World Cup Final Betting Tips.

The biggest game in football and the biggest game in sport is about to hit us and you couldn’t pick a better time to put on a little (or big) bet. The final will see Germany take on Argentina in a game of two of world footballs biggest nations. Hopefully it will be a belter.

Germany 13/10

Sometimes you can be tricked by form, the ability of a team and the feeling that a team is due a win, but I don’t think this is one of those occasions. Germany are a much better team than Argentina, who haven’t actually shown up to this World Cup despite making the final. The whole a European team has never won in South America thing is meaningless in my opinion because there hasn’t been a World Cup there since 1978 (remember at South Africa the line was a European team has never won it in the Southern Hemisphere? And look how that turned out). The only way I see Germany not winning this game is if it goes to penalties or if Messi actually turns up, which I highly doubt because he looks exhausted and has only really shown up for one game so far. I very much expect a tight game with not many goals, with Argentina sitting back and hoping to hit Germany on the counter. If Germany were to get an early goal then it might open up some but that’s the only way it will be an open game.

Howedes to score anytime 16/1

I think Argentina can be got at with set pieces; they aren’t the tallest team whereas Germany are. Howedes has threatened to score throughout the tournament and it is likely that Germany will have a lot of pressure and set pieces, so at 16/1 he’s a pretty good price.

Demichelis first booking 12/1

The boy is slow as hell and Germany will target that slowness with runs in behind, don’t be shocked if he is fouling left right and centre.

Germany 3-1 Argentina 20/1

This doesn’t actually match what I have been saying previously, but it came to me in a dream which means nothing but I thought who knows maybe I’m psychic!…probably not though…

Muller to win Golden Ball 11/4

Messi is 6/4 and Muller is 11/4, if Argentina win Messi will almost certainly win it by default, if Germany win then Muller will win it. Muller at 11/4 is a really good shout because he has probably been the best player of the tournament thus far and will almost certainly win the Golden Ball (unless Kroos goes out and hits a hat trick or something).

It is tough to find good markets for this game because the bookies expect a tight low scoring game which is what I expect as well. If you think this will be a high scoring affair then you will find lots of value but history (both this tournament and previous tournaments) says otherwise. I think Germany deserve to win but the thing I want to see the most is a quality final, that doesn’t necessarily mean goals but it certainly means that it won’t be another Holland-Argentina.

This is my last betting tips of the World Cup and if you have been following my tips then you will have done quite well for yourself. I haven’t worked out my exact percentages but I imagine that based upon their odds they are quite high, with my pre-tournament tips being especially good.

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