The Premier League Season Awards 2014/15

Ladies and gentlemen!  Just when you thought that you’re life had hit its very peak, the Premier League season awards from the good people at bm23 sports reviews have popped up and pushed it over that beautifully formed edge of gorgeousness that is near perfection.  Oh yes in the likely case that your life wasn’t complete before reading this then get ready for your platinum trophy to ping because this is as good as it can get!  Take those party hats out of storage and get ready to boogy because it’s the awards that the players truly care about, the bm23 sports reviews season awards!

Best Team

Previous winner (half season award)- West Ham

There are two teams in my mind who have achieved above and beyond what would be expected of them this season.  Sadly for Southampton they were just edged out by the magnificent Swansea.  Many people had Swansea as  relegation strugglers, not to mention that they lost their top striker half way through the season, yet under the stewardship of Garry Monk they managed to finish 8th in the league.  Monk has led Swansea to their highest point’s total finish ever in his first full season, something that higher applauded managers failed to achieve or even come close to.  Swansea have achieved their great season playing some silky football, and on their way to achieving 8th they managed to do the double over Man Utd and Arsenal, a feat not replicated by any other team in the league.  Good football, good results, outstanding management and a well-deserved team of the year award recipient.

swansea 2015


Best Player

Previous Winner- Sergio Aguero

Not a very hard choice, Eden Hazard has been the best player in the league by quite a distance this season and has scooped another award to put on his mantelpiece, his mother will be proud.  14 goals and 8 assists speak for themselves, but what I really feel shows the reason Hazard won the best player award is his performance and goal against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.  Utd totally outplayed Chelsea in the game and squandered several half chances, in contrast Hazard had two half chances, scoring one and unluckily missing the other.  On the day Hazard was the difference.  I don’t think it is farfetched to ponder what would have happened if Utd had managed to beat Chelsea that day, especially with Arsenal coming the week after, this result (and Hazard’s performance) was the difference between a tight finish to the season and strolling to the league title.  There are several good players but there are only a few special players, and Hazard is one of those special players who can be the difference between winning and losing.  Hazard is the best player in the Premier League.

eden hazard knee

Eden Hazard

Best Manager

Previous Winner- Sam Allardyce

Naturally Garry Monk seems like the man who is to be crowned king after I praised Swansea so highly, but hold your horses Sally!  As there is another contender in town and he is throwing more than his hat into the contest.  Yes that hat thrower is none other than the white haired Lothario Alan Pardew!  If you combined Alan Pardew’s total season together he would find his team sitting in 8th position.  Take a moment to recognise how remarkable that is.  Two different teams and he’s still be up at 8th.  Take another moment to remember that one of those teams was Crystal Palace who were looking the Championship right in the eye prior to Pardew taking over.  Also don’t forget that since Pardew left Newcastle they have only scored a measly 10 points out of 18 games and look like a team which if not for him would almost certainly be relegated, and even worse are in a complete shambles.  Pardew has made Palace one of the most dangerous and exciting teams to watch in the Premier League, with what can only be described as a talent gap.  Possibly best of all Pardew spoiled the cock sucking fest which was Steven Gerrard’s last match, which in itself makes him worthy of the award.  It’s funny to think that the Newcastle fans hated Pardew and were glad when he went, bet they wouldn’t mind having him back…

alan pardew ok

Alan Pardew

Best Goalkeeper

Previous Winner- David De Gea

De Gea has been the second best player in the league overall this season and has been easily the outstanding goalkeeper.  De Gea doesn’t have the most clean sheets or the best goals conceded stats, however there is no doubting that he was superb this year.  If De Gea hadn’t been that damn good or the first half of the season who knows where Man Utd would be right now, the gap between a good season and a bad one can often be very fine and De Gea was that fine line which made the difference for Utd this season.

Man Utd v Everton

David De Gea

Best Defender

Previous Winner- John Terry

Another clear winner for best defender, with John Terry standing head and shoulders above every other defender in the Premier League this season.  37 games and he has played every single minute at the age of 34, better than that is the fact that I can’t remember Terry putting a foot wrong all season.  It is crazy to think that this time two years ago that Terry looked all but done at Chelsea and now he’s picked up the bm23 sports reviews best defender award in consecutive seasons, becoming the first player to ever do so…granted they’ve only been run twice…but still it’s impressive.

john terru

John Terry

Best Midfielder

Previous Winner- Nemanja Matic

Eden Hazard is the winner and if you don’t know why you clearly haven’t been reading or have very poor short term memory skills.

during the Capital One Cup Semi-Final second leg between Chelsea and Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on January 27, 2015 in London, England.

