The Premier League Half Season Awards 2

Just when you thought your life couldn’t get any better, here come the Premier League half season awards! So put down those nachos, wipe your hands and get the hankies ready because I’m about to announce the winners!

Best Team

It is a toss-up between two teams who have done exceptionally well so far this season and sadly for Southampton the winner is West Ham. Nobody thought West Ham would be this high up the table half way through the season and yet here they are. Everyone will have had West Ham siting around the middle of the table, not doing anything special but not looking like being relegated either, and in doing so would be playing rough and tumble football which was as pretty as Big Sam’s testicles but instead they are legitimately challenging for European and doing so playing attacking football. Yes it isn’t Barcelona pretty passy passy football but rather a high energy end to end sort of thing which is more suited to the British game, but for me attacking football is attacking football and West Ham are doing a great job.
upton park
West Ham

Best Player

There has been a large amount of standout performances this season, Hazard, Costa, Fabregas, Matic, Sanchez, De Gea, Austin all deserve a tip of the hat but the man who deserves best player honours is Sergio Aguero. Why Aguero above the rest? Well he is the league’s top scorer despite the fact he has only started 13 games (2 subs) but for me the reason he has been the best player is that he carries his team. Man City have been pretty shit this season, come on we’ve all seen it but for some reason nobody wants to say it. The only reason why City are even challenging for the title is because Aguero has singlehandedly won them a number of big games. Not that this game was taken into my consideration when making this selection but City wouldn’t be in the Champions League anymore if it was not for Aguero’s one man band performance against Bayern, and it has happened several times in the league as well. He has 14 goals so far this season and you can only wonder what it could be if he could stay fit.
sergio aguerp
Sergio Aguero

Best Manager

Two words, Big Sam. Read what I wrote about West Ham and it is all down to this man. What makes Big Sam’s success all the better is that despite overachieving with West Ham generally, he seems to constantly be under pressure of the sack. What do West Ham fans and the board expect? You aren’t a guaranteed Premier League team, this man brings you into the league and makes you competitive, but still you aren’t happy. This man is told give us attacking football or you’re gone and he delivers, but still you aren’t happy. What I’m telling you is that you should stop acting like a spoiled child and realise that this man is doing a fantastic job. Good on yi Big Sam! Good on yi!
big sam
Sam Allardyce

Best Goalkeeper

It’s a no brainer, David De Gea has been head and shoulders above everyone else in the league this season. Anyone who thinks otherwise should really start watching another sport because football clearly isn’t for you.
Man Utd v Everton
David De Gea

Best Defender

Rating defenders can be difficult because generally you rate a defence as a unit rather than as an individual like you would in regards to attacking players. With that in mind the two best defences in the league have been Chelsea and Southampton, so the best defender will come from one of those teams. So as much as it pains me to say, John Terry is the winner of best defender… I would not describe myself as a John Terry fan, but it is hard to not admire the way he has played this season and last year as well. Since Mourinho has returned Terry has found the form which made him one of the best defenders in the world, and is now arguably in that position again. What makes Terry all the more remarkable is that he has no pace and is in the twilight of his career, but despite that he hasn’t missed a minute of Chelsea’s Premier League campaign which is incredibly laudable. Yes he may be a despicable human being, but goshdangit the man can defend.
john terru
John Terry

Best Midfielder

This was a really tough one to pick because I couldn’t decide who it should be between Fabregas and Hazard. I thought about it for a number of painstaking seconds before I decided that I would just give it to Matic instead. It is no shock to find that the only game which Matic hasn’t appeared in this season is the game Chelsea lost to Newcastle, that is how important he is to the team. Yes Hazard and Fabregas put up flashier numbers, but Matic is the real talisman in the midfield.
nemanja matic
Nemanja Matic

Best Striker

No shocks it’s Sergio Aguero!

Sergio Aguero

Best Signing

Again there have been a lot of good signings in the league this year who have went on to have good seasons so far, however most of them were for very big money and just in case you haven’t noticed I’m not all about the flashy flashy, sometimes I like to look beyond the obvious choices. The man just pipped for this award is Sakho at West Ham but the winner is Sigurdsson. Sigurdsson cost Swansea nothing after re-joining from Spurs and he has went on to have a hell of a season, with 4 goals and 8 assists in a Swansea team which struggles to score. Let me put into context; Sigurdsson has been directly involved in 12 of Swansea’s goals and the team as a whole has scored 24, so he has been a part of 50% of the teams goals, the highest in the league for new signings.
Gylfi Sigurdsson

Best Young Player

I don’t want to give it to this player because I don’t think that he has had a particularly good season but there really is nobody who has stood out, so by default the winner is Sterling. It sounds harsh, and you know what it is harsh because if it’s any other player I don’t have those feelings but you expect more from Sterling. It is in the same manner as when Messi scores 30ish goals in a season but people will talk about how poor he was because you expect more. By no means is Sterling Messi (he isn’t even close) but he is suffering from the Messi effect.
Raheem Sterling

Biggest Surprise

This is going to sound like an odd one because at the time of writing it hasn’t actually happened but the winner is Alan Pardew going to Crystal Palace. He has done a fantastic job at Newcastle and has consistently delivered but for some reason it looks like he is going to relegation strugglers Palace, it makes no sense. Even if he doesn’t go the idea that he may go is ridiculous as well. The whole thing hurts my brain, and I imagine that although the Newcastle fans will be glad he is gone just now, they probably will remember his time more fondly in a few years.
alan pardew
Alan Pardew to Palace

Game of the Season

I couldn’t think of a game which had really stood out to me which I had actually watched and then it hit me like a swift kick to the nuts Leicester 5-3 Man Utd. This game had everything, eight goals, awful refereeing, an exciting end to end action and a major upset, what more could you really ask for?

Leicester 5-3 Man Utd

Team of the Half Season

GK- De Gea
RB- Clyne
CB- Terry
CB- Fonte
LB- Bertrand
RM- Sanchez
CM- Matic
CM- Fabregas
LM- Hazard
ST- Aguero
ST- Austin

I know it has been an emotional piece and the winners are going out on the town and the losers will be hitting mild forms of depression. It’s ok though because the players who didn’t win still have a chance to impress the judges in the second half of the season!

So leave a comment and tell me what you thought of the awards. Did you overdo it on the after party drinks because it was all so exciting? Well share your thoughts and don’t forget to join up to the Facebook and Twitter pages because why the fuck not?


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    1. I can’t remember the exact number but I think it was more like 47% for Sanchez, which granted is being picky but of the top signings he is clearly the best one for me. The difference between Sigurdsson and Sanchez is that Sigurdsson cost nothing and Sanchez cost £30m.


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