The Premier League Quarter Season Awards 2015-16

Don’t you dare be sour, because it is indeed that hour, it’s the Premier League quarter season awards!!!  The awards that every player has been playing their little heart out to receive, and there are going to be many sad stories of players who just missed out but this is the crème de la crème, after all there is nothing wrong with being an angel delight.

Best Team

Ultimately best team was a toss-up between Crystal Palace, West Ham and Leicester; however because at the start of the season one of these teams was very much considered to be a contender for relegation it has to go to Leicester.  They can’t defend for shit but my god Leicester have done really well this season.  They play with pace and directness and their matches have something special to them, because you just never know what you are going to get.


Leicester City

Best Player

Once again this award is between three standout players; Dimitri Payet, Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, and sadly for the other two it has to go to Mahrez.  Mahrez has banged in 5 goals and assisted a further 4, in just eight games (one of which off the bench), it is really quite an incredible contribution from midfield.  For a player who can be very hit and miss (in terms of form) Mahrez has been fairly consistent this season, and when he’s on it the guy is shit hot, and that shit has been boiling over the quarter season.


Riyad Mahrez

Best Manager

It’s pretty hard to not give this to Claudio Ranieri, who took over from the mess that was Nigel Pearson.  I don’t actually think that Ranieri is a good manager, however he has done a great job at Leicester so far this season (I mean they’re 5th in the table god damn it!) and better than that has them playing some really good and exciting football.


Claudio Ranieri

Best Goalkeeper

It can only be one man really, and that is Petr Cech.  Arsenal may have only signed one player in the summer, but you have to say that they certainly made the right choice of player for who it was.  Cech is top of the clean sheet table (5), is third in most saves (33) and has conceded the least amount of goals (7); the stats really do say it all.  The thing the stats don’t say and may well be the most important thing of all is the impact which Cech has had in calming the Arsenal backline down, great signing and a great player.


Petr Cech

Best Defender

For me there has been one stick out defender this season, and it is Chris Smalling.  Smalling has been an absolute rock at the back for Utd so far this season.  If you take away the 3-0 thumping against Arsenal (ifs and buts) then Utd would have the best defence in the league (instead of 3rd) and Smalling is a massive part of that.  He hasn’t missed a game so far, has been imperious in the air and has kept a number of top strikers in his back pocket with relative ease.  It’s incredible to think where Smalling was at this point two years ago, another failed talent who never reached his potential and now where it looks like he is currently going, impressive indeed.


Chris Smalling

Best Midfielder

It is of course Riyad Mahrez, because you know the reasons which I said above and stuff.

mahrez shouty

Riyad Mahrez

Best Striker

I really dislike Jamie Vardy, everything about him I dislike.  I dislike his personality, I find his face incredibly annoying, I don’t think he is particularly talented, however despite all that I can’t look past the fact that he has scored 9 goals in 9 games and that is a hell of a return.  Vardy’s work rate (something I do like about him) is incredible and the chasing and energy which he puts out at the top of the pitch is the epitome of exactly what Leicester are now doing, and it is a massive part of their success.  Meh…I know…but what else could I do?


Jamie Vardy

Best Signing

It has to be Dimitri Payet for me, he has been phenomenal so far this season, scoring 5 and assisting 3.  The most remarkable thing about Payet is that a better team than West Ham didn’t come in for him, because he has that silky class, although to be fair where is he meant to go because he is already at a team sitting in a Champions League place.


Dimitri Payet

Best Young Player

There have been a number of young players who have done well this season so far, guys like Shaw, Martial, Sterling, Barkley, Stones, Dier, Redmond and Galloway, however the man who I think has just outshone them all is Hector Bellerin.  Bellerin has been a revelation at right back for Arsenal and his performances have went from strength to strength since he came into the team last season.  The fact that Bellerin is keeping Debuchy out of the team tells you exactly how well he’s playing.


Hector Bellerin

Biggest Surprise

It has to be the total implosion at Chelsea.  Even Moyes’ Utd didn’t have as poor a start as 8 points in 8 games, and everyone slaughtered Moyes for it.  Mourinho is usually very good at the old distracting tactics, however this season he’s really made an arse of it.  If there was one physio you can’t criticise it would have been Eva Carneiro and I can only imagine that Mourinho thought it wouldn’t have such a backlash, sadly for him she has a pretty face (and she’s a rare women in a sport dominated by men) and the media love her for it.  Mourinho has thrown everyone under the bus; including players, the club and no shocker referees.  There is of course a reason why Mourinho never lasts more than three seasons at a club, and it would shock me if he was able to make it to the end of next season.



Best Team

GK-  Cech

RB-  Bellerin

CB-  Smalling

CB-  Kompany

LB-  Monreal

RM-  Mahrez

CM-  Silva

CM-  Payet

LM-  Sanchez

ST-  Vardy

ST-  Wilson

I know it’s been an emotional award show but sadly it’s over and although there are many smiley faces, there are more not so smiley faces or as some people call them, sad faces, but who gives a fuck about them?  Exactly they’re losers!  However if those players use the power of positivity then they could be in for a shot of making it into the prestigious half season awards, so keep on chuggin boys!

So leave that comment that you have in your head, wipe those tears of joy away and tell me about how much you loved the awards.  Whilst you’re at it you may as well take that extra step and join up to the Facebook and Twitter pages, you know you want to!


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