World Cup Day 2 Betting Tips.


Day two of the World Cup and the first day where we have more than one game on for the day.  After a fairly entertaining opening game and an incredibly confusing opening ceremony the World Cup has finally began and even men with hearts of stone are super excited.

There are three games on day 2; which are Mexico v Cameroon, Spain v Holland and Chile v Australia.

Spain v Holland Draw    12/5

I think this game is almost certainly going to be low scoring (at very most two goals) and to a lesser extent it has draw written all over it.  Both teams don’t want to make a mistake in the first game as the loser puts themselves in a very awkward position (likely having to win last two games) and both teams will look at a draw as a very good result.  I think it will be either 0-0 or 1-1 but the odds for both scores aren’t good (both 11/2) so a simple draw bet has the best value.

Chile to Win                      4/9

Pretty good odds for a game which I can’t see anything but a Chile win, Australia don’t really have a chance because they aren’t particularly good.

Mexico 2-0 Cameroon   8/1

Mexico are likely to be better than their qualification campaign showed and I don’t see Cameroon scoring.  Mexico won’t leather Cameroon but it will be a fairly comfortable win, hence the 2-0 prediction.

The odds aren’t particularly good for the three games as it becomes clear that the bookies don’t really know what is going to happen and are hence offering little to no value in their odds.  It is fair to say that everyone thinks that all the opening games are going to be close (which I do agree with on the main) but if you disagree then you will find very good value indeed.

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