5 Tips for the Open.

The Open is upon us as the world’s best (and some factory worker) tee up to try and win the most prestigious prize in golf, the Claret Jug. Last year’s champion was surprisingly enough Phil Mickelson (you know that glaiket American) and the last time it was played at Hoylake Tiger Woods (remember him?) won in imperious fashion.

The big though question is who will be this years? I’m here to give you five tips for the Open, five players who I think are good value bets (not necessarily who I think will win). Just to solidify myself as a reasonable tipper I did tip Kaymer for the US Open this year and Dufner for the PGA last year (also had Spieth [Masters] and Stenson [US Open] who both placed). So I’m probably a trustworthy guy…probably…

Jordan Spieth 40/1
Spieth looks like the next big thing in golf and I can’t believe you can get him at 40s. He hasn’t actually won a tournament in the last year but he pretty much challenges every single time, essentially he is due a result. To put it into context Spieth’s last bunch of tournaments 7, 11, 17, 19, 14, 37, 4, 12 and 2; that’s pretty damn consistent. Yes at only 20 it will be a huge ask for him to win this but Spieth has the ability and at 40/1 he’s a great price.

Brandt Snedeker 50/1
I often tip Snedeker for majors because he has the game for it. He is steady, can make shots and has the required mentality. Sneds is one of those players who seems like he is very close to winning his first major and I think that on a course which requires you to be super accurate he will have a great chance, plus American’s tend to do well in the Open.

Francesco Molinari 80/1
Molinari is a really good player but he probably won’t ever win a major because most major courses require you to hit the ball a long distance and he gets swamped out by those who just bomb it. Hoylake is a course which is set up for a player who can hit accurate drives and long irons and that is exactly Molinari’s game; he loves to hit the fairways. He is more than good enough to win a major and this course will be one of his best chances.

Jimmy Walker 90/1
I don’t really know what to say about Jimmy Walker, the guy was nowhere just over a year ago and now he has three PGA Tour wins to his name and has two top tens in majors this year. I have no idea how he will play in the Open but I do know that 90/1 for a player that is on his form is incredible odds.

Matteo Mannasero 100/1
Mannasero is very similar to Molinari; he has accuracy to be jealous of but just doesn’t have the length. Hoylake will allow him to compete more than he usually would and sitting at 100/1 he is a very nice price. Mannasero’s recent Open record isn’t great but he has the game to succeed in links golf and finished 4th at the Scottish Open the week prior.

There you have it 5 tips for the Open. Oddly enough I have chosen 3 Americans and 2 Italians for my tips, certainly America has produced the most Open champions but Italy has produced none as of yet. Hoylake however is one of those courses which require the players to be accurate off the tee and avoid the many treacherous bunkers which line the fairways and greens which has naturally affected my tips to win the Open.

Leave a comment on who you think is in with a shout of winning the Open at Hoylake. How do you like the tips? Do you think Tiger is going to make a triumphant return (he is a tasty [for Woods] price at 22/1)? Share your thoughts and feelings and all sorts!

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