Moments Which Cost David Moyes His Job.


There is no doubting that David Moyes had a number of disappointing moments as Man Utd manager, but what were the moments which cost him his job and made his position untenable.  I’ll run through some of the most disappointing moments of Moyes’ rein, there might be a few…

Failed to Clear out Deadwood

Moyes didn’t get any favours from the board or chief executive in the summer transfer window with signings, but one area where he did make a mistake was not clearing out the deadwood.  Guys who had in previous seasons shown that they just weren’t good enough.  I’m looking at guys like Nani, Anderson, Bebe, Buttner and maybe even guys like Ashley Young.  These players needed cleared out, and instead one of them got a five year contract extension (Nani), needless to say it was a mistake.

Man Utd 1-2 West Brom

I think at the time the impact of this match wasn’t maybe felt as hard as it is now when you look back at it.  It is one of many games this season which Utd have thrown points away at home against a team which they should not have been losing points to.  Although City had actually beat Utd 4-1 prior to this, losing to City away from home isn’t a disgrace regardless of the score line, but losing at home to West Brom who are battling against relegation now and at the time were also struggling after a poor start to the season was.  It turned out that this was the first chink in the armour.

Man Utd 0-1 Everton

This would have been embarrassing at any point in the season, but it is made all the worse that this loss came after two poor draws to Cardiff and Spurs.  Moyes never saw his Everton team win at Old Trafford and then after he had left they win at their first attempt against their old manager.  Needless to say if you had said to him pick one game to not lose at home in your first season, he would have picked this one, and he lost it.

Man Utd 0-1 Newcastle

After two poor draws and losing at Everton for the first time in donkey’s, Utd finished one of the worst runs of results in the clubs Premier League history by losing to Newcastle at home for the first time in donkey’s (there were a lot of those).  It wasn’t so much that Utd lost but rather that they put in such a lacklustre performance.  Newcastle won and there was nothing lucky about, they outplayed Utd at Old Trafford, something that was previously unthinkable.

Man Utd 1-2 Spurs

Towards the end of 2013 it felt like Utd had finally built some momentum and felt like they were finally heading in the right direction.  They played a Spurs team which had just sacked Andre Villas Boas and were in turmoil, surely a standard victory for the Moyes Boys!  Well apparently not.  Another lacklustre home performance followed and another three points dropped, totally killing the momentum built up over Christmas.

Man Utd 1-2 Swansea

Straight after the disappointment of the Spurs game Utd went out at the first stage of asking in the FA Cup.  The funny thing about the FA Cup is that everyone was talking about it like Utd would win it; despite the fact cup competitions can’t really be predicted.  I think I’m right in saying that Swansea had never beaten Utd prior to this game (and I mean ever), so to go out of a competition which we seriously wanted to win at such an early stage after another meh performance was very disappointing.  That’s five home games in a row if you’re counting.

Chelsea 3-1 Man Utd

Up till this point I really thought that Utd still had an outside chance of the league, if we were able to make a strong run to the end of the season.  Turns out those aspirations were grossly out of place, this game for me was when I realised the league was totally gone.  The other thing about this game is how much Mourinho tactically out thought Moyes, with the game over just after half time.  Needless to say another really disappointing moment.

Man Utd 2-1 Sunderland———-1-2 penalties

Yes that League Cup semi-final match, the match in which for some reason Utd thought it would be a good idea to sit on a 1-0 lead and take the game to extra time and hopefully hold on through that, rather than actually go out and score more than one goal.  Of course the worst case scenario happened and after a rare David de Gea mistake very late, Utd looked like going out, until Hernandez scored with the last kick of the ball.  How exciting!  Well what followed was one of the worst penalty shoot-out displays I have ever seen, one scored out of five…are these guys not professionals, it was pathetic.  This was a classic case of Utd under Moyes, do the bare minimum to win the match or progress, but get caught out because they couldn’t finish those games.  This should have been an easy tie and instead Utd made a total hash of it and didn’t progress.

Man Utd 2-2 Fulham

All I can say about this game is ugh.  Utd dominated the game totally but found themselves 1-0 down early, what followed was total and utter attacking incompetence.  The quality of the attacking display was shit to say the least, but you would think after the first fifty or so crosses didn’t work you would start to think of a different way to approach the game.  In the end after deservedly getting it to 2-1 Utd sat back as if that’s it (again may I add), then the inevitable happened as Bent scores in the last minute to equalise and add further embarrassment to the season.

Olympiakos 2-0 Man Utd

Wow, when the draw was made I was elated because Utd had drawn the easiest team available.  So imagine my face when after the first leg the players (knowing the league is beyond them) put in this display losing to a team who would be lucky to stay in the Premier League.  In the end it didn’t matter because Utd went through, but it was incredibly embarrassing again (used that word a lot).

