The 2014 NFL Season Preview.

The NFL is about to kick off this Thursday and I haven’t written a preview, so this is me writing a preview! Last year I wrote a preview and I went into depth about every team and calculated out how many wins each would get and spent loads of time on it for many reasons including I didn’t have a girlfriend and there is only so many times you can pull it a day. The problem was that only about ten people actually read it which naturally had the effect of me filling up with tears as I thought about all the hard work I had put in to it. Yes it was a sad couple of months and after much counselling I did get over it and came to the realisation that I don’t really have NFL fans reading this blog. So this is going to be pretty snappy (like my dress sense) and I’m sure the eleven people (progression) who read it will love it as much as I love them…which isn’t very much, but I guess you can’t please everyone!

AFC East

The Patriots will win the AFC East again because everyone else in it is absolutely shit and trust me I know I’m a Jets fan (I’m only joking the Jets will be ok, better if Geno progresses).

AFC North

Bengals take the north for me they have the best team in the division. The only thing I don’t like about the Bengals is that Andy Dalton could hold them back in his make or break season, he has all the pieces around him to succeed he just needs to use them. The Ravens will be there but Flacco is an over rated quarterback and I think the defence and running game will be iffy. Steelers have been in transition for a few years now and still seem to be so, can’t see them doing anything this year. The Browns be the Browns.

AFC South

Colts will walk the South because the other teams aren’t quite there yet. Texans still lack a quarterback who can do it, Titans are a bit of a mess and Jags will be better but again are a mess.

AFC West

Again it’s all about the Broncos, easily the best team in the West and assuming that Manning is fit they are the best team in the AFC by quite some way. Both the Chargers and the Chiefs are in the wild card hunt but both have major weaknesses (who’s catching the ball in Kansas and can Rivers carry the team again?) could end up cancelling each other out by default. Oakland Raiders…nough said…


There is a lack of quality in the AFC and beyond the top teams there isn’t really much there. I think that the Jets will take a place but it is highly dependent on how Geno Smith plays and also whether the passing defence holds up (two big question marks) and I’ll give the other place to the Ravens because they are probably just a bit better than the rest.

NFC East

Used to be the class of the NFC now is the weakest division, when you fall you fall hard. Eagles are well above the rest and will win the division easily. If RG3’s knee holds up Redskins could do something but I think it’s a big ask (poor decision to play him in play-offs two years ago and even worse when they played him last season when he wasn’t fully recovered, classic case of poor short term decision making damaging the team in the long run). Cowboys are a mess on both sides and Giants aren’t that much better.

NFC North

Packers look really good this year and Rodgers is probably the best quarterback in the NFL, scream play-offs like Justin Bieber screams like a girl. Bears are going to be in the mix for one of the two wildcard spots but they are very competitive and their margin for error will be really small, need the good Jay Cutler to show rather than the flip your hair Jay Cutler. Lions and Vikings have both got plenty of quality but can’t seem to get it to come together, both could be playoff teams but I doubt either will.

NFC South

Got to be the Saints this year, too many good players and Drew Brees for them to fail plus Sean Payton is back this year which can only help. Falcons are too overly reliant on certain players to make you confident that they could really do anything but if they all stay healthy they will be a wildcard challenger. I don’t rate Cam Newton and as is the way of the NFL the team will win or lose depending on him, I hence think they will lose more than they win. Buccs are a mess.

NFC West

I remember watching the Seahawks beat the Rams on Sunday night football (which is more like Monday morning football for me) and winning the NFC West 7-9 much to the distaste of everyone in the media, now the NFC West is the class of the NFL…who knew? Seahawks are excellent with so much depth and are confident coming off of a Super Bowl win, plus they’re a young team so are only going to get better in theory which is very scary for the rest of the NFL. 49ers are a class team who are overshadowed by their classier division rivals, surely a roster of this quality will make the play-offs, and otherwise the play-offs will be missing something. 49ers are a bit like Seahawks light. Feel sorry for the Cardinals because they are a play-off calibre team but find themselves in a tough division with arguably the two best teams in the NFL, hence I expect them to cancel the Cardinals out which will see them miss the play-offs unfairly again. Rams won’t make play-offs for the same reason but also because Bradford is down again and they can’t overcome that.


For me the 49ers are a lock for one of the slots and beyond that it is really hard to say. Unlike the AFC where you can’t decide which shit team to put in the play-offs, the NFC is which good team do you have to leave out? Bears missed out last season so I’ll plump for them because who doesn’t like a bear (whether it be brown, black, polar or a big gay guy)?


So the play-off teams will be:



If I were to pick the teams for the Super Bowl at this point I would go for Seahawks and Colts with the Seahawks winning because they truly look like the class of the NFL.

So if you’ve actually made it this far leave a comment about what you think about the upcoming season and who you think will win stuff and whatnot. Plus if you are one of the ten readers and you do leave a comment I certainly will reply in an open letter telling you how pleased I am that you read the whole thing! You can also make me happier by joining the bm23reviews Facebook and Twitter family!


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