who I would have had above Hazard, Toure, Gerrard and Sturridge.  In fact there are two more players who I would place above those men as well but below the ones I said and they are David Marshall who has had a brilliant season with Cardiff and Aaron Ramsey, who if this award was based on an average appearance then he would be neck and neck with Suarez for the top award but sadly he only really played in the first half of the season.

So there you have it the nominees for PFA Player of the Year should have been Suarez, Lallana, Rooney, Terry, Coleman and Silva.  Not that any of this really matters because Suarez is going to walk it whilst twirling a cane and wearing a bowler hat.  Leave a comment about the nominations and your opinion on them.  Plus find all the latest bm23sportsreviews updates on Facebook and Twitter.


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37 thoughts on “PFA Player of the Year Analysis.”

    1. Yea Ramsey was having a blinder of a season before he got injured, and you can see this is where Arsenal’s form started to fall away also. People gave Ozil the credit for making Arsenal better but it was actually Ramsey who was the driving force for their early season form.


      1. Ozil and Ramsey together were what made Arsenal the team they were, when Ramsey got injured Ozil’s form slipped and the dominance Arsenal showed in midfield was gone… I think Suarez deserves the award he has played brilliantly and he has helped me beat my mate in the fantasy league so that’s a bonus haha


      2. Ah Suarez cost me my fantasy football league because I refused to put him in, then by the time I though I need to put him in, there wasn’t any point because everyone had him so I wouldn’t be gaining any ground. Stupid fantasy football…


  1. I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Sturridge… Brilliant when this are a-ok…but disappears at the first sign of trouble


  2. It think your very harsh to the other liverpool players. You point to gerrards goals, but I’d point to his play at the back. Ramsey has been injured for simply to long to even be a measure. Gerrard very much belongs on this list. Has been one of the most complete footballers in the world this year and meets ever challenge issued to him. Sturridge belongs on this list not inspite of his off play form at times, but because of his on form play. He played well while suarez was benched, and has done enough since to set liverpool up to win the title. They most certainly wouldnt be were they are without his 20 goals… you must have missed the start of the season like suarez.


    1. I think if you read what I actually wrote, because I said that Sturridge was vital for Liverpool over the first five games but since then you could have taken him out of the team and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Count the amount of top notch games Aaron Ramsey has had this season and I think you will find that it is more than either Gerrard or Sturridge have had, despite the fact he missed half the season.


      1. This mornings game between Arsenal and Hull just goes to prove what a difference Aaron Ramsey makes to the Arsenal squad and fully backs up what you said above about him, teamed up with Ozil the play is more fluent and free flowing… It is a damn shame he missed 4 and half months due to injury, because i stand by what i said earlier about it only being a two horse race between him and Suarez and i honestly think due to his all round game Ramsey would take it (just). But Suarez is the man to walk away with it now, with second place a very long way behind


      2. If Ramsey had played a full season at the level he played when he was fit, then I agree that he would probably have just edged Suarez, however these are all ifs buts and maybes I’m afraid.


  3. “Sadly for Stevie G he has stuck around at an uncompetitive Liverpool his whole career”
    Sadly and pathetically that you even dare to mention the above…..

    FYI, these were cups won during his career, Tell me how sad can it be if there is 1 CL is under his belt??

    FA Cup (2): 2000–01, 2005–06
    League Cup (3): 2000–01, 2002–03, 2011–12
    FA Community Shield (2): 2001, 2006
    UEFA Champions League (1): 2004–05 (Even Man of Match)
    UEFA Cup (1): 2000–01
    UEFA Super Cup (2): 2001, 2005


    1. You can count on one finger the amount of times Liverpool have been competitive in the Premier League prior to this season, so yes much like Alan Shearer he wasted his career playing for a team he was too good to play for.

      Cups aren’t leagues, the best team tends to win the league, anyone can win a cup. Prior to Chelsea winning the Champions League, Liverpool were the worst winners since its inception, hardly something to brag about.

      Also you know you are grasping at straws when you have to quote Community Shield, UEFA cup, League Cup and Super Cup wins. Do you think that players like Ryan Giggs sit at home bragging about how they’ve won the Community Shield? I can guarantee to you that he doesn’t give two shits, it is a meaningless competition.

      Maybe you don’t want to hear this as (I imagine) a Liverpool fan, but Gerrard should have left when Utd wanted him, and then should definitely have left when Chelsea wanted him, instead he has wasted his career. If Liverpool do win the league this year (and they now should) then it doesn’t vindicate Gerrard’s decision to stay at the club because a player of his ability should have more than two meaningful medals in his trophy cabinet. May I also add that if Liverpool somehow manage to blow the league then I seriously doubt that Gerrard will ever win a Premier League because Liverpool will be lucky to finish top four next season, not that you will want to hear that either.


