The Premier League Team of the Year 2014-15

Ever wondered what it is like to be the best player at your respective position?  Well these eleven guys certainly don’t because they’ve managed to crack the coveted Premier League Team of the Year list from the good people at bm23 sports reviews.  It’s a very prestigious award…or so I keep telling myself.  Yes after much deliberation, arguments, votes and numerous recounts the best of the best has been decided and here they are.

GK- David De Gea

de gea everton

Could it be anyone else?  Not really.  De Gea hasn’t got the best stats in the league but what he does have is the biggest performances.  Utd’s number one has on numerous occasions saved the buttocks of whatever clumsy defender which has played in front of him.  If not for De Gea who knows if Van Gaal would be able to give us spectacular season ending speeches about saxophones and Dutch house music.  An outstanding season for an outstanding goalkeeper, one of the very few elite players left in the Premier League.

RB- Branislav Ivanovic


All season this was going to Nathaniel Clyne, before beginning to write this it was going to Nathaniel Clyne, but when you look at the stats it is really hard to not give it to Ivanovic.  The Serb hasn’t missed a single minute this season whilst playing in the Premier League’s best defensive line.  The ever present Ivanovic has also contributed 4 goals and 5 assists which are pretty tasty numbers from right back.  Ivanovic isn’t the fastest and he doesn’t really look like a full back but he is an excellent defender and tops it off by being incredibly effective both in attack and defence.

CB- John Terry

john terry gif

Back to back years Terry has been the best defender in the Premier League so there’s no surprise that he has made it into the team of the year once again.  Terry’s chipped in with five goals this year and has been a rock at the back for the league’s best defence.  Consistency is key at centre back and nobody in the league has been as consistent and John Terry.

CB- Jose Fonte

jose fonte

The definition of a late bloomer, Jose Fonte has been excellent at the back for the best defence in the Premier League (joint with Chelsea).  A large part of why Southampton are where they are in the league is down to their defence keeping clean sheets or at very worst keeping the game close (only conceded 3 goals twice this season).  Fonte is at the heart of the defence and despite his centre back partner Alderweireld going down with an injury half way through the season and his keeper (Forster) suffering a season ending injury at a crucial time in their Champions League push, Fonte’s performances have stayed consistent when others would have floundered.  It’s easy to forget but many people thought that Southampton were going to be relegation strugglers this year and they have ended up with one of the best defensive records in the league, quite a feat really and Fonte is a huge part of that.

LB- Ryan Bertrand

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 09: Ryan Bertrand of Southampton during the pre season friendly match between Southampton and Bayer Leverkusen at St Mary's Stadium on August 9, 2014 in Southampton, England. (Photo by Robin Parker/Getty Images)

Another tough choice but the edge has went to Ryan Bertrand because I’ve never rated him as a player, he was finally discarded by Chelsea after years of sitting next to the physio (not a bad job at Chelsea) and he pulls out this season.  You have to give it to Bertrand, at 25 he was basically a flop who had never even came close to reaching his potential and by the end of the year he was a mainstay in the best defence in the league.  As much as anything Bertrand is in the team because he is a great example of never giving up and continuing to strive to be your best, that combined with having a great season, makes him a worthy member of the team of the season.

RM- Alexis Sanchez

alexis sanchez gif

Many big money signings flopped this season; however Alexis Sanchez bucked the trend and had a great debut season.  Sanchez’ 16 goals and 8 assists are actually better than everyone’s pick for player of the year Eden Hazard and he did it in fewer games as well.  Sanchez was the ever present in an ever changing Arsenal front line which quite often consisted of Danny ‘no need to mark him, he’ll trip over his own feet on his own’ Welbeck, making his feat of contributing directly to 24 goals quite remarkable.

LM- Eden Hazard

hazard skill

Pretty much everyone’s player of the year, Hazard was the best player in a Chelsea team which was by far the best team in the league.  14 goals and 8 assists doesn’t really tell the story, Hazard dominated teams this season and was a big part of the reason why Chelsea were so dominant in the first half of the season.  Probably more important though, Hazard was vital when the goals began to dry up for Chelsea and a special player was required to break two teams apart.  He is a special player and he had a great season.

CM- Nemanja Matic

matic tackle

There is no point giving you Matic’s stats because he isn’t that sort of player, what Matic does can’t be measured in stats.  He’s big, powerful, defensively astute and he ain’t too bad on the ball either, the perfect holding midfielder (a phrase which I feel devalues what Matic contributes to the team, but I can’t think of a better word for it, deep sitting maybe…I dunno…he’s a damn good player though, that’ll have to do).  Fabregas put up all the numbers this year in Chelsea’s midfield but it was Matic who was much more vital to the team.  Consistency throughout the season is key and it was achieved by arguably the best holding midfielder in the world.

CM- David Silva

david silva rainy

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Silva didn’t make the official Premier League team of the year, especially when you consider that Coutinho got in because he played about five good games in a row (could have easily named at very least five players who should have been in the team before him, but that’s a different story).  12 goals and 7 assists for Silva this season is another excellent display.  Silva along with Aguero were the only players who actually had a good season for City, and when Aguero was out for a couple of months the task of dragging a number of highly paid wasters through City’s games was left all to Silva.  It says a lot about how good Silva is that a season as good as this isn’t getting him plaudits from all sides of the media, he is a brilliant player.

ST- Sergio Aguero

sergio aguerp

As I alluded to in the previous paragraph Sergio Aguero was half the reason for City finishing second this season.  With 25 goals in only 32 appearances Aguero has put in another spectacular season and he had 8 assists to boot (still somehow missed out on the official team of the year).  I’m not a City fan but it would be nice to see what Aguero could do if he was able to stay fit for an entire season, because if he can put numbers like this up when a third of his season is injury hit then Aguero could potentially be a 40 goal a season (in all competitions) man.

ST- Harry Kane

harry kane

Another tough choice but it had to go to Harry Kane because it was his first full season.  Kane was struggling to break in to a Spurs team which didn’t have a striker to show for but about a quarter of the way through the season he burst through like a fat man’s belly in a tight shirt (not an uncommon sight at White Hart Lane) and stole the hearts of the Spurs fans and the nation of England.  With a glakit smile Kane banged in goal after goal fully cementing himself as the next saviour of English football.  Yes Kane has 20 goals to his name and has helped carry (with the help of Christian Eriksen) Spurs in what has ultimately been a very disappointing season for them, but at least they have one of their own playing for them which is almost as good as Champions League football…or so they keep telling themselves.

There it is the eleven players who outperformed their fellow Premier League compatriots and have been given the pleasure of appearing in the bm23 sports reviews Team of the Season!  So like these guys be a winner and leave a comment telling me how much you loved the post or how much it sucked or alternatively how your day’s been, it really is up to you.

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