The 2015/16 Premier League Review

2015/16 will go down as one of the craziest Premier League seasons ever, a year where no hopers won the league, the champions were nowhere to be seen, and heck we have had a bomb scare.  The Premier League this season really showed that anything can happen, there is great parity.

I will go through each team, however first I’d like to mention the general drop in quality in the league.  To an extent it is great because you can get so many upsets; on the other hand it is disappointing because the top English teams are miles behind the best teams in Europe.

Despite being a crazy year, I don’t think I’d call it a particularly exciting season.  It seemed like no team wanted to win the league beyond Leicester (finished with two games to go), the same can be said about the top four race (which went to the last day of the season but under unusual circumstances ended very flat) and even the relegation battle (Newcastle somehow unable to beat a terrible Villa team), it was all just a little flat to finish the season which is a shame.

Leicester City                     1st

mahrez goal chelsea

The greatest Premier League story ever and almost the greatest story in the history of English football (Nottingham Forest being number one), Leicester City a 5000/1 no hoper, managed to win the league against the multi-millionaires and shocked the world, including myself as I thought they would still fall short up till West Brom drew with Spurs.

A team full of journeymen and rejects from other clubs, if it was a movie it would be ridiculous.  Look at their squad; Schmeichal (primarily a Championship keeper), Simpson (dumped from QPR), Huth (not good enough for Stoke), Morgan (Championship player), Fuchs (dumped by Schalke), Mahrez (second tier player), Drinkwater (Championship player), Albrighton (dumped by Villa!), Kante (second tier player), Vardy (Championship player), Ulloa (Championship player), King (Championship player), Schlupp (Championship player), Gray (Championship player), Dyer (not good enough for Swansea), the only player who doesn’t fall into this category is Okazaki.  I’m not trying to slag the Leicester players off because most, although not all, are good enough for a low end Premier League team, but this group of players won the league.

You can use so many words to describe Leicester’s title win; amazing, stupendous, unbelievable, crazy, fuck, shocking and they all fit.  This isn’t the seventies anymore, where a club could build a team and go somewhere with it, since the Bosman ruling the big teams have only got bigger and gap has widened substantially, that’s what makes Leicester’s title win so incredible, that in this day and age, a team who were destined to be playing in the Championship with ten games to go last season somehow ended up winning the league, and winning it by 10 points.

ranieri shouty

So how did Leicester win the league?  Well the answer is simple and can be described in one simple word, luck; it was pure and simple luck.  Leicester managed to go the entire season without suffering any real injuries, they had very few games to play, everyone around them couldn’t sustain any sort of challenge, the big teams didn’t show up at all and probably most importantly of all, they were incredibly lucky with refereeing decisions.  Now you can sit here all day and talk about how unlucky you were because of this and that or alternatively how lucky that team was and blah blah blah, however it’s one thing having the luck, it’s another thing being able to capitalise on it.

Leicester’s lack of injuries (and competitions) were incredibly helpful in their eventual title win.  Whilst other teams were stuck playing European ties or cup games, Leicester very rarely played out with the weekend.  I don’t think I’ve seen a team use such little rotation in a season and go on and do something special, to the extent where you could legitimately pick the team from week to week without fail, even worse you could pick the subs, the players who were coming off, at what time and who was replacing them.  That level of consistency helped Leicester massively, they don’t have a strong squad at all and there is a huge drop off at almost every position out with their first eleven, and that’s where the lack of injuries really helped them this season, you don’t need a squad if your first eleven can stay fit and playing to a high level.

vardy ref

I think the biggest annoyance that a lot of fans may have with the Leicester title win is their incredibly favourable decisions from the officials.  I watched ten of Leicester last eleven games, and I couldn’t believe how often the referees refused to give blatantly obvious decisions against Leicester and then in turn give Leicester incredibly soft penalties.  I’m not accusing the refs of getting together and conspiring to win Leicester the league, I just think they are generally incompetent, had a terrible year and Leicester were on the lucky side more often than not.  If you’re wanting examples then look no further than the Southampton game (Simpson blatant handball, should be red card), Man Utd game (ref gives a foul which is clearly in the box as outside), Newcastle (two good shouts turned down), West Ham (fabricated penalty in the last minute) and even in the Swansea game (Mahrez’ goal to make it 1-0 is a blatant elbow).  These are the ones I recall off the top of my head , and who knows what the results of these games would have been, however it’s pretty fair to guess that Leicester wouldn’t have finished with the points they did.

