Will Leicester City Win the Premier League? No.

I’m a nice fellow, I don’t sit here wasting your time with a clickbait title, to have you scroll through a piece of writing only to discover that it came up with one of two outcomes, I’ve already given you the answer in the title, which means that you are here to find out why Leicester City won’t win the Premier League.

The reason the title of this piece isn’t ‘can’ Leicester City win the title, is because of course they can win the title.  As incredibly unlikely as it may be, Liverpool can still win the title, however we all know that it won’t happen.  That’s the case with Leicester, they can win the title but in reality they won’t.


I’ll start off by saying that the teams which realistically can win the title are Leicester, Spurs, Arsenal and Man City, teams like West Ham and Man Utd could also and probably would win the title if they were to win out to the end of the season, however this is highly improbable.

leicester team

If you look at the remaining eleven fixtures which Leicester have to face they are pretty favourable (West Brom H, Watford A, Newcastle H, Palace A, Southampton H, Sunderland A, West Ham H, Swansea H, Man Utd A, Everton H & Chelsea A).  Leicester don’t have to face any of their title rivals in the run in, something which can’t be said for the other three teams, sounds great!  In reality it is the worst case scenario for a team like Leicester.


The simple fact is that Leicester are a long ball counter attacking team, they hit teams with pace after winning the ball back with quick and aggressive pressing, which is then generally turned into a long ball to Vardy who runs into the space left by the oppositions defence and a goal, the quintessential Leicester goal, and a perfect way to play teams when they expect to beat you and control the game.

mahrez shouty

This is where the problem arises, teams are now going to go into a game against Leicester thinking a draw is a good result and will hence play for one, with the hope they might snatch a goal on the counter.  Chances are in these games Leicester will see more of the ball than they have throughout the season, creating the new problem that players who are great at breaking down play (Kante, Drinkwater, Okazaki), stiff backs to the wall defending (Morgan, Huth) or utilising space in behind (Vardy) aren’t suited to this type of football at all.  Leicester will be totally reliant on Mahrez for creation, who has had a great season generally but hasn’t been as good as he was in the first half of the year.


The only teams who are unlikely to allow Leicester to play with the ball are West Ham, Man Utd, Chelsea and Everton, and they play Leicester in four of their last five games, possibly too late as the momentum may have been killed by then.

ranieri shouty.gif

As you can maybe tell, I don’t think that Leicester will go into their last three games as title contenders, however if they do they couldn’t really have picked three worse fixtures.  Two of the hardest away games in the league and one of the best attacking forces who tend to be a bogey team for title contenders at the end of the season.  If Leicester go into these three games and get any more than four points I would truly be amazed, which may seem odd after I said they set up well against teams who expect to beat you.

leicester fat fan

This leads me onto my next point, expectations.  Expectations are one of the most over looked things in football, and it is something which has totally been overlooked with Leicester this season.  If at the start of the season you had offered a Leicester fan to stay up, they would have snatched your hand off, they would probably have sec with their own mother to finish 5th.  The thing is that if you were to offer a Leicester fan 5th now they would definitely turn their nose up at it.

Leicester City's Argentinian striker Leo

Watch the Norwich game and you will see not only my first point about a change in how teams play, but more importantly you will see the way in which the crowd was incredibly nervous before Leicester scored their late winner.  At home to Norwich is now a must win, but more so than that, it is now a guaranteed win in the mind of the fans.

Everton v Leicester City - Barclays Premier League

It isn’t however just the fans who have changed their expectations, it’s the media and other fans too, and this is probably the bigger dagger for Leicester City.  Nobody thought Leicester had a chance a month ago, now the bandwagoners have jumped on and the team would be criticised for dropping away because expectations have been increased with their lofty league position and the pressure is now unmeasurable.


If you want an example of how expectations can affect a team who are out of position for their general quality, you need look no further than Liverpool a couple of season ago.  Everyone kept saying that they would drop away, but they didn’t.  Everyone said that once they play City with four games to go that will be the end of the dream, but they won that match and the dream seemed very much alive.  Everyone then said they had won the league, and when you looked at their run in you couldn’t help but agree, a home tie against a reserve Chelsea team, Palace away and Newcastle at home, seemed like a given they would finally lift the Premier League title, but in the end that expectation was too much for them and they blew it and slipped from the top of the table.  Leicester’s last three games are much harder than Liverpool’s were, and Liverpool also had a better team.

steven gerrard slip.gif

Leicester will have the least amount of games to play between now and the end of the season of all the title contenders which should play perfectly into their hands.  Leicester barely rotate their first eleven, so the lack of games works in their favour.  It isn’t fair to say that injuries could play a big part in their run in because Leicester haven’t had any real injury problems all season, however the squad depth is pitiful and an injury to a Kante, Mahrez or Vardy could very much derail their push for the title substantially.


