The Masters 2015 Review

The first major of the year ended with what I believe to be the next mega star of golf lifting the trophy and slipping into the illustrious green jacket.  At twenty one Jordan Spieth becomes the second youngest Masters champion of all time, only behind the great Tiger Woods.

I would usually sit and talk about the winner and then the challengers and where everything went wrong and blah blah blah, however in this situation there really isn’t a point.  Spieth had all but won the Masters half way through the second day, the only way he was not going to win the tournament was if he blew it Rory McIlroy/Greg Norman style.  Fair dos to Spieth, for a guy who hasn’t won a major and has only won twice in his career his performance was immense and incredibly mature.


The shot of Spieth’s tournament must have been his third on the 18th of his third round.  Not only had he just double bogeyed the previous hole, showing his first signs of weakness, but big names had been putting up impressive scores behind him.  He had short sided himself, he was up high so the ball would likely come out fast and he was hitting over a bunker, an absolute nightmare shot, especially when your hands would have been shaking.  That’s what makes it so great; he hits an awesome shot and then follows it up with the huge par putt which must have been like an adrenaline shot for his confidence.  Spieth then followed it up by birdieing the first hole of his final round, all but ending everyone else’s hope of winning the Masters.

jordan spieth masters 2

It’s weird to think that Spieth is only 21 when he already seems so developed.  When I think what I was doing at 21…in fact when I think about what I’m doing now it really puts me to shame.  Spieth really is the next mega star of golf.  A lot of people talk about McIlroy but he doesn’t have the looks or the personality to be that person, also he isn’t American.  In contrast Spieth has all these characteristics, I’m sure Nike will be signing him up soon.

jordan spieth win

My biggest criticism of this year’s Masters was that the course was set up way to easily.  Spieth shot a tournament record -18 but in reality his performance was nowhere near Woods’ when he shot the same mark.  The fact that two guys also shot -14 says that the course was set up too easily.  I like seeing guys make birdies  but I also like when players are punished for hitting bad shots and I felt too often in this year’s Masters I saw bad shots being hit which should have rolled into hazards or off the green which weren’t punished at all.  Would we have seen a better competition if the course was set up harder?  Would we have seen a different winner?  Who knows but I believe the danger wasn’t quite there and that is part of the reason why Spieth was allowed to control the lead so strongly.

jordan spieth winner

The rest of the pack were varying degrees of not even close, there were a lot of good rounds but nobody dominated the course like Spieth did.  Special mention for Woods who proved some of the haters wrong by putting in a couple of good rounds, sadly for Woods there were still those bad rounds which have dragged him down in recent years and his driving at times was pathetic.

My Tips

Ugh I’m on a stinking slump just now and the Masters was no different.  My tips finished T-12th (Fowler), T-22nd (Reed), T-33rd (Koepka) and two MC (Dubuisson and Snedeker).  Only really Fowler looked like placing (to be fair nobody looked like winning but Spieth) however he threw too many shots away in his first three rounds.  So there you go really damn stinking.  The funny thing is that I like Dustin Johnson about a month ago when he was at 50/1 and was kicking myself for not taking it only for him to finish 6th which would have been rather frustrating, same could be said about Woods.

Anyway I wouldn’t say that it was a Masters to write home about however what we did receive was the beginning of the era of Jordan Spieth.  Yes he struggles to put on jackets and is surprisingly bald for a man of 21 but damn the boy can play!  You have to wonder how many more he will be able to win in his career, you’d think many but nothing is guaranteed in life.

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