2014 World Cup Preview.

brazil 2014

The World Cup is the biggest event in sport and is made even more special by the fact that it only comes around every four years.  This edition of the World Cup is especially special because it will be coming from Brazil, the spiritual heartland of football and the nation which has defined the tournament since its inception.

I wrote about how I thought the World Cup would go when the actual draw was made (which you can read in full here) that however was in December and I have decided to do an update because a lot can happen in six plus months.

I’m just going to skip the group stage bits and start with the matches I think will happen in the last 16 (you’ll be able to work out how I think the groups will go from that).

Last 16

Brazil v Netherlands

Spain v Mexico

Colombia v Uruguay

Italy v Japan

France v Nigeria

Argentina v Switzerland

Germany v Russia

Belgium v Portugal

I’ve changed my mind for Holland going through instead of Chile from Group B (Holland look really good going into the tournament) and Japan going through instead of Greece in Group C (this group was always a toss-up between the three teams which aren’t Colombia).

There are two marquee matches in this last 16 scenario, being Brazil v Holland and Belgium v Portugal.  There are also tasty ties between Colombia v Uruguay and France v Nigeria.

Quarter Finals

Brazil v Colombia

Nigeria v Germany

Spain v Italy

Argentina v Portugal

I’ve put Portugal through instead of Belgium (which I had when the draw was made) because I feel that Belgium have edged off slightly and Cristiano Ronaldo is playing like a man possessed.  I also have Brazil going through but to be honest it really was a fifty fifty between them and Holland, surely Brazil can’t go out at such an early stage in their home tournament (imagine the rioting then) and that is why I gave them the edge.

Semi Finals

Brazil v Germany

Italy v Argentina

I had this when the draw was made, there will be one surprise and I think that will be Italy because they are a big tournament team traditionally and have a tendency to blow hot and cold, and they blew cold at the last World Cup so pattern says they blow hot at this one.


Germany v Argentina

Same final as I had when the draw was made, don’t see a reason to change it.



For me they are currently the best team in international football and it is about time that a European team put to bed the whole a European team has never won in the America’s thing.

It’s a quick preview because I wrote a longer one when the draw was made, my feelings in general are the same but I’ve made a few changes but nothing semis onwards.

So leave a comment about how excited you are about the World Cup kicking off in just over a week and let everyone know who you think is going to go on and win the tournament overall.  Will it be Germany, maybe the home town heroes Brazil or even England?  Ok there is one thing we all know, it won’t be England, I mean come on!

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2 thoughts on “2014 World Cup Preview.”

  1. I fancy a Brazil v Argentina final. I think that would be a great end to the tournament and I’d probably give the edge to Argentina.

    However, I won’t write Spain off. They’re still a quality side.


    1. Brazil Argentina would be the final I’m sure most of the people of Brazil would dream of, with Brazil winning in the end obviously. I don’t imagine the reaction from the crowd would be very positive if Argentina were to win it all in Brazil after Uruguay did the exact same thing the last time.

      I wouldn’t write Spain off either but they aren’t as good as they were at the last World Cup and a team has never won four international tournaments in a row.


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