Premier League Season Awards 2015/16

You know that moment in life where you think that life isn’t worth living anymore?  That moment where all seems lost and why not just end it all?  Then you remind yourself that you have yet to read the Premier League Season Awards for the 2015/16 season and remember that life is in fact worth living?  Well put those suicidal thoughts to the side and put your excited hat firmly on, because the 3rd annual Premier League season awards are finally here!

Best Team

leicester title

Previous winners- (quarter season) Leicester & (half season) Leicester

It’s the clean sweep for the Premier League champions, pulling in the quarter, half and full season awards for the best team.  It really isn’t a hard choice, expected to be relegation strugglers and they ended up winning the league by 10 points, quite remarkable.  I doubt another team will ever be able to replicate the story of the rise of Leicester City, especially in this era.  To think that this team were guaranteed to go down to the Championship with 10 games to go last season, and now I sit here writing about how they’ve won the league, an incredible fairy tale story.

Leicester City

Best Player

Previous winners- Mahrez & Mahrez


A clean sweep once again, in a shock to nobody, Riyad Mahrez picks up the award for best player.  18 goals and 11 assists from the right wing is truly special.  His creativity in a team full of long ball workers was the difference between a title season and a credible top half finish.  Mahrez throughout the season showed glimpses of magic, magic that often turned into an end product, in a way that very few players were able to replicate.  Fantastic year.

Riyad Mahrez

Best Manager

Previous winners- Ranieri & Ranieri

ranieri shouty

You can probably guess who won this award, it’s Claudio Ranieri!  To take a team like Leicester and to have finished in the top half would have been remarkable, to take a team like Leicester and finish in a European place would have been unbelievable, to take a team like Leicester and finish in a Champions League place is just plain silly, so for Ranieri to take a team like Leicester and win the league…well words can’t describe how ridiculously amazing his achievement is.  He made a team full of rejects and journeymen into Premier League champions; it is definitely the greatest managerial achievement in Premier League history.

Claudio Ranieri

Best Goalkeeper

de gea save southampton

Previous winners- Cech & De Gea

De Gea is one of those special players, he’s arguably the best player at his position in the Premier League and he’s put in another fantastic season.  De Gea was a massive part of the joint best defence in the league and missed out on winning the golden glove by a cruel last minute own goal in the final game of the season, however what truly makes De Gea’s season remarkably good is his incredible consistency, his lack of mistakes and his ability to make saves which he has no right to be making.  One of the world’s best.

David De Gea

Best Defender

Previous winners- Smalling & Smalling

Toby Alderweireld during Tottenham's 4-1 win against West Ham

Sadly for Chris Smalling he has just been pipped of the clean sweep as Toby Alderweireld edged in front of him for this season best defender.  Alderweireld didn’t miss a game the entire season and yet still only committed 9 fouls, an incredible feat which shows us that he is an intelligent defender who isn’t rashly jumping in to tackles.  He was a rock at the back for Spurs this year as he led them to the joint best defence in the league (although a 5-1 drubbing when everyone was already on holiday makes their defence look worse than it actually was), helping an inexperienced team massively with a calming presence at the back.  Unlucky to not come out of this season with more than a 3rd place, because his performances deserved it.

Toby Alderweireld

Best Midfielder

mahrez goal chelsea

Previous winners- Mahrez & Mahrez

Obviously after having won the best player award, Mahrez also won the best midfielder award, as is life.

Riyad Mahrez

Best Striker

Previous winners- Vardy & Ighalo

kane goal arsenal

He didn’t start the season well, however Harry Kane absolutely tanked in towards the end of the year.  25 goals for the season is a fantastic return for a player in only his second season at the top level, however it is more impressive when you consider he scored 1 goal in his first 10 games of the year.  Kane is the heart of the Spurs team and he’s also their most important player, something which you can see in their results.  When Kane is scoring Tottenham ticks, when he isn’t the whole team struggles.  One of the things I love about Kane is the fact that for all the world he doesn’t look like a footballer, he looks like a total donkey.  He doesn’t run like an athlete, he doesn’t look like one and half the time he can’t control the ball or strike his shots properly, yet despite all that he gets the job done.  It isn’t pretty, but it is damn effective, he’s a magnet to the back of the net, he’s the English Thomas Muller.

Harry Kane

Best Signing

Previous winners- Payet & Kante

ngolo kante

Payet has had a really great year, and most other years he would walk signing of the season, however sadly for him little N’Golo Kante just did it better.  Kante embodies Leicester’s style of play perfectly, hard work and never giving up.  He’s the engine room in a team that does a lot of pressing, it’s hard to watch him and not appreciate the sheer effort he puts into his game.  I don’t think stats really convey what a player like Kante does (although he is number one in both interceptions and tackles); you instead need to watch his work ethic in a match to see his true worth to this Leicester team.  Oh and did I mention he only cost about £5 million?

N’Golo Kante

Best Young Player

Previous winners- Bellerin & Bellerin

alli goal palace.gif

I think the thing which makes Dele Alli’s season so impressive is that it’s his first in the Premier League, yet he made it look like he had been at this level for years.  It’s crazy to think that Alli was playing in the third tier of English football last season, yet he managed to produce 10 goals and 9 assists from midfield.  Alli is such a great talent, he has incredible skill and a nasty streak which could push him far, however he is still inconsistent and could sometimes get lost in games.  I find it hard to criticise a kid who is only 20 though for being inconsistent, especially when that kid was instrumental in Spurs’ title challenge, a phenomenal first year for the next big English prospect to be torn down by the English media.

Dele Alli

Biggest Surprise

Previous winners- Chelsea & Mourinho/Chelsea

vardy simulation

It’s a really tight one but I have to give it to Leicester again.  Chelsea’s season came out of absolutely nowhere and it’s incredible after dominating the league last season that Mourinho is out of a job, however Leicester won the fucking Premier League!!!  I’ve already talked about it but I think people could have foreseen Chelsea finishing outside the top four (not tenth to be fair), however I don’t think anyone, other than a few 5000/1 numpties, saw Leicester winning the league and doing so in style.

Leicester City

Game of the Season

dembele eye gouge

I have watched a lot of games this season and there have been quite a few belters, however nothing for me quite managed to reach the phenom that was Chelsea v Tottenham.  Spurs have the door slightly opened again with Leicester failing to win at Utd, only to then go and lose to a pitiful Chelsea team at Stamford Bridge in one of the dirtiest and intense games you’ll ever see.  So often games like this don’t live up to the hype, however it did exactly that.  So many great stories too; Spurs Spursing it, Spurs breaking the yellow card record, the thumb to the eye, the stamp, the numerous dirty tackles, Leicester winning the league and absolute stunner to win it all, a truly crazy game and a great watch as well.

Chelsea 2-2 Spurs

Best Team

I’ve already written up Team of the Season, which you can find by clicking this link.

So there we have it!  The awards have been handed out and there are tears of celebration for the winners along with tears of sadness for those who missed out, there’s always next year guys!  Time to turn up that Elton John and jump straight into a three way on the dance floor, because the party has started and Jamie Vardy’s abusing some Asian gentleman in the bathroom!  Before you hit the booze, why not leave a comment about the Premier League season awards, it’s the best way to start a heavy night oot in the toon.

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