Luis Suarez Moves to Barcelona Leaves Liverpool in the Shit.

It seems odd that a player who has been banned from all footballing activities for 4 months and recently bit an opponent (his third offence) has just got a huge step up in terms of clubs after a massive £75 million transfer (although reports in Spain say it is closer to £64 million).

First off £75 million is grossly overpaying for a player who has a tendency to get himself big suspensions every season and one who won’t be able to meet up with the rest of the team until late October. If you measure him against the Bale transfer for instance his market value is probably right, but in reality Bale was way overpriced and so is Suarez. If Barca had paid £50 million then it would have been good business but they paid 50% more than that.

It is sad for the Premier League because once again it has lost one of its stars. I’m not a Liverpool fan but Suarez was the biggest name and best player in the Premier League and now he has gone, it leaves a whole in the idea that the Premier League is the pinnacle of football when the stars of the league keep moving to Real Madrid and Barcelona.

So what about Liverpool? Yes they have managed to get rid of a major headache in Suarez because you know he hasn’t racially abused someone in a while (something which will probably be endearing in Spain) and is not too far off another suspension but they have just sold by far their best player. Liverpool somehow finished second last year (yes 2nd with that poor squad!) and pretty much most of the credit can go to Suarez. He singlehandedly carried the team through the middle of the season (after his suspension) and when his form dropped off the other players picked it up because they were drunk on the momentum. However as is the way of things you can’t win a league with just one player and so Liverpool choked after realising that for once they weren’t struggling to get a Europa League place and that their manager was a dafty.

How will Liverpool, the one man team, cope without their one man? The answer is pretty simple, they are bound to struggle, greatly. Liverpool needed a whole host of players and that was before Suarez was sold; now they need a whole host more. You look at the £75 million which they are reportedly receiving and marvel at the players they could potentially be signing and think that they will be ok because that money will be able to be spread throughout the squad! Sounds good, but have a little look at Spurs and how they did after Bale and you realise that it is incredibly hard to replace somebody who is truly special.

So far Liverpool have signed Emre Can (a Bayern Munich reject), Adam Lallana (an overpriced Englishman) and Rickie Lambert (em….really?), that’s £39 million of your Suarez transfer gone already. It’s hard to say how Can will do but you have to imagine that if he was good enough you imagine he would still be at Bayern, I do like Lallana but you have to wonder if he could make the step up (Stewart Downing looked good at Villa after all) and the less said about Lambert the better.

Liverpool fans won’t want to read this but you’re fucked. You are absolutely fucked. I didn’t think you would finish top 4 next season with Suarez (prior to ban) but now I don’t think you’ve got a chance. Chelsea are better, City are better, Arsenal are better, Utd are better, Spurs have stayed the same and Liverpool have regressed dramatically on last season.

Look Liverpool fans, maybe I’m wrong, maybe all of Liverpool’s signings will play super-duper well (just like last seasons did…cough cough cough) and maybe guys like Sturridge and Sterling will step up and take the reins, and yeah maybe all of that will happen and everyone will live happily ever after and Liverpool will win the quadruple!!! However back in the real world it is unlikely that all of these things will happen. First off I doubt that Sturridge and Sterling will do as well as last season because a large reason for their success was the space which defences were giving them because they were worried about Suarez and Sturridge is pretty shit anyway. To sign about seven or eight players (as is needed) makes it unlikely that they will be able to gel straight away which as I have previously said look at Spurs last season. It all looks pretty grim…

So there you have it Suarez taking bites out of his fellow humans and subsequent transfer to Barcelona has pretty much left Liverpool in the shits. It is bad news for Liverpool, it is bad news for the Premier League and it is bad news for the marketing. However can you really blame Suarez for leaving, who really wants to play at middle of the road clubs anyway?

Leave a comment about what you think about King Bitey’s transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona for lots ‘n’ lots of money. Do you think that it was the right time for Liverpool to let him go? Do you think that it was only a matter of time because good players don’t play for Liverpool? Share your opinions and stuff!!!

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8 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Moves to Barcelona Leaves Liverpool in the Shit.”

  1. Interesting points raised, yes Bale, Modric and now Suarez have left the BPL, but they are often replaced in the same seasons with similar ability like Ozil, Sanchez, Costa etc. I don’t think the league is at risk of losing its reputation imo. The more barca and madrid add to their teams, the more it causes unrest and makes other squad members move on.

    Sure Spurs wasted a lot of cash after Bale, but I’m hoping Rodgers has looked at that and seen how that ended. Bit gutted that they missed out on Sanchez but plenty of fish left in the sea.

    I wouldn’t say Liverpool are in trouble, they’re in CL for the first time in a while, brought in Lallana and Can who look quality, Sturridge will hopefully be able to replicate next season without him, as he’ll play a more central role I imagine.

    I think while you do have some interesting questions raised, its a tad harsh on Liverpool (who I do happen to be fond of!) I’m glad Suarez has left for the record. I don’t suppose you’re a Man Utd fan are you? 😉


    1. I agree that big money signings have came in from La Liga in the past few years but they tend to be the castoffs rather than the stars (Costa apart who neither Barca or Real wanted).

      Rodgers will need to spend his money very very wisely because clubs now know that Liverpool are cash heavy and are desperate for players which has a tendency of adding about 25% to a price tag.

      Just for the record I thought that Liverpool would sell Suarez this window regardless of the biting incident, it just helped move it along more quickly.

