bm23 sports reviews 1 Year Anniversary!

It is a year since I posted my first blog post on sportsy things and 100 or so posts later and we have hit an anniversary! Yes we have laughed together, cried together and insulted together in only a way which sports fans can. Put it like this, sports fans are very easy to wind up all you need to do is criticise their team and they’re off and it seems that I have set a lot of guys off in my year.

So to celebrate this momentous occasion here are my top 10 posts:

10 The Premier League Half Season Awards
Ah, the half season awards, the awards which all the players were looking to pick up at the half way point of the Premier League. It followed on from the classic quarter season awards which were universally (…) loved by everyone! The half season awards so people like Luis Suarez, Tim Howard, Alan Pardew and even Nicklas Bendtner pick up the prestigious awards.

9 The Premier League Quarter Season Awards
Yes the quarter season awards, the awards which gave us the half season awards and celebrated the teams and players who had a good start to the season. I wrote this because I hadn’t posted anything for a while and thought it would be a near (yes I just said neat) idea. Winners included Aaron Ramsey, Artur Boruc, Dejan Lovren and Arsenal.

8 PFA Player of the Year Analysis
I wrote this list when the nominations were announced where I pretty much said that the PFA’s list was absolute shit and most of the players didn’t belong on it but all of this was irrelevant because Luis Suarez was the only man who was winning, which was naturally right, although not an out there prediction.

7 SPFL Season Preview
I can’t believe that this is so high and am shocked that Scottish football even has that many fans (I josh). The predictions weren’t too bad with the easy stuff like Celtic winning the league and Hearts being relegated being correct and oddly enough I also got the split spot on although not in the correct order. Looking back at it now I predicted the winners of each of the four divisions which I guess wasn’t too bad but they were probably the four favourites.

6 The Art of Choking- The 2014 Liverpool Edition
Ah it’s an absolute classic! I loved writing this piece and I loved watching the events unfold even better. In case you haven’t guessed what it’s about then I wrote this after Liverpool slipped up against Chelsea and then choked against Palace last season. One of the best things about this for me is that the entire season I had maintained that Liverpool weren’t good enough to win the league and despite all the chips falling into place for them they couldn’t with three games to go miss…and then they missed! It was made all the better when I had been receiving lots of comments from over exuberant Liverpool fans who were giving me the ‘stop living in the past, Liverpool are the here and now, we’re going to win the league and YNWA!’ There is nothing sweeter than a bunch of yappy arrogant fans who think they know everything that is going to happen, only to find out that their players don’t have the bottle to succeed.

5 An Analysis of the Man Utd Squad
I wrote this prior to the Premier League season and needless to say the season didn’t quite go like I had expected. I said that Utd needed a lot of investment to improve the squad but that there was a strong base there. I still believe that to be true but the Utd squad never received the investment it required and things then went from bad to worse and it turned into Utd’s worst season in the Premier League era.

4 Is Sebastian Vettel Bad for Formula 1?
The only non-football post on the list sees the ever controversial Sebastian Vettel as the centre piece. I actually think that this is very well written and was conceived at the point where Vettel had just begun to go on his Championship domination to end last season. It was the first article which I had seen written on whether or not Vettel is good for F1 (although I seen some a month or so after I had written this) and was very popular with F1 fans across the globe. Generally the search engine terms tended to be things like ‘Vettel is a prick’ and ‘I hate Sebastian Vettel’ so you can clearly see that Vettel is held in the highest regard by the Formula 1 viewers.

3 The Premier League Season Preview
I wrote this on the night before the Premier League season started. I wrote about all twenty teams as you would expect and at the end I did predictions which I didn’t like because there was still time left in the transfer window and the teams didn’t have settled teams. Needless to say it was pretty controversial as I managed to upset Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and especially Crystal Palace fans who took a distinct dislike towards me after I said that they would struggle to make mid table in the Championship and didn’t deserve to be promoted. I was told by many of them we’ll be back at the end of the season and blah blah blah and although Palace turned it around (I still maintain with that manager and team they would’ve been relegated) none of them ever came back to insult me, clearly saying that people get pissed at the time and do a lot of talking but never really back it up.

2 Is World Cup Qualification Fair?
This is another one which I think is very well written. I look at how fair the split of places for each confederation is. The conclusion is that Europe doesn’t get enough places and South and North America get way too many. I still think that it would be a good idea to combine a number of the confederations together to create a better competition and this would allow for weak nations not getting in just because they come from one of the easier confederations, I’m looking at you Asia.

1 The Premier League Positional Top 5
I loved writing this because I haven’t really seen it done anywhere else for football (I stole the idea from American football personally, where you see it a lot) and it has seen a hell of a lot of traffic. I wrote it after the transfer window closed and felt at the time it was a very competent list, I don’t feel that way now, with some of the choices not looking good at all but that’s how it goes sometimes. It was a cool piece to write and I am sure that many of you will be looking forward to the second edition which will arrive after the closing of the current transfer edition…or maybe not…

So there you have it a years’ worth of writing and a top ten to boost! What’s to come in the year to come? Who knows but stay tuned and share the blog and hopefully I’ll be here next year writing about another year of moderate success.

Anyway thanks for all the reads over the year and the comments (even the mean ones) and whatnot. You can of course find the latest bm23 sports reviews updates by joining the Facebook and Twitter pages and it would be great if you could share the blog with as many people as possible. Thanks.


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