The Art of Choking- The 2014 Liverpool Edition.


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  It’s incredible how a couple of weeks can change your entire beliefs in football; Sunderland looked dead and Liverpool looked like being crowned champions was only a formality.  What a funny thing football is, just when you think you know what’s happening it turns out that you were so damn wrong.  Just for the record, Liverpool have bottled winning the Premier League, they choked.

I wanted to write this after the Chelsea game but decided to hold off because I would have looked pretty silly if City ended up making a mess of it again, thankfully Liverpool look like they’ve thrown it away all by themselves.  Liverpool can no longer win the league, the chances of City dropping more than 2 points in games at home to West Ham and Aston Villa are little to none.  That must be hard reading for Liverpool fans but if you think you still have a chance you are living in a dreamland.

Liverpool were on an incredible run since the turn of the year; 16 wins and 2 draws and an eleven game winning streak heading into the Chelsea game.  Now there is no disgrace in ever dropping points to a Jose Mourinho coached team, but going into the game Chelsea couldn’t win the league and it was sandwiched between two highly important Champions League semi-final ties against Atletico Madrid, on top of that they put out what can only be called half a team.  So surely Liverpool with all their momentum could go in and wipe the floor with Chelsea…in fact they didn’t need to wipe the floor with them, a 0-0 draw would be more than enough to put Liverpool on course for their first league title for over twenty years.  Instead Liverpool played the game like a bunch of novices who didn’t know what to do when a team doesn’t try and play against them.  It was an embarrassing display from Liverpool; they created almost no opportunities and acted incredibly petulant at Chelsea’s antics, not realising that this was exactly what Chelsea wanted them to do.

Now I’m sure we can all agree that the Steven Gerrard slip and Demba Ba goal was funny as was the subsequent shoot from any silly position display which Gerrard gave us, but you have to feel sorry for him because he knows this is his last chance at realistically winning the Premier League.  That’s the thing with Liverpool, this team shouldn’t be good enough to challenge for the league, the fact that they have is a remarkable achievement for both the players and the management.  However that is the thing, next year Liverpool will be lucky to finish top four because with the new distraction of Champions League football and the inevitable improvement of the teams around them, this was their one chance.  After all Liverpool fans won’t want to accept this but they are a one man team, and when that one man doesn’t show up they struggle.

Liverpool have been a team of luck this season, what seemed liked endless luck, but luck can only take you so far and in this occasion it took Liverpool far enough to get the hopes of their fans up only to shatter them as the team came back to reality.

Which brings me to the fans; oh dear, I respect the Liverpool fans but damn they are yappy.  This isn’t hard for me to go into the archives and pick up on comments from Liverpool fans to me after I criticised their team, here’s my favourite: “That being said this isn’t about the past, it’s about now, today” bit awkward when you don’t go on and win the league…, but oh well.  Yes Liverpool fans are yappy, they love to talk about Liverpool like they have been a relevant club for the past twenty years despite the fact they haven’t been, they love to talk about Liverpool as if they are still the biggest club in England when they aren’t and they love to think that Jamie Carragher is a great pundit when he clearly isn’t.  I wouldn’t go as far to say that the fans cost Liverpool the title because after all they aren’t the ones playing on the pitch, but I think if you talk to Chelsea players or fans about this you will find that the sheer arrogance which the Liverpool fans had prior to the Chelsea match was one of the reasons why Chelsea were so spirited in their win.  The media, the fans and the players all acted as if the Chelsea result and Liverpool’s winning of the league was a formality, which of course it was until the choking started and the bottle went.  There’s a reason why you don’t count your chickens before they hatch, because maybe Jose Mourinho comes round and fancies some scrambled eggs.

