World Cup Day 12 Betting Tips.


There is only one round of group games left to go, one last chance to get through the group and make it to the start of the real competition and the last 16.  This is also the start of the old double games, as in two games on at the same time, which means four games in one day.  It also means that these games are incredibly unpredictable because teams may have different motives or be playing a meaningless game.

The games for Day 12 are Australia v Spain, Chile v Holland, Brazil v Cameroon and Croatia v Mexico.

Spain-Australia Both teams to score and goals over 2.5 11/10

This match is totally unpredictable, you know that Australia will give it their all but so far Spain have been absolutely atrocious and if they play like they have in the previous two matches they will lose.  It should be an open fun game because neither team has anything to lose; I just don’t know who will win.  Logic says Spain but logic also said Spain went through the group, so clearly logic was wrong.  Australia are a very tasty price at 7/1 if you’re looking for something a little bit more rewarding.

Holland to win Both teams to score                                        7/2

There’s going to be goals and it is believed that both teams will rest their star players so the result really is up in the air.  I think that Holland have a better squad of players so the loss of RVP and Robben will be felt less than the loss of Vidal for Chile for instance.  The odds for this game are very open so there is a lot of value out there.

Brazil-Cameroon Red card in match                                        10/3

Cameroon have absolutely no discipline and I get the feeling that Brazil are going to play flamboyant football which will only piss them off more.  The problem with this match is that Brazil are 1/7 so the odds in every market are really poor, so instead you have to bet novelty markets like this.  Another good novelty market to bet for this game is Brazil to score a penalty at 7/2.

Mexico                                                                                                 15/8

Croatia Mexico is a really open game which either team could win.  Personally I give the edge to Mexico because they have put in two good performances so far and look fairly solid defensively (not so much at set pieces).  It is a tough call and it is made all the tougher by the fact that a draw is no use to Croatia, I do think that Mexico are the better side though and hence are the more likely to win the game.

Three out of four of the games for Day 12 are incredibly hard to predict and are very open indeed, that makes for great value out there, especially in the first goal scorer market.  I would recommend taking a look at the team line-ups prior to the match because there is good value out there with a lot of the big dogs not playing.

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