It should also be noted that Leicester is a team of misfits and has beens, players who were considered too shit for teams like Aston Villa and guys who have played most of their careers in the lower leagues, it is really quite a story, but will these players have that required cutting edge and winning mentality?  You really can’t say until it actually happens, but I would have my doubts.

vardy serious

I could easily sit here and work out what I think each team’s final points tally will be, but realistically there will be many twists and turns left in this season.  I shall however point to two things, the first one being that I think Leicester are more likely to finish outside the top four than win the league and that nobody ten games ago saw Crystal Palace being dragged into a relegation battle.

alan pardew nightclub

This whole post will seem very harsh and Leicester and that is how it should come across.  People tend to get carried away in the glorious fairy-tale that is Leicester City’s season, but things such as a change in the way teams play them, a small squad and the pressure from the vastly increased expectation on these inexperienced players say that they will ultimately not finish the season with an unlikely title, momentum can only last so long.


If I were to pick the team most likely to win the league with eleven games to go, it would be Spurs.  Spurs have been by far the most impressive team this season, playing nice football and doing it all with a really young team of hungry players, they deserve it more than anyone else.  In the event of Spurs doing a Spurs, then I think the next most likely would be Man City, who would win it by default, a la 2013-14.

Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Barclays Premier League

Leicester winning the Premier League would be the thing of fairy tales, and I hate to be the guy who kicks Jack off the beanstalk and arrests Goldilocks for breaking and entering but this is reality, and reality says that Leicester will not win the Premier League, please go ahead and prove me wrong.

vardy fuck off

So tell me why Leicester won’t win the league or for those who are lacking in general common sense please tell me why you think Leicester will be crowned champions by the end of the season, I enjoy a good chuckle now and again.

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vardy racist


Author: bm23reviews

I watch TV and sports then write stuff.....that's about it.

12 thoughts on “Will Leicester City Win the Premier League? No.”

  1. Excellent article . I think the same, I am Liverpool fan and still the slip from Gerrard hurt , but is the true 😦


  2. You still think Leicester won’t win the league? Coming from a guy who predicted United to finish second the previous two seasons, we should’ve known something was up with this post! Lol
    Fair play that you stuck your neck out, but three losses (two against Arsenal) all season was indication enough that they were on course to win it, and the fact they haven’t had any league or cup distractions since January, whereas the challengers around them have.

    It would take a monumental collapse (ala’ United 2012, Newcastle 96′) for them to not win it now. They’re grinding wins out exactly like Chelsea this time last year.


    1. Yeah the post doesn’t look so good just now, however I guess we’ll see how it goes by the end of the season.

      I can’t see a situation where they don’t get some sweaty arse syndrome, whether that will be enough for the teams around them to catch up we shall see but from this position I agree that Leicester should win the league.

      What I will say further on Leicester since I wrote this post, is that they’ve won 13/15 points, but in reality they have been super lucky.

      They could easily have lost to West Brom and were super open (they were the better team however), they only had the one chance against Watford and scored it, they were totally outplayed against Newcastle who were denied a stonewall penalty, they were dog shit against Palace and scored with their only chance and against Southampton once again the ref graced them with the good fortune of not giving two penalties (probably a red for Simpson too).

      Ultimately the honest truth is that Leicester over the last six games have been pretty terrible, yet they’ve got 16/18 points. They’ve came up against teams who are out of form and have had the good graces of the referees, but who cares because they’ve got 16/18 points.

      If Leicester beat Sunderland and Spurs don’t beat Utd this weekend then their title challenge is over, if Arsenal don’t beat West Ham then their title challenge is over and Leicester are the de facto champions, however I’m of the opinion that if Arsenal beat West Ham then they will win in and will probably win the title. I think sadly that Spurs have stumbled at the worst possible moment.

      I look at Leicester remaining fixtures and I struggle seeing them getting more than 9 points, so yes it may seem silly and it may seem totally deluded but I genuinely still think that Leicester won’t win the league.

      I’ll look great if they don’t win, I’ll look like an idiot if they do, as is life, but I shall say that this very much reminds me of a couple of years ago when Liverpool looked certain to win the league and the entire way I said it wouldn’t happen because the pressure would get to them, that was until they went into the game against a second string Chelsea and I just couldn’t see a situation where they didn’t win the league, and then the collapse happened.

      Leicester have been extremely lucky this season with injuries and favourable decisions, we shall see if it will last or if their results will start to match their recent form.


      1. Fair points you’ve made there, however, the major difference between this season, and Liverpool’s collapse two years back, is that Liverpool never had a 7 point buffer (on the same amount of games as their challengers), and they didn’t have the likes of City and Chelsea chasing them down.