For me Liverpool’s worst result of the season was when Chelsea lost 2-1 to Sunderland, because all of a sudden Liverpool went from being unlikely but possible winners to heavy heavy favourites.  The entire season I kept saying Liverpool wouldn’t win the league because in the end one of the better teams would come good, but after this result I started to believe that Liverpool’s winning of the league was almost a formality.  Given the circumstances Liverpool had four very easy games where 10 points were needed with which to win the league, they should have got them, the reason they didn’t is because they let the pressure of expectation get to them, it’s as simple as that.

The one word which describes Liverpool’s title challenge is momentum; it felt in the run in that every bounce of the ball, every refereeing decision and every game just went Liverpool’s way.  The problem with momentum is that when it stops it does so dramatically and Liverpool’s momentum was no different.  After losing for the first time this calendar year Liverpool follow that result up with what can only be called an embarrassing 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace.  In reality drawing at Palace currently isn’t an embarrassing result, but when you’re 3-0 up with less than 15 minutes to go you probably shouldn’t be losing points.  Much like in the Chelsea game, the Liverpool players looked incredibly naïve as Palace stormed back out of nowhere and made what was a nothing game into the stuff of nightmares for Liverpool.  The thing is Liverpool probably wouldn’t have won the league anyway if they had won against Palace, but you have to ask the question, City have shown in the past that they don’t react well under pressure, you must put it on them.

There is one thing that you must always do when you lose and that is stay classy, something which Liverpool refrained from doing (the sign that you don’t have a big club mentality).  Two situations spring to mind for me of this; firstly Brendan Rodgers comments after the Chelsea defeat, who cares if they parked the bus you couldn’t adapt and got tactically outclassed, it comes off as incredibly petty when a manager blames the other teams tactics (non-cheating ones) as the reason for losing, who cares if you were the only team playing football (which is questionable because your team played shit)?  The answer is no one, grow up and realise that not every team is stupid enough to give your players the space they require for you to be successful.  The second situation is after Chelsea lost to Atletico Madrid, why are the Liverpool players going on Twitter celebrating their loss and saying that this is justice?  Maybe if they were concentrating more on Crystal Palace and a little less on Chelsea they wouldn’t have blown their title chances right out of the water.  Stay classy Liverpool!

In many ways you feel sorry for Liverpool because they do have a great set of fans (even if I don’t particularly like them), they have played the best football in the league and it was a nice underdog story, but in reality they were never really good enough to win the league.  It will be a big summer for Liverpool because they are now a big scalp again, teams will know how to play against them, next year there will be high expectations and they are at least five (probably more) big contributing players away from being able to put themselves in this position again.  Liverpool fans won’t want to read this but that is how it will be.

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27 thoughts on “The Art of Choking- The 2014 Liverpool Edition.”

  1. Wow…..I actually agree with you on most if not all points, which is shocking in it’s own right given that I’m a Chelsea supporter and you a Man Utd one 😛 I particularly want to stress the point of the fans being massive dicks about Liverpool’s chances of winning the league. I mean obviously it’s normal to be happy and excited especially after so many years without a title but there’s excited and then theres acting like a 15 year old who just had sex for the first time and suddenly thinks hes better than everyone else and wants to rub it in everyons face. So I do not feel for them at all. The reality is Chelsea did not park the bus at all at Anfield. Being a reactive team and not a proactive team is a choice of tactical style and as long as you attack on the counter as well you can be a very good team (see Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid…both reactive teams). Chelsea have been an average reactive team this year because we gave away our only good striker to Everton. The only game when we parked the bus was against Atletico away because Jose told the players to just kick the ball away rather than counter with a plan.

    Back to the subject though….At the end of the day the best team this year was City and them winning the league is just. If Chelsea had a decent striker we could have won it but as I said…we had one and decided to give him away. Liverpool have been lucky to get this far.


    1. Always nice to see people agree with me! It doesn’t seem to happen very often…

      Yeah I think that if Liverpool had won the league it would be never ending talk about how this was the greatest league winning season of all time, in a similar sort of way as how they talk about their Champions League win as the greatest ever and that time they beat West Ham in the FA Cup as the greatest ever, Liverpool fans really love blowing their own trumpet.