      1. What an awful load of biased nonsense you write.

        What has Gerrard wasted? He has chosen to be deified and worshiped in the city he grew up in rather then moving from one big soulless club to the next and been involved in the greatest European cup final ever. What would a few extra EPL trophies matter. If/when Liverpool win the EPL this season he will achieve a status he couldn’t hope to have reached anywhere else.

        Also, Sturridge, while he ain’t in Suarez’s league, has been the most consistent striker in the EPL this season. Delivering winning goals when he was needed most, matching EPL record of scoring in 8 consecutive games.

        And the idea LFC do not belong at the top of table is crap, they have been miles better than anyone else this season, their last defeats were at City and Chelsea and the were unlucky in both games and had decisions go against them. And as for the idea that they are only there because of Suarez, well we had him last season and finished 7th, the year before when twats like you were moaning that he couldn’t finish his chances we finished 8th.


      2. Gerrard didn’t sit back and think to himself at the start of his career ‘wow wouldn’t it be great if by the end of my career the people of Liverpool love me?’ What he has done with his career is laudable (much like Shearer) but it doesn’t mean he made the right career choice. Also what soulless clubs are you talking about? Man Utd? Hardly a soulless club, nor would a Barca or Real Madrid be. Look I get it, you’re a Liverpool fan and what Gerrard has done (playing for a club he is too good for) in his career, I would get annoyed if someone said that he had wasted his career, but the simple fact is that much like Shearer he should have a trophy cabinet full of meaningful medals instead of a handful.

        I’m not saying that Sturridge hasn’t done well this season, what I am saying is that he doesn’t deserve to be on the list.

        When did I say that Liverpool don’t deserve to be top of the table? They haven’t been miles better than everyone else either. What I did say is that they have had a lot of luck this season; which even as a Liverpool fan you can’t deny. Not only have you had a lot of favorable decisions, you get a lot of deflected/unfortunate goals and you have also been very lucky with injuries. Now don’t get me wrong, you make your own luck and you can sit and point to decision and moments in matches where things have went against Liverpool, but more have went for you than against you. You think this sounds biased but it’s just one of those things, teams who go on and win the league (or almost win the league) need more luck than bad luck. I’m sure if I went through almost every single team who has won the Premier League I would be able to say the exact same thing.

        As far as the you are only top of the table because of Suarez thing, you are only top of the table because of Suarez. His play has been excellent this season and because of his play it has raised the game and confidence of all his team mates. It’s the sort of thing that special players do, they take ordinary teams and make them better.


      3. can you name me one or two “lucky” decisions/moments for liverpool that impacted the game’s result? if the first half season games against chelsea and man city had been refereed fairly, at the very least liverpool would have gotten both games as draws, and wrapped up the title race by now. not to mention the fa cup loss to arsenal, a fair result would have been at least a draw, suarez was denied a blatant penalty fouled by the Ox


      4. You were lucky against Norwich on Sunday, you were lucky against City when they had two stonewall penalties turned down, you were lucky against West Ham when the referee fabricated a penalty, you were lucky against Utd when the referee gave you three penalties with the third being nothing of the sort, you were lucky against Fulham and you were lucky against Stoke on the first day of the season. Now those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head so I’m sure there will be more, and you may notice that a bunch of those were pretty damn recent. Liverpool have had a lot of luck this season, and you need luck to win the league, but please don’t come to me and pretend that you haven’t had luck this season when you have, because after all is said and done if Liverpool win the league no one will give a fuck if they were super lucky that season, people forget the details of a season they don’t forget the winners.


      5. Pictures like statistics can be made to tell any story you want. He won the ball and followed through on the player, if that was a tackle in the middle of the pitch (don’t ask me why the keepers in the middle of the pitch or using his hands…) it wouldn’t have been a free kick.


      1. Well I think we both know that no one has won more titles at the highest level of English football in the history of the game. But if you just want to conveniently start only from the league “name change” then thats a bit misleading. Whether it was called the First division or the Barclays Premier league you know that there was never a league above it. Just because they changed the name for corporate reasons it doesn’t erase all things prior, It’s not about the name it’s about the level of competition. So answer me this. Who has won the most league titles at the absolute pinnacle of English football? That being said this isn’t about the past, it’s about now, today. So suck it up and take your mid table place like a man..(but not like a man utd that will get you nowhere)..BWAHAHAHAHA YNWA


      2. Than who Man Utd? Yes you’re right, 20 league titles and 11 FA Cup’s. Who has won the most league titles at the absolute pinnacle of English football? Again that would be Man Utd…you aren’t making much of an argument for Liverpool here are you? I find it odd to see a Liverpool fan say it is about now and today, when if you talk to them they still seem to think it’s the 80’s…


      3. The moment I saw Rooney’s name in his alternative list at the very first, I had a good hunch this writer’s a United fan. And rightly so.