        From memory, I think Liverpool won 12 of their last 15 (11 straight in that run), and that shows that they had no real margin for error in order to win the league. Leicester by comparison have six games left, and can afford to lose two and still win the league as long as they win the other four.

        I agree with you that if Arsenal win at West Ham, they’re the more likely to catch Leicester for two reasons. They’re run-in is favourable, and previous years they’ve finished the season strongly (I think they won their last 7 games straight last season). Also, if the Gunners are still in the hunt with three games to go, Leicester have to go to Old Trafford, they’re home to Everton (who can beat anyone on their day), and then finally Stamford Bridge on the last day. So it could still be a great final few weeks to the season to look forward to.

        Arsenal still have a trip to City on the penultimate weekend of the season, and depending where the sky blues heads are at or if they happen to make the CL final(!?!), will depend what kind of side they put out and/or if the enthusiasm is there.

        Spurs are done I think. As you said, no less than 3 points against CL chasing United next weekend will confirm that. Leicester play the night before so they could be 10 points clear before Tottenham even kick off.
        A part of them must be thinking that if they can’t win the league, then they must finish above Arsenal, something they haven’t done in over 20 years! Their game at Stamford Bridge in a few weeks will make or break them for 2nd or 3rd, a ground they haven’t won at in the league since 1990 I think.

        Leicester certainly have been lucky recently, don’t doubt that at all. But despite Mourinho’s persistent whinging throughout their title winning season last year, where they only dropped three games (currently the same as Leicester currently funnily enough), and there apparently was a referee and FA conspiracy against his team, had a lot of luck in the back half of the season as well.

        Plus there were a number of 1-0 wins (not as many as Leicester mind you), where they didn’t overly play well, were very defensive minded but ground out wins. That’s essentially what the Foxes are doing at the moment.

        But why I also think Leicester deserve the luck now is due to the big results before this recent run. Winning at City, winning at Spurs, beating current Champions Chelsea at home (and in the process putting the final nail in Mourinho’s coffin as Blues manager). They were gallant in defeat at Arsenal with ten men, but they also haven’t lost a game since then (Feb 14th). That’s title winning form and results.
        You look at their three main challengers, and it pales in comparison.

        It’s like they say, the teams at the top get the luck, the one’s at the bottom who need it more, never seem to get it. 😀


      2. I agree with you and I do think you can consider this title winning form. The big difference I would say between Leicester and Chelsea for me is that Chelsea played like a team that is at the top of the league, in contrast Leicester play like a team scrapping to avoid relegation.

        What would slightly concern me as a Leicester fan is that if you were to say to me what three teams would you not want to face right now I’d be picking Utd, Chelsea and West Ham and they play all three of them. On top of that they also play Sunderland away which will be an absolute slog and like you said Everton could be an easy win or an absolute nightmare. Their only easy tie which is left is Swansea at home, a team who are on sneaky good form. By no means is this season over, the better question is whether the teams behind can make up the difference. I’m sure I wrote in the post that if Leicester need 4 points from their last three games that I really think they’ll struggle to do that, I still believe that.

        Just on a different point I’m actually of the opinion that if Utd beat Spurs (a big ask in itself because Utd are pretty shit and it would require the team to have won 3 games in a row, a pipe dream for this season) that Spurs won’t finish in the top four. It seems crazy to think that this may be the case but Utd would only be 6 behind with a game in hand, City 8 behind with two games in hand and Arsenal 1 behind with a game in hand and all three teams have much easier run ins. That’s how big a game I think Utd are for Spurs, if they lose they won’t win the league and their Champions League hopes will be on an incredibly slippy slope. It’s a big if because as I said Utd are terrible but it could be same old Spurs all over again.


    1. Well in life you take risks and sometimes they don’t pay off.

      In the now highly likely situation that Leicester do win the league, I look really stupid, but I’m sure that as a Leicester fan you can see that a lot of the things I say in this are true.

      The only thing I really got wrong was the results dropping off, which fair enough they’ve done great at. You can’t get everything right.


      1. I mean, that’s not quite true. You got basically everything else wrong as well-style of play, who we’d struggle against, Spurs’s quality, ‘luck’ with injuries, etc.

        It’s not the wrong that’s the problem though, it’s still believing you were right and somehow the universe is wrong. You need to work on that…


      2. So Leicester aren’t a long ball counter attacking team?

        Spurs up until the last four games showed their quality, then Spursed it.

        So you got how many injuries to important players throughout the season…?

        It’s great of you to come here at the end of the season and be smug about things, everyone is a genius in hindsight, however to try and claim that none of what I wrote was correct is naivety at its finest.

        Don’t worry I’m sure super Leicester will win the league next year and probably the Champions League, Ranieri will be the new Prime Minister and then in a couple of years they will win the World Cup, because apparently they can do no wrong and everything is perfect in life.


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