      Why should Chelsea have to go out and attack Liverpool willy nilly? They shouldn’t, they aren’t good enough going forward, what they are good enough at doing is defending, so why shouldn’t they play to their strengths? The answer is that is exactly what they should do.

      City have by far the best team in the league, they should have won the league at a canter but they threw away cheap points throughout the season. Chelsea would have probably won the league if they had a couple of strikers who were actually half decent, and yes letting Lukaku go was clearly a mistake because he is their best striker but I think you would have needed more than him.


  2. It felt inevitable that Liverpool were eventually going to bottle it, but at 3-0 up against Palace (known more for their defensive record than their goal scoring record) dropping points can’t be excused.

    What you say about momentum is spot on too. It always felt like just one loss could take the legs out from under them and that’s exactly what happened.

    ” There’s a reason why you don’t count your chickens before they hatch, because maybe Jose Mourinho comes round and fancies some scrambled eggs.”

    Great line!


    1. If you watch the Palace game you can see that Liverpool are dottering along without a care in a world assuming that Palace couldn’t care about the result, only for Palace to make it 3-1 and then 3-2. Then what happens is that Palace are on a huge upswing and Liverpool can’t get going again because they thought the game was over only a few minutes ago. There is nothing harder when you are playing football (or any game for that matter) than to get back into your rhythm when you have lost it.

      Thanks and I also hear that scrambled eggs Jose’s favourite meal! Or not I don’t actually know…


  3. Great article. I live in Australia, and Ive been saying that Liverpool are overachieving, but everyone thinks there magnificent! And they are in attack, but i alway thought there defence was weak. It was like they had the attitude of “You might score 3 against us, but we will score 5 against you!”. But when the strikers go off the boil, and they are always bound to, then you get found out. Good season for them, but i agree, they have peaked, and will get found out next year in multiple competitions.


    1. Your point about Liverpool’s defensive frailties are totally correct, I didn’t think they would challenge for the league for this reason, yes they could get away with conceding goals against the smaller teams because they could score more but against the big teams they would still concede the goals but not be able to score as many, turns out that wasn’t the case.

      To be perfectly honest I thought Liverpool would struggle to get top 4 because I didn’t think they could keep their form up in the second half of the season and I also thought that Man Utd would have improved dramatically in the second half of the season, both of which turned out to be completely wrong, can’t always be right…


  4. Article is a little over the top considering:

    Palace game or not, still comes down to last day, if Liverpool win and City lose, Liverpool are champions. Not a high probability City loses to West Ham, but it could happen.

    How/why is Liverpool a one man team? Is that one man Suarez? Or is it Sturridge? #s 1 and 2 in goals scored in the BPL this season. Or is it Gerrard (13th on the list) or Coutinho or Sterling who has provided so much of the midfield play to help create those goals? I note S&S are both on the “young player of the year” list on this site, odd for a one man team.

    Defense and GK has been issues for Liverpool, no doubt, but other than that much of the above is petty and/or not accurate.

    To assume Liverpool will not finish in the Top 4 next season due to CL and related fixtures is quite a leap, considering they will be strengthening their squad to compete in the CL, likely in the back and in net. They have been improving under Rodgers and one would expect them to mount another BPL title challenge next year and compete well in the CL, or at least better than City did in the CL this season.

    I am not even a Liverpool fan, but this article is written like they are Fulham and couldn’t avoid relegation….


    1. Yes the league comes down to the last game but Liverpool have to get 7 points from three games to win the league and they failed miserably. It is made even worse when you consider the fact that the game was basically meaningless to Chelsea and they put out half a team and they threw away a three goal lead against Palace, hardly known for their attacking prowess. Simply put they bottled it, so yes it is down to the last day but it should be down to the last day where Liverpool need a result against Newcastle and they are crowned the champions not that they have a 1% chance of doing so if everything falls their way.