On a special note, I’d like to congratulate Leicester on breaking the Premier League penalty award record!!!  Yes little Leicester managed to win more penalties than anyone else, with a grand total of 13, 5 more than the next highest team (Man City).  In fact possibly the more interesting stat is that Jamie Vardy won 7 penalties on his own, which is more than every team in the league excluding City and Leicester (naturally).  Vardy is of course a diving cheat and has been cheating for a number of years with his little simulation act.  Almost every Vardy penalty is the same, he uses his pace to run beyond the defender only to then move his leg in an unnatural manner towards the defender, essentially running away from the ball to create a collision, over he goes in a heap, and referees keep falling for it.  You would think after the first time the refs would have clocked on to what he’s doing and started being savvier about it, yet he did it again in the game against Everton and even did it in the England-Turkey game.  He’s also generally a terrible person, but the media seem happy to ignore that fact because he’s English and his non-league to Premier League record breaker story is a better narrative.

vardy simulation

It’s been quite a negative review of Leicester’s season, however I feel like not enough people are talking about the negative sides of the title win.  For whatever reason Leicester were able to get away without any criticism whatsoever whilst playing some of the most mind numbingly boring football that you will ever see.  What’s good to watch about a team who put all eleven men behind the ball, press and when they win the ball back, pump the ball up the park and hope something stick?  Don’t get me wrong, Leicester were excellent at executing this tactic, but it made for dire viewing.

Leicester really is a great story and the league best performance from Riyad Mahrez was vital to their success.  In a team full of workers, Mahrez was that little bit of class that made the difference, the guy who unlocked many a defence.  Kante was another integral part of the team, his energy and constant pressing was the perfect embodiment of how this Leicester team played.  I’m not a fan but you can’t not mention Vardy’s contribution as well, 24 goals is huge and I didn’t think that he would have ever been able to get that sort of total.  Ranieri really did a great job with a very average team and to think I thought he was an odd hiring at the start of the season.

It will be interesting to see if Leicester are able to hold onto their holy trinity.  I can’t see any of the other players leaving because most of them are undesirable, however I think there’s a good chance Mahrez and Kante could cash out and I think that both are capable of playing for better teams.  My one concern about Kante would be if he is able to be successful in a club where they dominate possession because his game is much more suited to Leicester’s style of play.  I don’t see Vardy going, due to him being a system player; he’s like a poor man’s Daniel Sturridge.  The most interesting question may be the future of Claudio Ranieri, with the Italian job opening up this summer, will he get another chance to manage his home nation.  It’s a shame that he might have to make this decision, because it will be a very difficult one indeed.

Looking forward I think that Leicester are more likely to get relegated next season than come anywhere near the top four.  They’re the team everyone will want in the Champions’ League group stage and they’ll almost definitely go out at that stage unless they get the most generous of draws.  If Leicester were to finish about 11-13th I think that they would have done really well next season.  Obviously a lot can change and I’d gladly be proved wrong (again), however unless Leicester hold on to all of their squad and add a few good players it will be a really long year.

Arsenal                 2nd

ozil shouty

Arsenal somehow managed to finish second, in what can only be called a very Arsenal season.  In a year where Chelsea, City and Utd were all struggling, Arsenal still manage to do what Arsenal do, put in a half-hearted title challenge and then run the season in fairly well to finish in a position which makes their season look better than it was.

I’m not sure what to say about Arsenal really; they finished their highest position in the league since they last won it, which sounds like progress; however they scored 4 points less than last season (showing the drop in quality in the league).   I don’t see how that’s progress, they’re higher in the league because everyone else was terrible and they never actually put in a proper title challenge.  This should have been there year, but they blew it.

