World Cup Day 17 Betting Tips.



Day 16 saw Brazil and Colombia progress to the quarter finals of the World Cup.  Colombia looked very impressive in doing so as they took apart Uruguay with ease, however Brazil scraped through against Chile and were very lucky in doing so.  I think after this performance and their performances in the group stages people are beginning to realise that Brazil don’t have a good team and it will be a huge ask for them to win this.

The matches for Day 17 are Holland v Mexico and Costa Rica v Greece.

Holland                                                                                11/10

I’m surprised that you can find Holland at better than evens.  They have been excellent so far at this World Cup and should be more than good enough to beat Mexico.

Holland-Mexico Over 2.5 goals                 11/10

Mexico have defended very well in this World Cup so far, Holland less so, Holland will score at least twice and I think Mexico will probably get one as well, so over 2.5 goals at better than evens is pretty good.

RVP to be Top Scorer                                     10/1

RVP has scored 3 goals so far in the tournament, which puts him 2 behind Rodriguez with a game in hand.  Keep in mind that RVP will play against Mexico and then Costa Rica/Greece, two games in which he is likely to see plenty of opportunities.  Holland could go all the way to the final and if that is the case then you can’t see them doing so without RVP making a major contribution.

Greece-Costa Rica Draw                                               21/10

Hands up if you think this game is going to be dire?  Everyone?  Somehow I’m not surprised…Although it isn’t what I’ve put in I would be pretty surprised if this wasn’t a 0-0 (5/1 if you’re interested).  I get the feeling that both teams will go out and try not to lose and it will create a dire game in which neither team really tries to attack.  Hopefully not but I can’t see anything but a draw here.

Greece to win on Penalties                        9/1

As I said I think it will be a draw, and if it is a draw then it will almost certainly go to penalties, if it goes to penalties it is a 50/50 outcome and it is just up to who you think will go through.  Both teams can be found at 9/1 so although I’m tipping Greece if you disagree you can still get Costa Rica at the same price.

Day 17 brings us the glamorous Dutch and the worst game of the last 16 as Costa Rica meet Greece.  After two pretty good games on the first day here’s hoping that the second round of last 16 games are equally as good.

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