World Cup Day 5 Betting Tips.


This has been a scintillating World Cup so far but Day 4 was pretty poor overall, maybe my expectations are too high after three days of silly lets score lots of goals football but unless you like teams kicking the shit out of each other (I like kicking French people as much as the next guy but come on that’s just silly) or teams being happy to pass the ball aimlessly along their backline you probably thought it was pretty boring.

Day 5 brings us matches involving a tasty tie with Germany v Portugal, Iran v Nigeria and Ghana v USA.

Germany and Both teams to score           3/1

Another really good tie in the first round of group games.  It will be interesting to see how this games runs out because Brazil, Argentina and especially Spain have all been rather underwhelming so far so you have to wonder if Germany will follow suit or break the trend.  I think they’ll break the trend; they should be too good to fall to Portugal who are essentially a one man team.  I think we will see an attacking game and Germany will edge it, I don’t care what any smelly camel says.  I’m thinking somewhere in the range of 2-1 or 3-1 German so Germany to win and both teams to score is a pretty good bet at 3/1 (remember only three teams haven’t scored so far [Greece, Honduras and Cameroon] all of whom were terrible, Portugal are not terrible).

Nigeria                                                                 6/5

I don’t know the last time I saw Iran play but I think they’re the worst team in the tournament (although after watching Honduras I’m starting to have doubts).  With that in mind Nigeria are a very tasty price at better than evens to win the game.  I don’t really expect many goals because I think Iran will try and play for a 0-0 but will fail.

Victor Moses first goalscorer                     9/1

Moses has a goal scoring record of around 1 in every 3 games for Nigeria (7 goals 22 appearances) and although I’ve heard that Iran are supposed to be good defensively you aren’t comparing like for like and Nigeria have a lot of good attacking talent and Moses is a good punt for first goalscorer.

USA v Ghana Over 2.5 goals                        21/20

I think both teams will go for it knowing that in a group with two strong European teams a win is a must if they are to make it to the last 16, I also don’t see either being particularly proficient defensively so expect goals.

USA v Ghana Draw                                          11/5

This game has draw written all over it for me, not because I think that both teams won’t go for it but rather because it is a very close game between two similar ability teams.  Plus we are eleven games into the competition and there still hasn’t been a draw, there’s going to be a draw eventually and I think this is the game where it happens.  I think it will be somewhere in the region of 2-2 but you only get 12/1 at that which is just ok.

We have one belter of a game (Germany-Portugal), one stinker (Nigeria-Iran) and one which I think will be surprisingly good (Ghana-USA), could be a very interesting day.  Will we see our first draw of the tournament?  I think we will and hopefully we will see some more exciting football.

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