Arsenal need a lot in the summer, they need centre backs, they need a holding midfielder, they need a winger (or two) and they need a striker.  It’s easier said than done, especially when you consider that Wenger has ignored the centre back, holding midfield and striker problem for so long.  Arsenal have certain pieces in place, but not nearly enough and I know it’s probably said every year, however I think they might struggle to finish top four next season unless they do something drastic.

Tottenham                         3rd

kane goal arsenal

So many teams this season will look back at the year and be kicking themselves that they didn’t win the league, no team will be kicking themselves more than Spurs.  Four games to go they are behind Leicester by 8 points with a game in hand, their run in was West Brom (H), Chelsea (A), Southampton (H) and Newcastle (A).  It’s a difficult run in, however Spurs were in shit hot form and most of the teams had nothing to really play for.

In the end Spurs Spursed it and I was surprised, why I’m not sure, it’s surely what you would expect, but I thought this Spurs team was different.  Ultimately you could look at Leicester’s last three games and see that they got just enough points to win the league anyway, however there was never any pressure on them, they knew a draw to Utd was a great result and they had already won the league before their next two games, and those three games would have been so much more difficult if they were must wins.

I thought Spurs were better than their last four games; however I’m sure every single Spurs fan will be disappointed with how they ran the season in.  The West Brom game was a massive blow and they clearly choked, the Chelsea game Spurs totally lost their head and showed total inexperience, should have had at least three red cards and all in a game they were totally in control of.  Things were only made worse by a poor performance against Southampton and a disgraceful showing against Newcastle where the players couldn’t have looked any more disinterested.  It’s sad for Spurs because they somehow ended up finishing behind Arsenal, third in a two horse race.

For me Spurs were the best team this season, they played the best football and were involved in many great games, however mentally they were weak and in the end they finished 11 point off the top.  To be fair I don’t know what they expected when they dropped 10 points in their last four games.  It’s a shame because if you offer Spurs 3rd at the start of the season then they’d be ecstatic, but when you come so close to finishing 1st only finishing third becomes a disappointing season.

Looking forward Spurs have a really good young first eleven; they don’t however have a particularly strong squad.  They were very fortunate with injuries this season and they need depth at every position excluding goalkeeper and full back.  It will be interesting to see what they do next season because the distraction of Champions League may affect them and rotation will be more key.  If they don’t add significantly to their depth, then I think they will probably struggle.

Man City                              4th


City spent a lot of money this summer (again) and to finish 4th really isn’t good enough.  A League Cup win, a Champions League semi-final and top four sounds pretty good, however it’s papering over the cracks with what was a really poor season for City.  If the teams below them weren’t so incompetent then they wouldn’t have scraped their top four.

I don’t think there is much point going too much into City’s season; it was very poor, they probably should have won the league and instead got 4th on goal difference.  Their handling of the Guardiola announcement was incredibly heavy handed and ultimately cost them in the league, however probably the most pathetic thing you will see is how few fans stayed behind for Pellegrini’s last home game for the club.  Yes it’s been a poorish season, however this man took you to a Champions League semi-final, he managed you to a league title, as well as two League Cups and at best 20% of you stay behind to bid him farewell.  I find it incredibly ironic that City have become what they slagged Utd off for years, except so much worse, the true definition of fair weather fans.

Looking forward City have Guardiola coming in next season which is exciting for the club and the league.  Guardiola usually walks into the best team in the country; however this won’t be the case this time round.  Guardiola has a very specific type of player he likes and as far as I can see City don’t have those types of players.  The only ones who I feel fit into the Guardiola system are Kompany, Silva, Aguero and De Bruyne, everyone else doesn’t fit at all or isn’t preferable to the system.  It shall be very interesting to see what they do in the summer transfer window, with a severely aging squad and a new philosophy, it will be a big upturn, I think they could struggle.

Man Utd                              5th

lvg fall over

I wrote about Utd’s season already, which you can find by clicking this link.  If you want the cliff notes, then it was a very poor season, with some boring football and another poor finish to the season.  Looking forward I can’t help but think the team will improve drastically under Mourinho but I’m not sure he’s the best fit for the team and there a number of attacking positions needing talent, hopefully I’m wrong.

