The Premier League Second Team of the Year 2014-15

Not everyone can be a winner in life and too often those who have outstanding performances but are just edged out by another are overlooked, that was until today!  Yes this is the Premier League second team of the season which will celebrate those players who were outstanding this season but weren’t quite able to squeeze in to the first eleven.

GK- Thibaut Courtois


Courtois is a big part of the league’s best defence and in my opinion would have picked up the most clean sheets if it was not for losing some games to Petr Cech.  To be honest it says a lot about Courtois that he was able to keep Cech out of the team (baring a few thrown bones) for the entire season.  Don’t forget that Cech is the third best keeper in the league, that is what you call pressure to stay consistent and it is exactly what Courtois was.

RB- Nathaniel Clyne

SWANSEA, WALES - SEPTEMBER 20:  Southampton player Nathaniel Clyne in action during the Barclays Premier League match between Swansea City and Southampton at Liberty Stadium on September 20, 2014 in Swansea, Wales.  (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Clyne was unlucky to not make the team of the year so there is no shock that he has made the second team of the year.  Clyne finally got recognition from the masses for his consistent performances at Southampton this year and was a big part of the second best defence in the league.  Clyne is almost the complete fullback, good going forward, good going back and athletic, all Clyne is missing is a better end product and I’m being pretty picky.  It really is no surprise that he had such a good year.

CB- Laurent Koscielny


Another really good season for Koscielny which if not for injury may have seen him crack the team of the year.  Koscielny can occasionally have an absolute nightmare but the rest of the time he plays like one of the best centre backs in the league if not the world.

CB- Per Mertesacker


I’m not going to lie Mertesacker is getting in here because I can’t think who else I could really put in.  Cahill seemed like the default choice but I felt like he was the weak link in a very good Chelsea defence and really didn’t deserve his place and all the other players I considered (Smalling, Alderweireld, Morgan and so on) weren’t good or fit throughout the season.  Hence Mertesacker receives the position by default because he is Mr. Consistent.  Yes he’s slower than a dead rabbit and like his partner Koscielny he occasionally has an absolute nightmare, but generally he is a solid defender who often gets overlooked because…well…he is really damn slow.

LB- Cesar Azpilicueta


Was unlucky to not make it in to the team of the year, Azpi has been great this season once again.  Azpi was part of the best defence in the league and received the adulation of Gary Neville as he named him the best defensive player in the league, and Gary isn’t wrong he is pretty damn good.  What is even more remarkable about Azpi is that he is actually a right back playing at left back yet is one of the best left backs in the league, a bit of a modern day Denis Irwin.

RM- Santi Cazorla

cazorla spray

It wouldn’t have shocked me if Arsenal had got shot of Cazorla last summer, to describe him as a disappointment wouldn’t be unfair, that was until he came out and played an absolute blinder.  Cazorla’s breakout season at Arsenal saw him contribute 7 goals and 11 assists to the cause, showing the technique and sublime passing which he made his name on in La Liga.  Cazorla is the definition of a playmaker and had a cracker of a season in Arsenal’s midfield.

LM- Christian Eriksen

eriksen free kick

In all the hullabaloo about Harry Kane people seemed to forget that Eriksen was the man pulling the strings behind the scenes.  10 goals and 2 assists for the little Dane who scored more than his fair share of late game winning goals.  Eriksen wasn’t as good in the second half of the season which coincided with Spurs’ drop in form which says everything about how vital he is to the team and what a good season he really had.

CM- Cesc Fabregas

fabregas schurlle goal

18 assists, I’ll just leave that there.  He was outstanding in the first half of the season and that alone makes him deserving of his place in the second eleven.  The odd thing is that almost certainly if his assists and performances had been more spread through the season he almost certainly would have made the team of the year, c’est la vie.

CM- Ki Sung-Yeung

ki goal

There were a few candidates for this slot but I’ve decided to go for Ki because it was his breakout season.  It’s funny to think that Ki was shipped out on loan to Sunderland only a year ago, presumably because he wasn’t considered good enough and now has had the best season of any Swansea player (sorry Gylfi, sufferer of Fabregas syndrome).  Ki contributed a massive 8 goals from the deep lying playmaker position; he was a massive calming influence in the Swans midfield and was a huge part of leading them to their best season ever.  Consistency is key in football and Ki’s consistency is what got him in to the second eleven of the year.

ST- Diego Costa

diego costa

Quite an exceptional debut season which sadly for Costa was hampered by injury.  You can actually see Chelsea’s rampant form drop off as soon as Costa began suffering from niggling injuries.  He’s a bully in the box and always in fights, a very easy player to dislike but you can’t deny his ability.  Yes his goals aren’t flashy but goals are goals and 20 in 26 appearances sounds pretty good to me.  If Costa had managed a full season he definitely would have made the team of the season, alas he didn’t eat enough horse placentas.

ST- Charlie Austin

charlie austin

The one shining light in a dark damp shit that was QPR’s horrific season, Austin managed to score 18 goals in 35 appearances (5 assists too).  I mean 18 goals in that QPR team…that’s like Nobel Prize winning remarkable.  I feel sorry for Austin, it wasn’t his fault QPR got relegated, it was pretty much everyone else’s.

So the second best team of the season has finally been completed and many smiling faces are now being forced as they are handed over their thanks for showing up rosette.  Yes we can’t all be winners, however some people were winners and if you want to know who the best of the best was this season then check out the Premier League Team of the Season by clicking this link.

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