      Without Suarez Liverpool wouldn’t be where they currently are in the league. Not only does he contribute a lot to the team with his goals but he also contributes by taking pressure from those around them. Suarez’s play also raises the game of those around them and without him I doubt Liverpool would be any higher than 7th because he’s that important.

      Sturridge is not what I’d describe as a good player, he’s above average but that’s about it. He only has pace and a good finish, meaning that he is really only useful in space and doesn’t show up for the big games generally. I didn’t make the young player of the year list up, they were the players in the leagues nominations.

      I think Liverpool will struggle to get top 4 next year because City and Chelsea will strengthen and they are already better teams than Liverpool, Utd are undoubtedly going to improve as are Spurs and Arsenal are always there. So even if Liverpool didn’t have Champions League football I think they would struggle, almost guaranteed they won’t challenge properly for the league.

      Liverpool have a good first team but beyond that they are poor at best. Look at the Chelsea game, they desperately need to change something so you look to the bench as to who can make a difference, and all you get is Sturridge who can only play in space and doesn’t cut it against the big teams and Iago Aspas who would struggle to clean the dishes at another top team. That’s why they will struggle to get top 4 next year, their squad isn’t good enough, they have been very lucky with injuries this year and they need at least five instant impact signings (which is highly unlikely to happen) to be successful. Maybe you think I’m harsh but you can’t really disagree with the logic.


  5. Alex… Chelsea did park the bus. What else can you call playing 10 men in the box for nearly the entire game? They also wasted time from the first time the ball went out to the last. Parking the bus isn’t the problem though. It’s not against the rules. Time wasting is. I’ve seen time wasting before but never on such a huge scale with no cards given out until the end of the second half. Schwarzer taking over a minute on the first goal kick is just one example of time wasting in this match (There were too many to count). The ref ruined the match pretty much by not setting a precedent early and booking Chelsea players for blatant time wasting and play acting. Liverpool’s problem in that game is that Chelsea needed the win more than they did but they played the match like all 3 points were a necessity. I agree LFC let Chelsea’s “tactics” get the better of them. If they had just parked there own bus, Chelsea would have had to attack and that would have perhaps played into LFC’s hand nicely. One would think that they would have had a far better chance at getting a result. The draw with Palace on the other hand is unforgivable and just goes to show the naivety of Brendan Rodgers approach in the last two games. Trying to out score City was absolute bollocks and City winning 4-0 against Villa this evening just shows how impossible that would have been.

    “There is one thing that you must always do when you lose and that is stay classy, something which Liverpool refrained from doing (the sign that you don’t have a big club mentality).” Oh really? so how “classy” and what “big club mentality” have manu supporters and players displayed this season? I am only asking because the vast majority of fans were whinging and calling for their own managers head for the majority of this season whilst the players weren’t even showing effort on the park. Stay classy united…

    I sure hope you aren’t making much money from this BM23. A more bias and poorly assembled article, I have not come across in a long time. You know as a reviewer you are meant to remain neutral yes? Even if you really do hate LFC (which I can see you do by your poorly written diatribe), you shouldn’t reflect it in your reviews. Oh and what happens if the unthinkable occurs and City lose to West Ham while LFC beats Newcastle? Are you going to have egg on your face then?

    I guess when you produce such poor work, you can’t be suprised when all you attract to your “Reviews” are brain dead trolls. We are a product of our environment after all…




    1. I’ll leave the first part of your comment alone because it isn’t actually directed at me and to be honest you clearly haven’t seen a Mourinho team play before if you think the time wasting in that game was bad. You should watch the Celtic-Porto UEFA Cup final match if you thought that was bad.

      I think you will find that Manchester United fans were very classy in their response to the poor season. Pretty much every group of supporters would have booed their players off before January, yet the Utd fans didn’t. I’m not saying that everyone stayed classy (some idiots flew a banner over the stadium after all [which was booed]) but the majority did. I’m not going to defend the lack of effort from the players because it is inexcusable but there is a difference between this and going on social media and slagging teams who out played you because they lost a match. I think you will also find that Utd showed what a classy club it is by the players outward response to Moyes’ sacking, there wasn’t a sound, despite the fact that they clearly didn’t like him.