Southampton                    6th

van dijk

Southampton somehow managed to sneak into 6th and finished only 3 points off of a Champions League place, quite a season.  It’s weird to think that Southampton 2016 were the second best team in the league (only behind Leicester), yet there was absolutely no talk about it.

They lose a chunk of their players every year, yet the Southampton juggernaut keeps on churning on.  Koeman has done a fantastic job this season and whoever is running the transfers is a bit of a genius.  The Southampton purge will happen again this summer and they’ll probably lose Mane, Wanyama and possibly Bertrand, which would be three massive players and would hit any teams hard.

Looking forward it will be interesting to see if Southampton think they can do any better than this.  You can’t honestly say that Southampton should be any higher than 6th in terms of size and their inability to hang onto players makes me think that a top four push is unlikely, however maybe a cup run or a run in the Europa League is in their future and I think everyone would be cheering them on as well.

West Ham                           7th

michail antonio

West Ham had a great season, yet they must be disappointed about only finishing 7th.  To think that if West Ham won their last three matches of the season they would have finished top four, what is probably worse is that they did the hard job of beating Man Utd, only to lose to Swansea and Stoke, two teams who weren’t playing for anything and prior to playing West Ham had been playing terrible.

West Ham got a Europa League finish, which is super as it will now let them not give a shit about the tournament for a second successive year.  It will be interesting however to see if West Ham will be capable of kicking on with their new stadium (which for some reason the British government gifted them), certainly having a bigger stadium make you seem like a bigger deal and it means more money.  It will be interesting to see what they can do.

Liverpool                             8th

liverpool europa league

The whimpering giant of English football continued on their path to nothingness.  It is odd that Liverpool seem to keep tripping themselves up along the way in such unusual fashions, and they did it again this season.

I wrote at the end of last season that I wouldn’t sack Rodgers unless someone better could come in, such as Klopp, because what would be the point.  The thing is that after 11 games and a summer transfer window, Liverpool sacked Rodgers and hired Klopp…  If Klopp was interested, then why did the club not approach him in the summer?  Maybe I’m missing something but this seems like a case of total mismanagement from the board.

Klopp has a lot of work to do with this Liverpool team, they finished 8th and that is about right for the quality of their squad.  When I look at the team I don’t really see anyone who could play at a better level, it feels like a lot of ordinary players or those deemed not good enough by the more successful teams.

Was Klopp a success at Liverpool?  Not really, you can argue that it wasn’t his team, but he had almost a full season and a January transfer window to work with them and they don’t really look that much better than they did under Rodgers.  There have been improvements, Klopp is a better manager than Rodgers and is getting performances out of the players that Rodgers could only dream of, however 8th in the table and a Europa League final where they were totally outplayed by Sevilla isn’t what I consider a successful first season.  If you consider that Rodgers was sacked after 8 games where Liverpool were 6 points off the top and 3 off of 4th (their aim), and at the end of the season they were 21 points of the top and 6 points off of 4th, it makes Klopp’s time seem even more underwhelming.  Klopp won’t be judged on this year and I believe in giving managers more time, if Liverpool want to be successful then that’s what Klopp needs, it will come good eventually but Klopp’s ways take a while to bed in.  It will go against their nature, but Liverpool will need to be a little less trigger happy.

Looking forward I’m not sure what to expect from Liverpool, I think they’ll probably finish around the same position next season, however the biggest question will be over whether or not Klopp will get that extra year, if he does then I think it will be in that season that they could be dangerous.  I feel like Liverpool need a lot of players in every area of the pitch, other than attacking midfield where they seem to have way too many.  Next year should be considered a rebuilding year, but it wouldn’t shock me if expectations are way higher because it might be their year!

Stoke                    9th

stoke 2016

Another solid season for Stoke who have firmly cemented themselves as a Premier League stalwart (the exact same thing I wrote about them last season).  It’s weird for Stoke because they have some really good players and can play some nice stuff; however are they realistically going to be able to finish any higher than 9th?  I don’t see a team above them (Leicester apart) who they would think that they are better or bigger than.  They’re a tough team to play and they know how to get big results, I can’t however see it getting much better than this.

