The 2014 US Open Review.


With the World Cup on it is pretty easy to forget that other things are happening in the world, and one of those things which happened this weekend was the US Open.  It wasn’t what I’d call a great tournament thanks to Martin Kaymer running away with it in glorious style, but I don’t think anyone could argue that he didn’t deserve it.

After picking up the Players Championship a couple of months ago Kaymer has now added to his major collection with a lovely US Open trophy and some weird tacky looking medal as well.  Kaymer was imperious this week; he took the lead after the first round and dominated from there on.  At no point did it look like anyone but Martin Kaymer was going to win the 2014 US Open and that really is a credit to Kaymer’s play this week, his consistency and his composure.  Kaymer won the US Open by eight shots and that really says everything about how dominant he was this week, it is the most dominant performance I have seen at the US Open since Woods blew the field away in 2000.

Usually I would go into talking about the main challengers and how well they did and how they just came up short, but in reality there were no challengers.  The only person who could challenge Kaymer for the title as Martin Kaymer, and yes I know it sounds silly but the only way he wouldn’t have won the US Open is if he had thrown it away.  As a side note, usually around level par is good enough to win the US Open and when you look at it only three players were under par (Kaymer, Fowler and Compton) and two of those were -1, so the course did hold up really well, the only problem was Martin Kaymer played like a man possessed.

My Tips

Well what can I say?  There’s nothing quite like tipping the guy that goes on and wins pre-tournament, and that is exactly what I did.  By no means did I expect Kaymer to run away with it like he did but I thought he was at 40/1 a very good price.  Beyond Kaymer my other four tips were Stenson (T-4th), Snedeker (T-9th), McDowell (T-28th) and Westwood (MC), so overall pretty damn good.  Stenson placed, Snedeker looked like he would place all week only to pick up a back injury in his last round which cost him a top 6, McDowell looked good after the first round but fell away and Westwood was a bit of a disaster.  Can’t really complain with how my picks did when Kaymer won the tournament and Stenson placed, naturally a little disappointed that Snedeker fell out of the top six after being in there for three rounds but I’m just being picky.

Overall it was a pretty poor US Open, not because the quality of the golf was poor or that we got an undeserving winner because neither of those things are true, the problem was that when one man runs away with a tournament it makes for a poor spectacle.

So did the US Open disappoint or did you enjoy watching Kaymer putting on a clinic?  Did the tournament miss Tiger Woods and are you hoping he’s back for the Open?  Leave a comment and let everyone know.

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