      It isn’t my place to comment if this is biased, however I think we both know that it isn’t poorly assembled. This is an opinion piece so…it isn’t really about staying neutral I’m afraid. Whether I hate Liverpool or not is irrelevant, although I’m a Man Utd fan so it doesn’t take a big leap to wonder what my feelings on them are, but it’s as if you didn’t read the piece, if Liverpool went on and win the league I would have held my hands up and congratulated them because their fans and their play throughout the season deserve it more than City or Chelsea. If Liverpool win the league from this position I will come on here and write about how City have thrown away the league, but I think we both know that it won’t happen.

      I like how you call yourself a brain dead troll (it’s pretty clear in your comment) and insult me some more because I imagine your idea is to insult me as often as possible and hope one sticks.


      BM23 (because apparently that’s my name…)


      1. bm23sportsreviews
        The sports reviews you wish you had written.

        The Art of Choking- The 2014 Liverpool Edition.
        Posted on May 6, 2014 by bm23reviews.

        The trolls I mentioned are the people who agree with you. The same trolls that frequent ESPN and have trouble stringing more than a few words together.

        So bm23 isn’t your real name? And here I was thinking my cousin WD40 didn’t have to feel so alone anymore. So how would you like me to refer to you bm23reviews? You state that you write reviews at the top of your page when that clearly is not the case and also have the gall to claim that I wish I had written them and you post things under the alias bm23reviews. Do others have access to your real monicker? How should I refer to you then? Actually you know what? Enough of this nonsense. I have given you enough of my time and traffic as it is. Just for the record, you suck at writing. Not because you have a differing opinion to mine but because you suck at writing. This is the first time I have actually taken the time to copy and paste a link that some attention seeker like yourself has spammed on Soccernet threads and it will be the last. Good day to you squire!


      2. First off I’m not trolling, and second off just because you disagree with someone else’s opinion it doesn’t mean that they are trolling.

        The bm23 thing was a joke but I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was a bit over your head…Plus reviewing is giving critique and opinions, it isn’t about giving a vague and bland summary of events.

        Personally I disagree that I suck as writing, but then that would be a differing opinion…and can you really tell if I suck at writing from just one piece? Surely it would only be fair to compare it over a number of pieces and then you could give a valid review, but then you’ve clearly shown you don’t understand what reviewing is…It’s all a bit of a quandary really…

        Can’t wait to hear from you again! Lots of love and kisses your pal bm23!


    2. Pablo I would be happy to hear an actual argument as to why you think Chelsea parked the bus just as I gave you as to why they didn’t. To just spat out crap is very easy, to come up with arguments to support that crap is harder. Also, “Liverpool’s problem in that game is that Chelsea needed the win more than they did” ? You do realise we were fielding a second team and we had no chance of winning the league right? I won’t even go into your play acting argument considering Suarez should not have even been on the pitch due to a second yellow card he should have got for diving a couple of times against City


      1. Give parking the bus whatever name you want Alex. The fact is that teams like Real Madrid who you claim to play the same style as are far more aggressive than the big blue bus will ever be under Mourinho. They actually have shots on target without having to rely on mistakes from the opposition. Incidentally, I have seen the Porto vs Chelsea UEFA cup final. It was absolutely ridiculous. So I guess you got me there. I have seen time wasting that bad before. Same manager, same bad sportsmanship….. what else can I say? Is that supposed to validate how Chelsea use negative football tactics like time wasting? (It’s OK that Chelsea are a bunch of hypocritical cheats because Mourinho did the same thing at Porto…) And they are hypocrites. Mourinho calls other teams out for parking the bus and time wasting all the time. It’s pretty rich don’t you agree? No you wouldn’t. You are a blind fan boy.

