World Cup Day 14 Betting Tips.


The second four teams have been confirmed for the last 16 and the ties line up like Colombia v Uruguay and Costa Rica v Greece.  Yes apparently we are going to have either Greece or Costa Rica in the quarter finals of the World Cup…not sure who had that prior to the tournament but good for you!  I’m sure the Dutch will be licking their lips at their passage to the semis of Mexico and either Costa Rica or Greece.  It is also interesting to note that we will have at least one South American team in the semis as the winner of Brazil v Chile will play Colombia v Uruguay.

Onto the fixtures for Day 14 which are Bosnia v Iran, Nigeria v Argentina, Ecuador v France and Honduras v Switzerland.

Bosnia                                                                                  11/10

Bosnia are due a result and are likely to play with freedom after being knocked out.  I’d say they’ve been fairly unlucky so far in the tournament and now face an Iran team who think attacking is that thing you do in badminton.  A draw is no use to Iran so they will have to come out and attack which means they will almost certainly play for a 0-0.  Iran aren’t very good going forward so it’s a big ask for them to score and with their need to attack it will allow for Bosnia more space to score.

Argentina to win and Both teams to score           12/5

Argentina don’t look particularly good defensively and despite the fact they are stacked with attacking talent they also don’t look particularly good going forward, so far in both games they have done just enough.  Nigeria amazingly haven’t conceded yet but I can’t see that changing because…you know…it’s Nigeria.

France to win and Both teams to score                  12/5

France will win because they have an incredibly deep squad and are likely to use it.  I don’t think that Ecuador are that good but must win the match because Switzerland will beat Honduras.  I think it will be an open game because France seem to love scoring goals and Ecuador are a physical side which will look to counter.  The score could be anything, well anything but 0-0, although I did think that about the Costa Rica England game…

Switzerland to win -2                                                     11/4

Switzerland need to run up a score just in case Ecuador beat France and Honduras will probably just go about kicking them.  5/2 for a red card in the match isn’t a bad bet either based upon the style which Honduras play.

Three out of the four games I see as being pretty simple results predictions, the only one which I have any doubts over is the Bosnia Iran match and that is simply based upon the fact that surely Iran will try and win the game which we haven’t seen yet (they just counter attacked against Argentina which won’t cut it), logic says Bosnia but this World Cup hasn’t used much logic yet…

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