Looking forward I imagine that Stoke will be looking to do much of the same.  I doubt they’ll really lose any of their players (maybe Bojan) and signings like £18 million for Imbula show that Stoke see themselves bigger than they probably are.  They’re a solid side and I imagine that they’ll be in a similar position next season.

Chelsea                                10th


What a terrible year for Chelsea, to go from champions to 10th in the space of a season is incredible.  It’s amazing to think that a team managed by Jose Mourinho could be so poor; possibly even more amazing is that the manager who won the league last season couldn’t make it to the new year.  I don’t agree with the sacking of Mourinho because there is obviously a culture problem at Chelsea.  How players not giving a fuck leads to sacking your manager confuses me and shows the power which players now have in football.  Instead of riding the season out and accepting that it was a write off and then ridding themselves of the traitors who couldn’t be fucked playing for the club in the summer, they decided to sack their greatest manager ever, for the second time.  The Chelsea players should be ashamed of themselves.

Chelsea managed to beat Utd and Blackburn’s worst ever league finish for defending champions, and they absolutely crushed it as well.  Chelsea looked more likely to get relegated than challenge for a European place, to the extent that the highlight of their season was being the team to officially end Spurs’ title challenge.  If there is a silver lining for Chelsea fans, I’m sure that Leicester will take that record from them next season.

Looking forward it is difficult to see where Chelsea will be going, they have a new manager but they also have a number of players who were absolutely terrible this season, who the club should really try and get rid of.  The thing being that Chelsea without European football aren’t really that much of a draw, they won’t get first choice of players, and could struggle to finish top four next season, if that were to happen then it could lead to bad things for the club.  I think it will be a struggle next season but I think they’ll just edge it; they need a lot of players though.

Everton                                11th

roberto martinez

Remember when people were decrying Roberto Martinez as the messiah and slagging David Moyes to bits?  How well did that work out?  I like Martinez but he clearly lost the dressing room towards the end of the season.  It did seem like he was making odd choices, like constantly leaving out Mirallas and Deulofeu despite them performing when played and his inability to coach a defence.  The Martinez question is would you not rather have exciting football or would you rather have results?  You can have both, but at a low end top half club like Everton, you rarely do.

It felt like Everton did very well in the first half of the season but were incapable of actually finishing teams off, often throwing results away from winning positions.  The second half of the year was pretty terrible, it had an FA Cup run, but if you don’t make the final it isn’t really something to get excited about.  One of my biggest issues with Everton over the last couple of years is that they have spent money but they have a tendency to just ass players who were on loan the year previous, which means that they are never truly making improvements to the team.

Looking forward Everton have new owners who have said they are going to invest money, they have a decent team but there are a number of players who want to leave.  They will need to increase their quality whilst also either hanging on to these players or replacing them adequately (easier said than done).  It depends who they bring in but Everton have been overtaken by clubs like Southampton and West Ham and they have a lot of catching up to do.

Swansea                              12th

swansea 2016

I was disappointed to see Garry Monk be fired, I understand that the team had went backwards in his second full season, but I can’t help but be frustrated when a young manager isn’t given a chance to turn things around.  To be fair to Swansea it did feel like Monk had maybe distanced himself too much from the players (natural when you were a squad member only two years ago) and that is what possibly led to his sacking.

Although it was a poor first half of the season, where Swansea flirted with the idea of relegation, in the end they finished the season more than comfortably.  Guidolin has signed on for another couple of years, which is well deserved because he did a really good job after taking over.

Looking forward I do still worry about Swansea; they have some good players but are lacking a goal scorer.  Hanging on to Sigurdsson is an absolute must if they are to do anything next year, although can Swansea really expect to finish any higher than about 10th?  It’s the same problem which Stoke face, they want more than they as a club are really capable of, Leicester’s season won’t have helped this feeling.

