The Premier League Season Awards.


Yes you loved the quarter season awards and then you loved the half season awards and I know you can’t contain your excitement at the prospect of completing the trilogy and reading the Premier League Season Awards!  So put that sunscreen away, stop worrying about the lack of football and pick those party hats up and enjoy the Premier League Season Awards!

Best Team

Previous Winners- Arsenal & Everton

For me there are only two candidates for this award; I thought about giving it to Liverpool but sadly for them one team out achieved them throughout the season and that one team was Crystal Palace.  For all the world Palace should have been relegated from the Premier League this season, on paper it is a certainty.  They had the worst squad in the league (one that would struggle in the Championship), they didn’t score many goals and they got off to an awful start, yet here we are at the end of the season with Crystal Palace not only still being in the league but even more extraordinarily they sit 11th nowhere near relegation.  What can only be described as a remarkable feat in my mind and that is why they sit here as the winners of the best team award.

Crystal Palace

Best Player

Past Winners- Aaron Ramsey & Luis Suarez

He picked up the half season award and he is picking up the end of season award.  The man scored 31 goals this season and had a bundle of assists to boot.  He carried Liverpool on his shoulders for much of the season and it is no surprise that when Suarez’s form dropped as did Liverpool’s.  For me it is a clear and cut case of who has been the best player in the league, no player has put up the stats Suarez has and no player is as important to their club as Suarez is, hence he wins the best player award.

Luis Suarez

Best Manager

Previous Winners- Mauricio Pochettino & Alan Pardew

There is only one candidate for this award, he stands alone atop the mountain of managerial greatness and his name is Tony Pulis! (Not sure I thought I’d ever write that)  Yes really, read what I wrote about Palace above and you will see what I thought of them, they were guaranteed to be relegated but this man somehow turned this around and gave them a mid-table finish.  Pulis came into a mess, a team which had no confidence, couldn’t score and were leaking goals, he turned that around by making them solid defensively and by the end of the season Palace had become a team which nobody wanted to play.  Pulis has completed an incredible job this season for Crystal Palace and he deserves the best manager award.

Tony Pulis  

Best Goalkeeper

Past Winners- Artur Boruc & Tim Howard

The Premier League is blessed with so many top keepers with the likes of Howard, Lloris, De Gea, Cech and Begovic (to name a few) all having great seasons, but there was one man who just edged those other top keepers this year for me and his name is David Marshall.  Marshall played in a team which as covered in turmoil, a team which was leaking goals because a lack of quality outfield players and a team which was mired in a relegation battle, so imagine how important it was when your keeper made immense save after immense save in almost every game.  Marshall did exactly that, often single handedly keeping Cardiff in games they had no right to be in.  Yes he played in the second worst defence in the league and yes his team finished bottom of the table, but none of that was down to Marshall, he performed like a top class keeper and the rest of the team never kept up.  I’m sure picking up the best keeper award will make up for Marshall being in a team which got relegated…or that’s how I see it anyway…

David Marshall

Best Defender

Previous Winners- Dejan Lovren & Mathieu Debuchy

We all know that this award is going to be won by a Chelsea centre back, the question is which one?  John Terry or Gary Cahill?  Both are a part of the best defence in the league, not only conceding the least goals but also keeping the most clean sheets.  Both have had excellent seasons but which one is the winner?  Well I just edge it for John Terry, partially because I think he is the rock of the Chelsea backline but also because this has very much been a renaissance of his career.  Terry looked all but done prior to this season, yet he turned it around and once again looked like a world class centre back.  He might not be a popular man (which is fair enough) but the guy can play and he showed it again this year.

John Terry

Best Midfielder

Previous Winners- Aaron Ramsey & Aaron Ramsey

It seems crazy to think that Ramsey can win the best midfielder award for both the quarter and half season yet not win the end of season award; however that is exactly what is going to happen here.  Instead Yaya Toure is picking up the award.  I’m not the biggest fan of Toure, I think he’s lazy but I can’t deny the numbers he put up this year, 20 goals from midfield is a hell of a return for any player.  Put on top of that the way in which Toure played in the run in and it is hard to disagree with him winning this award.

Yaya Toure

Best Striker

Previous Winners- Sergio Aguero & Luis Suarez

If you’ve been reading this post at all you may have figured that Suarez was the best striker this year…not a big jump really.

Luis Suarez

Best Signing

Previous Winners- Dejan Lovren & Dejan Lovren

This is a really tough award to give out because I don’t think any of the new signings were out of this world for the entire season, but rather had big chunks of the season where they were excellent.  Players such as Bony, Eriksen, Willian, McGregor and Puncheon all had good chunks of season yet were unable to stay consistent throughout, and although I think he played better in the first half of the season than the second half I still believe the man deserving of this award is Dejan Lovren.  He was signed for £8.5 million and has been a rock at the back for Southampton for most of the season, and is a big part of why they have had such a successful season.

Dejan Lovren

Best Young Player

Previous Winner- Adnan Januzaj

There have been a lot of good young players breaking through this year but two stood above the rest and managed to maintain their play throughout the season, and those two were Luke Shaw and Ross Barkley.  I’m going to give the edge to Shaw for the simple fact that at 18 (Barkley’s 20) he has broken into the first team of a top 8 side and became a vital member, a remarkable feat at such a young age.  There is a reason that he is being touted to switch for big money to a top team, he goes forward well, defends well and on top of that is consistent.  In theory he should only get better with age but just now he looks like an incredible talent.

Luke Shaw

Biggest Surprise

Previous Winners- Southampton & Nicklas Bendtner scores against Hull

The biggest surprise winner can only really be one thing, so I’m sorry Nicklas you didn’t quite make the cut because Liverpool were the Premier League’s biggest surprise this season.  I didn’t think Liverpool would challenge for the top 4 this year, so to have three games remaining with the title in your hands, only needing 7 out of 9 to win the league was incredibly surprising.  Yes they blew which was also surprising given their run in; essentially Liverpool took the top two places in the biggest surprise list, one for blowing the league with an easy run in and two for actually seriously challenging to win the league.


Game of the Season

Previous Winners- Cardiff 3-2 City & Cardiff 3-2 City

I can only judge this on games I actually watched live, so naturally I didn’t see every game this season, but of the games I did see the one I think wins this is Liverpool 3-2 City.  Mainly because of the importance to the league title of the match, however this game was also incredibly open with Liverpool shooting out into an early lead only for City to claw them back before Liverpool eventually hit their winner.  The atmosphere at Anfield was great for the game and the players on the pitch didn’t disappoint with their performance, it was a top game.

Liverpool 3-2 Man City

Funniest Moment

This is a new award inserted specially for the end of the season awards, and there can only be one winner…of course!  It is Steven Gerrard’s slip against Chelsea!  Yes good ol’ Stevie G has managed to win something this year as he is the owner of the proud award for funniest moment!  Much better than a Premier League winning medal Stevie!

Steven Gerrard slips against Chelsea

So there you have it the awards that every Premier League player really cares about have been awarded!!!  I’m sure many will be disappointed with not picking up one of the many prestigious awards on offer but there is always next year guys!

Now it’s your turn to leave a comment and tell the world about who you think should have won the awards, or to recommend some of the awards you would like to have seen being given out.

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