World Cup Day 21 Betting Tips.

The first round of quarter finals saw Germany and Brazil take one further step towards the World Cup final. I have to say that I didn’t see Brazil beating Colombia but after a few kicks and mistimed tackles they managed to scrape through in another pretty unimpressive display, but hey it’s good for the tournament that the hosts have progressed so far.

The matches for Day 21 are Argentina v Belgium and Holland v Costa Rica.

Argentina-Belgium Draw 23/10

I think this will be a tight affair and it wouldn’t shock me if it was a 0-0 to be honest. Belgium are a team which doesn’t really take risks and they are also a team which stagnates, if they stagnate Messi then Argentina will struggle greatly.

Belgium to Qualify 13/8

I think that Belgium are set up perfectly to beat Argentina, they can stagnate their attacking players, they have the power and speed to exploit their weakness in defence and they have several game winners. Whatever happens in the game Argentina are unlikely to get far enough away from Belgium for them to be totally out of the game, I doubt they will win in 90 minutes but I don’t think it is beyond them (you can get them at 14/1 for extra time and 12/1 for penalties) so to qualify is the safest bet.

Vincent Kompany first scorer 33/1

I think that Argentina can be got at with set pieces and Belgium have the height to give them serious problems. With that in mind and the probability that it will be a very tight game, there is a good chance a set piece could be the difference.

Holland to win -1 11/8

I think that Holland will rip Costa Rica to bits; Costa Rica will be knackered after their game against Greece and Holland have the ability to punish teams.

Holland and 2.5 goals 13/8

Holland will win; the question is by how many? I think they will score at least two and probably more and that’s not including Costa Rica (who I doubt will score). There hasn’t been a right leathering in the knockout stages yet, I expect this to be it.

There is much more value in the Argentina Belgium game because it is a much closer tie where I could see either team going through. The Holland Costa Rica tie isn’t like that at all, I really can’t see past Holland who are easily the better team, but this has been an unusual World Cup and if you don’t think Holland will win then there is very good value out there.

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