        At the end of the day, If my team ever adopts such a negative approach on a consistent basis, I will stop supporting them. I am not referring to playing counter attacking football (that can and should be part of the game) I am referring to wasting time from the first time the ball goes out until the last. I have supported my club since 1979 through thick and thin but this is something that I could not stand behind. Garnering a reputation as an anti football team is one thing when you are Norwich or Stoke etc. Doing the same thing with hundreds of millions of pounds at your disposal is a disgrace. I’d much prefer to watch Real Madrid’s brand of reactive football than to watch Chelsea bore teams into submission. It’s really quite laughable that you can compare Chelsea’s style to Madrid’s. Aside from the counter attacking nature of the two teams, they couldn’t be more different.

        Chelsea did need the 3 points more than LFC did in that match. If they had lost that game the Premier League race was truly over for them. LFC should have played for a draw and they would have gotten it because Chelsea are toothless in attack. Fortunately, Chelsea ended their own chances in the following game against Sunderland. Had you guys won that match you would currently be 1 point adrift from City with one match to go. Meaning City would need a win in there final game to be sure of victory (at worst Chelsea would be finishing second and not 3rd). Yeah… Sounds like you guys were way out of the EPL race at that point.. Your lack of faith just goes to show what the average plastics inner dialogue consists of. Not a great deal of substance. Go give out some more plastic flags to your brethren. Keep it flying high! Change your emblem to a blue referee checking his watch while your at it…


      2. I thought you weren’t coming back? I don’t mind but…you know…

        Yes Mourinho is a hypocrite but then he says what suits his mood and that is why the media love him. It’s annoying for anyone else but that’s just Mourinho.

        If you ditch the team you support because they are playing negative football then you aren’t really a true supporter. Yes you can become disengaged with the team but you never stop supporting if you’re a real fan.

        Liverpool did need the result more than Chelsea, yes Chelsea needed the win more but the result was more important to Liverpool because realistically Chelsea couldn’t win the league. Btw Chelsea played Sunderland the week before Liverpool so your point is wrong.


  6. Whoever wrote this article clearly is riding their own bandwagon and hasn’t watched enough Liverpool games this year…..How you could possibly say Liverpool is a one man team just shows how dumb you truly are. Suarez is undoubtedly what keeps the Liverpool train moving in the right direction and he does so much on the pitch but you would be mistaken to not include all the other young players and Sturridge especially along with it. If Suarez and Sturridge stay healthy next year, I will guarantee you that Liverpool finishes in the top 4 next year. It’s funny how the world loves to hop on new trends now and just decide that with things like…..teams struggling this year that are in champions league in their respective leagues….that it will always happen is ridiculous. People have been saying that Suarez has put confidence in the other players around him, but to be honest with you I find it quite the opposite. Suarez seems all the more confident this year because the players around him have been playing so well, especially Sturridge. There was many times for instance last year that Suarez would go on these one man escapades and never pass to open teammates because he had no confidence in them scoring if he did. This year he has passed more often, and his accuracy and vision on the pitch is underrated, despite all his goals. Somebody mentioned above about how Sturridge is only an average player, which is quite ridiculous. The guy has been injured some of the year, and every time he has came in, he comes up with these amazing goals that he makes look incredibly easy. When he gets the ball anywhere near the 18 yard box or inside, he either scores or comes mighty close to scoring. His ability to finish and play with pace when he has the ball is what sets him apart. Almost whenever he touches the ball, he does something positive with it. He has 21 goals in 28 games, some of which he came on late because of injury. The biggest difference between last year and this year for Liverpool is the fact that all the younger players got an extra year under the belt to gain confidence in the BPL. You could argue that Joe Allan, Sterling, Sturridge, Coutinho and company have all had better years then last year. So how does that make Suarez a one man team?? I agree that on counter attacks their defense does lack discipline but the way their offense runs when it’s at it’s best will always lead to some goals on the other end, much like Man City does on counters except they have a way better and more experienced defense to back them up. The fact that everyone is getting all over Liverpool fans, players and coaches is a little over the top as well. I do agree that they acted a bit ridiculous after the Chelsea game but you said “Thats what you get from a team that isn’t used to being top the league.” Well yeah, probably because they haven’t been top of the league for many years and their team just got shell-shocked. Nobody is going to react well after a loss like that, and the feeling of coming so close and possibly losing out. Who wouldn’t be pissed off and say some things they don’t completely mean after 2 games like they have just played? Did Liverpool choke, Yes…were they expected to even be contending at this point? No….You connect everything to Liverpool fans, but your whole article just sounds like someone that hates Liverpool. Your knowledge though shows by statements like Liverpool being a one man team…people only say that when they read articles and watch highlights of Liverpool games, not actually watch them play. If Mourinho fancied scrambled eggs at all that day, he would have played his best line-up. How many upsets have we seen this year though…and Liverpool going on their magical run was due to hit a stop at some point with all the quality players on even the lower level teams this year. It’s terrible that they did choke and they looked lifeless the last 15 minutes against Crystal Palace but were not talking about Michael Jordan for the Bulls choking or Manchester United in the 1990’s or 2007 onward choking, were talking about a team that hasn’t won since 1990. Every team this year has had ups and downs, I was laughing when the whole world called Liverpool winning a formality, nothing this year has been a formality for any team. Munich not showing up against Real Madrid, Man Uniteds entire debacle after winning the league last season. Arsenals crazy start and then slow down after many injury setbacks and such. There are so many good, young players spread even through-out lower level teams this year, that upsets have been very common. Nothing is ever a formality anymore, Man City two years ago in the last 5 mins to win the league should have shown the whole world that!