Eden Hazard

Best Striker

Previous Winner- Sergio Aguero

The Premier League’s top scorer and one of the best players picks up the best striker award, and if you haven’t already guesses it’s cunt Kun Aguero.  Aguero has picked up 25 goals this year in just 32 appearances with 8 assists to boot.  Every year I say the same thing ‘I wonder what Aguero would do if he was fit all year’ but he never is.  If you want to know how good Aguero is all you have to do is pop in the tape of the last 15 minutes of the City Bayern game where he picked up a hat trick and single-handedly dragged City kicking and screaming to the last 16 of the Champions League.  He is by far City’s best player (sorry Silva) and it wouldn’t shock me if without him they would have missed out on the top four this year, he is that damn important.

sergio aguerp

Sergio Aguero

Best Signing

Previous Winner- Gylfi Sigurdsson

I find giving out this award quite difficult because how do you compare someone like Alexis Sanchez (who cost £35m) to someone like Sigurdsson or Lukasz Fabianski (who cost nothing)?  It is difficult, Sanchez in my mind is definitely the top big signing of the season but I can’t help but see the amazing value in Fabianski.  I don’t even think that Fabianski is that good a player but I can’t deny that he has had a great season and the fact Swansea picked him up on a free makes his contribution even more impressive.  Sorry Alexis, I’m a value kind of guy.


Lukasz Fabianski

Best Young Player

Previous Winner- Raheem Sterling

The less said about the half season winner the better.  Ironically the full season winner is the total opposite and couldn’t be any more committed to his team, yes it’s Super Harry Kane.  The Premier League’s second top scorer is only in his first full season, if you can even call it that after he barely played in the first quarter of the season.  Kane has bagged 20 goals and has been the catalyst (along with Erikson) for what has been a very underwhelming Spurs team.  Amazingly enough England’s new golden boy (wonder what happened to the last one…) seems fairly grounded and doesn’t seem a total bellend.  It’s hard to not like Harry Kane, he scores, plays with a smile and is a club man (we’ll see how long it lasts before he realise that Spurs never do anything).  Personally I’d wait to see what he does next season before I would christen him the next saviour of English football, but then again Scottish people don’t get wrapped up in hysteria like the English do.

harry kane

Harry Kane

Biggest Surprise

Previous Winner- Pardew to Palace

On another Pardew related note the biggest surprise has to be Newcastle being embroiled in a relegation battle.  I mean 1 point from 10 games.  One!  That is atrocious, whether they get relegated or not is irrelevant, they should never have been in this position in the first place.  It’s pathetic for such a great club to find themselves in such a position.  The only man who can be blamed is Mike Ashley who instead of hiring a proper manager to replace Pardew allowed a man totally ill equipped for the role to take charge of the team and slowly drive it in to the soil, to the extent that they are finding last year’s shit leftovers.  If Newcastle do get relegated it will be the biggest blow up since 1995-96 and the less said about the better for Newcastle fans.

john carver

Newcastle blow up

Game of the Season

Previous Winner- Leicester 5-3 Man Utd

It’s tough to pick one game in a season, it is harder to try and remember every game which you watched and those which were good and those which weren’t, however at much personal struggle to myself I have decided to go for Spurs 5-3 Chelsea.  An exciting match with eight goals which was end to end and threw up a surprise result, this is the sort of game which defines the Premier League Christmas schedule.

spurs chelsea

Spurs 5-3 Chelsea

So there it is, some are walking away with smiles, others are walking away with suicidal after failing to pick up the coveted awards.  The bar is selling out, the Tom Jones is being turned up and John Terry’s pumping your wife in the bathroom, it is quite a party, but what else would you really expect from the bm23 sports reviews awards?  Why not make the party even better by leaving a comment and sharing your joyous opinions?  I mean it’s a party, what else are you doing?

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