      I’ll be honest I wrote it in a tongue in cheek style because yes I am a Man Utd fan, so I couldn’t help myself.

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      1. Haha fair enough! I agree they spent over the odds on Lallana and I’m with you that other clubs will probably exploit the situation. Hopefully you’ll have a better season with Van Gaal 🙂


  2. Hope this is not a serious article because you came off as very bitter. I’m honestly not so worried about next season. Lamberts goals and assists speak for themselves, Can captained Germany’s U17 side at the world cup and he played regularly for a Champions League side last season and there is no serious comparison possible between Downing and Lallana, none. At the moment I still think were a better side than United, Spurs, Everton and possibly Arsenal. I might be wrong, but I’ll think we will do fine. The comparisons with Spurs are a bit stupid. Liverpool has Brendan Rodgers as manager while Spurs had AVB and Tim f**king Sherwood as managers.


    1. How can one come off as bitter when Liverpool have just sold their best player and won nothing last season?

      You do realise scoring goals for Liverpool will be harder than scoring goals for Southampton? Demba Ba looked great at Newcastle, not so much at Chelsea. Wow, Can captained Germany U-17’s! That means that he’s definitely going to be a great player…because you know how everyone that plays at that level makes it… Why isn’t there a comparison between Downing and Lallana? Both wingers succeeding at mid table teams and being capped for England…sound pretty similar doesn’t it.

      Liverpool have arguable a better squad than Everton, that’s about it…You just sold easily your best player and even before you did that you didn’t have a better squad than the teams you just named (Everton excluded), so what does that say now?

      I wouldn’t mind so much if Brendan Rodgers had shown himself to be a shrewd transfer dealer but have you seen the players he’s bought? He has a strike rate of about 10% which trust me isn’t a compliment. This idea that he is somehow a worst manager than AVB is confusing to me because AVB has actually won something in his managerial career. Rodgers isn’t Paisley or Shankley, heck he hasn’t even shown that he’s Houllier yet. I think you need to cool your jets here.

      You say you’re not worried about next season but you should be. Liverpool weren’t a top 4 team last season but managed to finish 2nd. This Liverpool aren’t a top 4 team either, the difference is in a summer where the other clubs around them have improved, Liverpool have regressed and if I was a Liverpool fan I would be very worried. There is nothing bitter about that, it is a frank and honest view on where your team currently finds itself.


      1. “Liverpool weren’t a top 4 team last season but managed to finish 2nd.”, are you actually insane? Imagine trying to mock Rodgers for his lack of trophys while he’s only managed three seasons of top-flight football. BTW I’ve never compared him to Shankley or Paisley so I have no idea why you’re bringing this up. How the hell can you compare Lallana with Downing . Downing was a ‘donkey’ who was very limited while Lallana is a two-footed, clever and very technical player. So the three reasons why you’re comparing them is because they’re both English, wingers and played for succesfull mid-table clubs? Wow. By that logic you should also think Sir Tom Finney is similar to both of them?! How could Spurs and United be a better team at the moment, while Liverpool beat Spurs 9-0 and beat Manchester United home and away while totally outplaying them in their own stadium. On Can and Lambert, Lambert ‘s record for England is also impressive( he’s not going to be a starter anyways), while I made an other point on Can that you obviously ignored. It just seems to me that you come off as very bitter because Liverpool humiliated your team, finished miles above your team and played some of the most attractive football ever seen in the premier league along the way. You can’t realise this because you still haven’t realised that United’s squad at the moment is very average and aren’t better in any way, shape or form than Liverpool’s. You can only really judge at the end of this transfer window( or even better, at the end of the season). You should delete your comment because it’s pretty embarassing tbh.


      2. Trust me I’m not insane…or so my psychiatrist says…I’m only joking that’s not what he says…

        Well you compared him to poor ol’ AVB who has been in management less time than Rodgers but has won lots more… Your exaggeration that Rodgers was a super duper manager leads to the comparisons.

        Your thoughts about Downing are based on how he is regarded now, not when he was first signed. I think Lallana is a better player but I think to simply dismiss the comparison is naive. It is easy to look great at Southampton, to do it for a bigger club is a tough ask.

        Spurs and Utd both have better squads than Liverpool, I couldn’t give two fucks what the scores were last season it is irrelevant to the point, based on that Chelsea won the league last year…

        Lambert’s record for England is impressive…he’s played 7 games and it isn’t like he’s been a stick out.

        I didn’t ignore your other point on Can I just don’t know if I would be bragging about how well Leverkusen did when the two big teams they played against absolutely humiliated them. He’ll fit in with Liverpool then because they choked at Leverkusen also.

        Once again what have I to be bitter about? Yes Utd had a very poor season but it isn’t anything in comparison to what Liverpool have been stumbling about with for years now. It isn’t me who is living in the 80’s… As far as you playing some of the most attractive football that the world has ever seen (!) I think you need to calm yourself down a touch because you seem to be getting carried away with Liverpool actually moving out of humdrumland, better watch out for those nasty nosebleeds… I can judge two teams right now quite easily and in doing so I can tell you that Manchester United currently have a better squad than Liverpool. I know you don’t want to accept this but look beyond your first team and beyond some digestive biscuits the cupboard is empty.

        PS I don’t delete comments because I’m not a pussy, so even if it was a picture of my ball sack being licked by a hippy it would stay there. Love and kisses!


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