    1. It’s a long comment so I’ll do my best to tackle most of the points you make.

      First off this post isn’t me bandwagoning on the get at Liverpool bus, if you look through the archives of the site and comments which I have made to other people you shall see that I have often this season said that Liverpool don’t actually have a good squad and shouldn’t be good enough to win the league. For the quality of their squad they are totally out of place.

      I think Liverpool have good players but without Suarez they’d struggle to finish higher than 7th this year. If you think that opinion is dumb then so be it, it doesn’t really bother me.

      I have serious doubts if Suarez will be at Liverpool next year because I imagine a big club will come in for him. If you look at teams who aren’t used to playing in Europe they do tend to struggle in the league the next year, but that isn’t why I think they will struggle to finish top 4, rather that they don’t have a good squad and teams will be more equipped to play them next year.

      I agree that almost every Liverpool player upped their game this year, and towards the end of the season it wasn’t Suarez dragging them through games. However these players upped their game to try and play to Suarez’s level. This combined with some belief and momentum put Liverpool in the position they found themselves in.

      You’re grossly over rating Daniel Sturridge. If he was so good he would still be at City or Chelsea.

      There is an old saying that when you score your first touchdown you celebrate like you’ve been there before. So it shouldn’t matter if they haven’t won the league for over twenty years, act like you have and show some class.

      Anyway I watch plenty of Liverpool games and I’m not just making opinions up willy nilly. I’m not going to come on here and tell Swansea fans (for instance) about their team because I don’t see enough of them to pick up anything other than some vague opinions, that isn’t the case for Liverpool, nor is it the case for any of the big teams because they are consistently on TV. Watch Sturridge’s play against teams who don’t give him space to play in, watch him against the big teams and you will see that he struggles mightily because he is at his best when a game is stretched, but hey there you go, if you disagree you disagree, but don’t be shocked when he gets moved on in a couple of years because he is a selfish player who adds little to a team but goals (the most important thing in football but more is needed from a striker if you are a top team).

      By the way, the formality wasn’t Utd winning the league because there was a couple of minutes left in the City game, the formality was City beating QPR. Now they almost didn’t do it but I don’t want to get started on how QPR stopped playing as soon as they found out they were safe and all that jazz.


