World Cup Pre-Tournament Betting Tips.


The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world so why not have a little bet on the proceedings?  Exactly you should and we here at bm23sportsreviews have come up with what we believe to be the best available bets for some pre-tournament markets.

Naturally the bookies are desperate for your money so they are throwing excellent deals at you (I saw bet £5 get £20 in free bets from one place) so shop around and if you’re clever you will probably be able to double (or more) your betting capabilities.

All odds have been taken from Bet 365 and were correct at time of writing, other bookies are available.

To Win Outright

I can only feasibly see four teams making the final of the World Cup and they are Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain; with that in mind their odds are 3/1, 4/1, 6/1 and 13/2 respectively.    Personally I think that Germany will win the World Cup and their odds have been impacted by the fact that a European team has never won a World Cup in South America; however there hasn’t been a World Cup in South America since 1978 and since then the game of football has changed dramatically.  Hence Germany (who I believe to be the best team of the tournament) are a decent price at 6/1.

Germany 6/1

If you’re looking for an outside bet for the tournament look no further than Colombia at 40/1.  They have an easy group which they should win which will see them play the runners up of Group D (England, Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica), beyond that it is all guess work but based upon my predictions for the tournament I have them playing Brazil which is a big ask but they are the South American Belgium but a much more favourable price.

Colombia 40/1

Top Goalscorer

Top goalscorer is a tough market to predict because in all likelihood the top scorer will play for a team which makes the semi-finals, with that in mind I believe that a really good bet for top scorer is Thomas Muller at 28/1.  Muller got 4 goals at the last World Cup and with Germany only taking one striker it is likely that Muller will be playing in a more attacking role than usual.  Muller knows how to find the back of the net and each way gives you four places, not a bad bet at all.  I also like Marco Reus at 40/1 for the same reasons I like Muller but I am not certain that he will play first team all the time, in comparison Muller certainly will.

Thomas Muller 28/1

Group Betting

Colombia to win Group C 5/6

In my opinion easily the best team in the group and will be used to the conditions, absolute steal at 5/6.

Italy to win Group D 13/8

This is a group where any of the three teams could win it but the best of the three teams is Italy who’s odds are being pushed up because England are always over bet.

France to win Group E 4/6

A group alongside Ecuador, Honduras and Switzerland, France should win the group easily despite the fact that Switzerland are ranked above them in the World rankings.

Lowest Scoring Team

This is an odd one because you really don’t know until the tournament starts and you see how the teams are going to set themselves out and the lowest scorer must go out at the group stage.  Nonetheless Greece aren’t what I’d call an attacking side and at 16/1 are worth a wee outside bet on being the lowest scorers.  The odds for lowest scorers interestingly enough are very good, so even if you disagree with Greece take a look because there is value there.

Greece 16/1

Continental Betting

Mexico to be top CONCACAF team 1/1

This is an odd bet because I don’t think Mexico are that good, however they are the only CONCACAF team which has a reasonable chance of making it out of their group hence at evens it’s a bit of a steal.

Japan to be top Asian team 1/1

The exact same point I made about Mexico is applicable to Japan, they are the only Asian team which has a reasonable chance of making it out of their group.


Naturally this is a really hard market to predict but you can work it out more or less based upon how the draw is lined up.  I can only see four teams making the final (Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Germany), it looks like there are six potential options but in all likelihood there are only four (because assuming each team wins their group Brazil will meet Germany in the semis and Argentina will meet Spain).  I’m not saying bet all four to cover your chances although the prices are there and are good enough to do that, so it isn’t the worst idea in the world.  Personally I have a Germany v Argentina final which comes in at a nice 14/1.

Argentina & Germany 14/1

So there you have it those are some of my favourite pre-tournament odds which are available for the World Cup.  If you are feeling even more adventurous then you can find pretty decent odds in things like Group Forecasting where you predict which teams finish first and second.

So leave a comment about what you think about some of my World Cup tips and don’t forget that you will have to pay bm23sportsreviews 15% of all winnings from betting tips because come on man I gave you tips!

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