World Cup Third Place Play-off Betting Tips.

Nobody cares about this game; not me, not Brazil and not Holland. Why do they play it? More money for FIFA and we all know if there is one thing FIFA loves it certainly isn’t football and definitely is money. Why even bother writing about this? I know, but you can bet on it so here you go.

Holland 12/5
This is almost impossible to predict because it is unlikely that either team will put out their first 11, so who will win is totally based upon the players emotional state. Emotionally Brazil will be all over the place, on the other hand Holland will be disappointed but not quite to the same degree as Brazil so I have them winning.

Holland to score 3+ 9/2
The score line for this game will probably be something ridiculous like 4-3, so bet lots of goals. Holland are a team which has lots of goals in them and I imagine will be let off their leash because who honestly gives a fuck, it’s a meaningless game.

Over 2.5 Goals and both to score 4/5
I looked through the last ten or so third place play-off scores and I think I saw one which had less than 2.5 goals and most (but not all) had both teams scoring as well. Nobody is going to be defending here, it is an exhibition game.

There you go, there are some betting tips for one of the most meaningless games in football. There isn’t really any value out there because everyone expects lots of goals and that is almost certainly what will happen so you have to go a bit out there to actually start seeing things which are worth betting. I’ll watch the game and hope Holland win but I don’t really care.

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