  7. This is a place to state opinions..not get overly personal. Sure, fans would be disappointed when their team fail to land the big one that they have tried for so long. As the saying goes..patience is a virtue. The little noisy blue neighbours of Mighty Manchester United waited 44 years!I can understand the sentiment linked with Liverpool seemingly not able to win the Premiership this year in what many have observed to be their best chance in ages!What with Gerrard not having many more years in that tired body and legs of his!May the best team win this Sunday..bus parking or not! I am sure the Geordies can park buses as good as West Ham!! But end of the day , it is the accumulation of precious points over a 38 game marathon that gets you over the line!on a totally unrelated subject, and going back in time, anyone remembers Gordon Banks? Top goalkeeper! How many club honours?National honours?Still a national hero! That amazing save from Pele in the 1970 World Cup series stands out!!Cheers guys..and relax…it’s normal for clubs to have their ups and downs. Cheers and enjoy!!


    1. People do seem to be getting overly upset, oddly enough they all seem to claim to no being Liverpool fans…not so sure about that one.

      If City hadn’t (or don’t) win the league then I would have talked about how they threw it away because they are by far the best team and squad. I will also talk about how Chelsea threw away the league with silly results against Sunderland, Palace, Norwich and Villa which they should have been able to take 12 points from. Two teams were going to come out of this season with major regrets, it just happens that one of those is highly likely to be Liverpool.


  8. i am going to keep this articles for end of next season, in case you deny all this. i am going to enjoy seeing egg on all your faces. your assumptions are quiet poor coz Liverpool will strengthen as all the teams you have mentioned and they also have the money and the clout to attract the top players. This articule is only about believing your wishes as highlighted by you not posting the article well before Liverpool lost to Chelsea.


    1. Feel free to keep this article for the end of next season because if I’m wrong I will more than happily hold my hands up and say so, I highly doubt I am wrong though.

      As far as the final part of your comment, the post is about Liverpool choking, how could I have posted it before the Chelsea game when they hadn’t actually choked? Plus if you go through the archives of the site you will see that I have throughout the run in said that Liverpool won’t challenge for the league next year because they aren’t good enough and to challenge they will need at least 5 big impact signings, which is highly unlikely.

      Liverpool aren’t/weren’t good enough to win the league, the fact that they took it so close is a real feat but in the end they blew it and have only themselves to blame.


  9. bm23reviews you watch Sturridge in the coming years…..this guy just had 21 goals in 28 games, 26 games started, good for second in the entire premier league. How anything could be downplayed as much on a guy who just finished second in such a dominant league is unbelievable. Yes he didn’t hold down the fort at Man City or Chelsea but we just finally got to see what he can do when he plays a full season on a squad. The thing that is remarkable about Sturridge is that he makes scoring goals look so easy. His left foot is so dangerous and despite being selfish at times, his pace on the ball and strength when the ball is at his feet is tremendous. On top of it all, he should be starting with Rooney in the World Cup, imagine us saying Daniel Sturridge starting for England in World cup even 3 years ago. Another big strength is look on his goals where the ball goes in the net, he is tremendous at placing the ball in corners and upper 90’s. Give him another year and tell me what you think of Sturridge, he has plenty of highlights in the last year and a half don’t believe me, check youtube. He just get’s downplayed alot because he is playing along-side Suarez, there are many players that start along-side great forwards that don’t finsish the season with 12 goals, 21 is incredible for where he was at 2 years ago.


    1. I seriously doubt that Sturridge will get any better than he is currently unless he has a major attitude adjustment. I have never denied that Sturridge is a good goalscorer and has excellent pace which allows him to manipulate space. I’m not downplaying him because he plays next to Suarez, I’m downplaying him because I don’t think he brings enough to the table. Liverpool’s his level, he couldn’t play for one of the top teams, and by that I mean City, Utd or Chelsea the current top teams.


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