Nemanja Vidic signs for Inter Milan

I’m not sure exactly when this happened in terms of timeline but it was around this time.  I think Vidic was probably going to go at the end of the season anyway but the fact that he signed for another club and declared that he was leaving in the middle of the season, it wasn’t really ideal.  There is no way that Vidic would have done this to Fergie, to me this showed a total disrespect for the manager, it was almost a protest.  The worst thing is that Moyes kept him as captain and kept playing him despite the fact he had done this, it showed desperation from Moyes.  Now I know Football Manager isn’t real life (although I think it basically is) but if one of my players did this to me he’d be sitting in the reserves the rest of the year regardless of how good he was.

Man Utd 0-3 Liverpool

Like I mentioned in the Chelsea game this game was hurtful because I still felt that Utd would probably finish above Liverpool if we won, seems silly now but at the time a Utd win would have made the gap 5 points.  What makes it worse is that not only did Liverpool win they totally out played Utd.  That was the most disappointing thing for me, when Liverpool beat Utd earlier in the season Utd had no cutting edge but were overall the better team.  In this game Liverpool were the better team, they had everything that Utd didn’t; passion, desire, pace and a cutting edge.  Utd had shown no signs of improvement from the first Liverpool game to this one, in comparison Liverpool had improved drastically and become serious title contenders.  This was the moment that I started to question whether Moyes was the right man for the job and whether or not he should be allowed to take the club into next season.

Man Utd 0-3 Man City

Similar to the Liverpool game it was a classic example of a major rival totally outplaying Utd at home.  I watched an old game Liverpool Utd game and although Liverpool that season were very poor, they still turned up and gave Utd everything they had.  Maybe they weren’t as good as Utd but they showed passion and desire and made that game their season, we might not have done anything this season but we won’t let these bastards beat us, and they got the draw.  That isn’t what Utd did; the players didn’t show up at all.  If you can’t get up for a rivalry of this measure then you shouldn’t be playing for the club.

Everton 2-0 Man Utd

Well his last game was almost inevitably going to be in here, going back to Goodison he really didn’t want to lose this one and sadly he did.  I honestly felt sorry for him after and during this match, the team showed no passion for a match which was so important to the manager.  It became blatantly evident that the players were not playing for the manager and when that happens his position is becomes untenable.  There is nothing worse for a manager than to get a job at a bigger club and then have your old club not only outperform you over the season but then also do the double over your new team.

Failed to Gain Senior Player Support

This isn’t really a moment exactly but it is a bad one because he came in to a club which was full of big characters that had been at Utd for quite some time and were in the twilight of their careers.  I’m thinking of guys like Rio, Vidic, Evra, Giggs and RVP; Moyes managed to never gain the support of any of these guys, and it isn’t like it was a secret, it seemed that these guys were spending too much time talking to the media about things at Utd rather than trying to improve their performances.  Put it like this, there is no chance in hell that this would have happened to Fergie.  What makes it worse is that as the season went on the dissension worked its way down to the younger players, with many talking about wanting to leave, again wouldn’t have happened under Fergie.

Young Player Regression

Again this isn’t a moment but rather the season as a whole, you look at the young players which Utd had at the start of the season and they are De Gea, Rafael, Jones, Evans, Smalling, Welbeck, Cleverley and Januzaj.  Now De Gea and Januzaj improved as players under Moyes, the question is was it because of him or in spite of him?  Rafael, Jones, Smalling and Cleverley all regressed quite significantly from last season to the extent that you wonder if these players will ever cut it at the top level.  Evans was injured too much of the season to really say how his form was.  Welbeck’s scoring improved under Moyes but his general play dropped from being really good to being average, which is a shame.  Young players are the future of a club, and it is disappointing to see that so many of them this season have moved in the wrong direction, hopefully it was just a blip.

Never Learned His Best Team

I could have put this one in about January/February because by that time he should have known what team he would in a perfect situation put out on the pitch.  The simple fact is that even by his last game he still didn’t know what team to put out and what was his best 11, that is acceptable in your first few months but by the time the season reaches the business end you need to know what you have in your squad.

Needless to say that when a club like Man Utd finish 7th in the league there is going to be a number of very disappointing moments in a season.  One of the things which should be noticed is the amount of home games that made the list, because home games are your bread and butter, it is where you consolidate your position in the league and if the home form was anything up to what it should have been then Moyes in my opinion would still be in a job.  Alas it’s all ifs buts and maybes and ifs buts and maybes don’t keep you in a job.

So leave a comment about what you thought of David Moyes’ rein at Utd and other disappointing moments you may feel I have missed.  Plus find all the latest bm23sportsreviews updates on Facebook and Twitter.


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    1. Yes it was a bit of a head scratcher especially if you consider that Utd were lacking directness and pace out wide. Although to be fair to Moyes I don’t think he didn’t play Zaha because he thought he was a bad player, I think he didn’t play because he has an attitude issue, which also explains why he isn’t always playing at Cardiff.


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