Premier League Team of the Year.


Yes here it is, the crème de la crème (that’s French!) of this seasons Premier League.  The guys and gals (there aren’t any gals) who outperformed their peers and showed that they are truly the best at their respective positions for the 2013/14 season.

I wrote up my second team of the year prior to writing this as a way of giving some of the players who had really good seasons but couldn’t quite sneak into the top team some well-deserved recognition.  So let’s get started on the 11 that every player wants to be a part of!

GK- David Marshall

It seems odd that the team with the second worst defensive record and the second worst clean sheet record would have the best goalkeeper of the season, but if it was not for Marshall they would be bottom of both lists and would have been relegated long ago.  Marshall has consistently kept Cardiff in matches with saves he had no right to be making, winning countless man of the match awards along the way.  He has made the most saves of any keeper this year in the league and although I know that a large reason for that is because Cardiff aren’t very good defensively but it isn’t just the quantity of the saves, it is the quality and that is why he has been the best keeper this year.

RB- Seamus Coleman

6 goals and 2 assists from a right back is a ridiculously good return.  Add onto that Everton’s 14 clean sheets and for me it is a clean and cut case that Coleman has been the best right back in the league this year.

LB- Leighton Baines

Consistency is often underrated in football, Baines is exactly that consistent.  I don’t think this has been Baines’ best season, but even in an above average season for Baines he still is better than everyone else.  His only real competition this year has been Shaw and for me Baines gives more going forward than Shaw and that is why he is my top man.

CB- John Terry

The only reason he wasn’t in the PFA Team of the Year is because he is John Terry, he isn’t likable (heck I don’t like him!) but you can’t deny that Terry has had what can only be called a renaissance in his career (a bit like Ferdinand last year), this season he has been fantastic.  Terry’s defensive play has led Chelsea to the best defensive record in the league and the most clean sheets; he has been a rock at the back and thoroughly deserves his place in the team.

CB- Gary Cahill

Shouldn’t probably come as a shock that Cahill fills the spot next to Terry as he too has been excellent this season.  When Cahill came to Chelsea from Bolton many questioned whether the transfer actually made sense or if it was just a cheap fix, but Cahill has shown that he was a shrewd piece of business and is paying heavy dividends.

RM- Adam Lallana

A real coming of age season for Lallana saw him score 9 goals and assist in 6 to help Southampton to a very respectable 8th in the league.  Everyone agrees that Southampton had a great season (a well-deserved one too), and most people would point to Adam Lallana’s play as the catalyst for their success.  He looks like a star and will almost definitely get a well-deserved big money move to a top team where he will look to build on a very impressive season.

LM- Eden Hazard

Hazard was Chelsea’s top goal scorer this season with 14 goals (plus 7 assists) and he is an incredibly important part of their front line.  I’ve already given Chelsea’s defensive abilities plaudits in this post but if there is one man who should be singled out for attacking prowess then it would have to be Hazard.  He is deadly going forward and improved on a decent first season in the Premier League this year, all at the young age of 23.  A very good season in a team which tried its best to avoid attacking.

CM- Yaya Toure

No real shock that Toure was able to get into the team of the year because his stats say it all; 20 goals and 9 assists, that’s pretttttttyyyy pretttttyyy good from central midfield.  Toure really is the engine room in that City midfield, dominating opposition players with his power and surprising pace.  Yes at times he looks lazy and is a liability but when the guy is on it he is almost unplayable.  An excellent season from the big Ivorian.

CM- David Silva

If Toure is the engine room then Silva is the architect.  Is there a pass this man can’t play?  7 goals and 9 assists is an excellent return for a guy who only managed to play in 27 games because of injuries, and you could see that City weren’t nearly as good going forward when he wasn’t in the team.  Personally I would say that he was City’s best player this year, and he very much in my opinion was the driving force behind their run over the final third of the season which essentially won them the league.  You can only wonder what he could do if he wasn’t made of glass, he is an excellent player.

ST- Luis Suarez

The league’s best player this season in my opinion, it is amazing to think that the man who missed the first five games of the year because he bit an opposing player would go on and score 31 goals and assist 12, it was an excellent season.  Liverpool wouldn’t have had a chance in hell of challenging for the league without Suarez; he elevates them to a position which they don’t belong in.  He has gone from being Lex Luthor to Superman in the space of the year, quite a remarkable transformation.

ST- Wayne Rooney

Wrapping up the list is the man who carried Man Utd kicking and screaming through this season.  He was the one shining light in a season which I know Utd fans will want to forget as quickly as possible.  What is remarkable about Rooney’s season is that he managed to score 17 goals and create 10 assists in a team which struggled mightily to create anything going forward.  Yes he’s a drama queen and yes he’s overpaid but he won a number of games on his own this season and for that reason he makes the team of the year.

So there you have it the 11 players who outperformed their compatriots at their respective positions to be crowned as part of the best team in the league!  These guys aren’t twos, they’re ones!  They’re winners!  So like a winner leave a comment about how you feel the team has come together, and get upset that Stevie ‘the slipper’ G isn’t in their or Daniel ‘I dance like a fanny anytime I score’ Sturrdige didn’t make it.  Don’t forget share your favourite blog (that’s bm23sportsreviews in case you forgot) with all your pals and gals and like bm23reviews on Facebook and follow it on Twitter, your support and love is more than welcome.

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