        To gloat about Rooney’s mediocrity this season (300k/week for his kind of performances? Puh-lease) and to underplay Sturridge’s and Gerrard’s about how they contribute “nothing much” during certain parts of the season when Rooney’s been exactly the same, is completely contradicting.


      4. Rooney has been vital to Utd this season for the entire season, and on the main has been the one shining light in a team of mediocrity, the same cannot be said about Gerrard and certainly cannot be said about Sturridge.

        As far as how much Rooney is being paid, it has no relevance to whether he should be nominated. If nominations were based upon how much someone is being paid then you would have a totally different list. Plus if you were to go back in the archives and read some of the stuff that I have written, I think you will find that I have been less than complimentary about the way Rooney has treated Utd but also how he is not deserving of an elite players contract when he is not playing to an elite level.


  4. In saying LFC would even be lucky to make the top 4 next season.. I can see city and chelsea in the running for next season’s title. Can you name me the other 2 clubs that you think will be “luckier” to fill the final 2 slots? MU? Arsenal? Their chances are probably the same as LFC if you ask me. In fact everyone of the the 6 teams have a chance. The same can be said for MU. In fact if you stop and think of it based on the turn of events over the last year, I believe “being lucky to even make the top 4” sounds more befitting of MU. You stick with the coach, you have another year of transition because apparently the plan did not work out this season; you sack the coach, you are back to square one. Let’s not even go to the history books, on who is the most decorated club in England. IMO, both LFC and MU are in their own right. But if you are going to bring up the league titles arguments, it will never end. El Ahlya have 36 league titles.Steaua Bucureşti have 24 league titles. Galatasaray have 19 League titles. Just to name a few. You can add MU to the list of most domestic titles if that’s what gets you off. Good luck next season. Believe me. You will need it more than LFC.


    1. IF somehow Liverpool don’t win the league this season they won’t do it next season, and they will be lucky to finish top 4 because Chelsea and City will be better, Utd can’t be any worse than they were this season and are likely to be back up there, Spurs are also likely to improve and Arsenal despite being doom and gloom are always in the mix, that is why Liverpool will be lucky to get top four, because there are already five teams who have better squads than them. I do agree that every one of the six teams I’ve mentioned has a chance and six doesn’t go in to four.

      Utd are in for a tricky summer, but you know that money is going to be spent and deadwood will be shifted, and next year can’t be any worse than this year. This is a title contending squad which is languishing in 7th, and will now be lucky to finish any higher than that after another lackluster display. I’m not here to sugarcoat Utd’s season, because it has been embarrassing but this is a good squad of players which is under performing. The big question is are they under performing because of the manager or in spite of the manager?

      Who is the most decorated club in England? It’s a toss up, I’d argue it is Utd because the Champions League win is worth more than a European Cup win (because it is a harder to win tournament) and Utd have more league titles, but then I could argue it is Liverpool because they have won 5 European Cup’s and it has always been the pinnacle of European club football, regardless of whether it is harder to win now or not, but there you go.


      1. You keep saying this is a good squad of players which is underperforming, when in fact it isn’t. Depends of course on what you mean by the word good. If you just mean good then I might be inclined to agree with you. But Everton also have a “good” squad, Spurs also have a “good” squad. If you mean good as in world class, then you would struggle to find more than 5 players in the current Man Utd squad and I am being generous. It also depends on what you mean by underperforming. Do you mean that this squad could be challenging for the league? No way. If however you mean that they are underperforming because they will finish 6th or 7th then yes I agree, they could at best have made 3rd/4th.


      2. Utd have at very worst the third best squad in the league and at very worst with this squad should be finishing 3rd. This squad not only could be challenging for the league, it should be challenging for the league.

        To extend that further I wrote who I thought were the top five players at each position in the league at the start of the season, and although some of those players wouldn’t make it in now, the team which had the most players was Man Utd. However what has ended up happening is that the players have under performed; look at how Carrick, Ferdinand, RVP, Fellaini and Evra’s play all dropped off dramatically. The only players at Utd who actually improved this season on last year were De Gea, Valencia and Rooney, and Rooney’s improvement can be to do with him no longer being in a strop.

        On paper this is a very good squad, what they didn’t do this year was come together as a team.


  5. This is where we disagree. I think with the current squad 3rd is the top limit for Utd. You are right that all these players dropped performace but other than Fellaini based on their age/injury problems do you really think this season was a blip or is it the beggining of their downfall?


    1. There is no doubting that there will be a massive clear out because there is a lot of players past their best and who are deadwood. It be surprised if Utd won the Premier League next year (although it’ll depend who is signed), but the year after that I expect Utd to be right back in there.

      Btw when I say squad I mean squad and not first team, I’m talking about quality of depth.


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