World Cup Day 15 Betting Tips.


The third group of four teams have been confirmed for the last 16 and the ties line up like France v Nigeria and Argentina v Switzerland.  It has been a weird World Cup so far especially this last round of games, with teams who have nothing to play for playing out drab games rather than going for broke because fuck it it’s the World Cup and they only come round every four years.

The games for Day 15 are Portugal v Ghana, Germany v USA, Algeria v Russia and Belgium v South Korea.

Ghana to win and Both teams to score                  4/1

Both teams will score and there is likely to be goals, the question is who will win?  If Portugal’s last two performances are anything to go by then it certainly won’t be them.  Ghana actually played well against USA but lost and they played well against Germany and got a draw.  They have the power and pace to torment a Portugal team which is very lacklustre looking, it really could be anything.  The one shining light for Portugal is Ronaldo and the sad thing about this World Cup is that he clearly isn’t fully fit and without him Portugal aren’t even an average team.  As another bet check out Ghana and over 3.5 goals which comes in at a very tasty 7/1.

Germany to win -1                                                          11/8

Germany should win this game but the cynic in me see two teams only needing a draw to qualify for the next round and the manager of the weaker nation being a legend of the stronger nation, it’s pretty hard to ignore.  I really hope these thoughts which I am having are just nonsense but if they play out a low scoring draw I really wouldn’t be shocked.  If my cynic side is wrong and these two play out a competitive game then Germany should thump USA because they need a confidence boost and the USA aren’t that good and will be stuck in two minds about what to do in the game.

Russia                                                                                   11/10

This is a really tough game to call because Russia have been far from impressive in their two games whereas Algeria were very impressive in their last outing.  However the European in me says that Russia will show their class and squeeze out a low scoring win.  Algeria are going to be stuck in two minds in this game, they will probably play for the draw because that will get them through to the next round but it is a dangerous game to play because although Russia haven’t shown it yet they do have players who can punish you.  Hopefully Capello takes the chains off the team and plays Dzagoev from the start, I have my doubts but it is what he should do.

Belgium to win Both teams to score                       12/5

You would think I would learn because every time I see a team which has qualified against a team which is basically out I think they will both just go for it and try and win the game and so far I’ve been pretty wrong.  Despite that I think we will see goals because Belgium have looked sluggish so far and will want to prove a point and South Korea are pretty useless defensively, it should be a perfect storm but based on prior matches it will end up being 0-0 or something…

This is the final day of the group stages and we will know the exact paths for each team towards the final and the glory of becoming the world champions.  We will also encounter that weird situation on Friday of having no football for a whole day… don’t know what I’ll do to be honest…probably just sit about looking at the TV hoping for football to appear whilst sadly knowing that I have to wait a whole day before it happens…it’s going to be pretty damn tough.

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