Watford                               13th


Watford’s aim at the start of the season would have been to stay up, they finished 13th, never looked like being relegated and made an FA Cup semi-final, yet they still sacked their manager.  I understand why Flores was sacked, after all Watford were terrible in the second half of the year, putting in some relegation type form, despite that I think to sack your manager after all he’s done is pretty ridiculous.

Looking forward Watford are in an interesting position, they’ve got an overly big squad but really need to add to it if they want to consolidate their position in the league.  Who knows how the new manager will do, he’ll have to hit the ground running though, especially with the way the Watford board go about their managerial control.

West Brom                         14th

darren fletcher

You get what you get with Tony Pulis, it’s shit football but you know you won’t be relegated.  Is that enough?  I personally would rather my team played half decent stuff and flirted with relegation, but maybe that’s harsh.  West Brom do a certain job and they do it well, they are hard to beat and bully teams.  They have some good players but they’re all of a certain type and age.

Looking forward if West Brom are to keep Pulis then they will stay up next season, however that’s as good as it will get.  The problem for West Brom being that they don’t really have a great squad, they have a squad with good experience but they also have the oldest squad in the league.  They need a total rebuild in the summer and they drastically need to inject some youth into the first eleven.

Crystal Palace                    15th

pardew dance

Palace went to the Watford school of shitting away the season in 2016.  To think that Palace were pushing for European places, only to then go and win only 11 points in 2016, only two better than Aston Villa and the second worst record in the league.  I wouldn’t dare think about sacking Pardew, because 15th isn’t a bad season for Palace and when you add an FA Cup final; it becomes a very good season.  Can’t help but criticise Pardew for his little dance when they went 1-0 up, there was at least 15 minutes left in the game, a game where you’ve been outplayed and you’re dancing on the touchline, fucking idiot.

Looking forward I think that Palace will be fine, Pardew is an idiot but he’ll do the job, they also have some really good players and if they are able to hold onto them as well as adding a few more then they’ll probably finish about mid-table.  The only issue I’d have if I was a Palace fan would be if this late season form will possibly carry onto next season, as can often happen, I doubt it will but it will be something to look out for.

Bournemouth                   16th

matt ritchie

I would have sworn at the start of the season that Bournemouth would have went down, and despite finishing 16th, it doesn’t really tell the whole story because they never actually looked like getting relegated.  The great thing about Bournemouth is that they played nice football, had a go against the big teams and did it all with a young English manager.  It does bemuse me that none of the bigger teams with vacancies are looking at Eddie Howe as a potential gaffer.

Looking forward Bournemouth will have to add to the team drastically, they will also have to hold onto the players they already have (could be tough to hold onto Wilson for instance).  This is still a Championship level squad playing in the Premier League; they need to change that if they are to make sure that they are able to stay in the league beyond next season.

Sunderland                         17th

sam allardyce

Good ol’ Big Sam, he knows how to get a job done, doesn’t he?  Every single year I look at Sunderland and think to myself that their squad is too good to go down, but due to mismanagement at board level and an array of nutter managers, they constantly find themselves in a constant state of relegation struggle.  Assuming Big Sam stays on next year, then I think they are finally on the right footing.  Yes it may not be the prettiest football, but he gets the job done and can play some good stuff.

If you want to see the right way to handle a January transfer window then look no further than Sunderland, who signed three important players in the window, who played a big part in keeping them up.  Sunderland signed players who filled holes in the team and we will soon get on to a team who did the opposite.  In 2016 Sunderland outscored their relegation rivals Newcastle and Norwich by 7 and 13 points respectively, and that is absolutely huge.  Sunderland also had the privilege of being the team who spent the longest amount of time in the relegation zone, but if you aren’t in it when it matters then who really cares?

Looking forward I think that Sunderland will kick on and finish in the upper bottom half of the league.  Big Sam knows how to get it done and he has signed players who are capable of making a difference, I expect more of the same.  The biggest issue Sunderland will have is their overly large squad and whether they will be able to do the trimming which it so thoroughly requires.

Newcastle                           18th

Steve McClaren Mouth Open Newcastle United

I can’t believe that I’m sitting here talking about Newcastle being relegated, I really thought they would get themselves out of it.  I thought McClaren would have been good for the club, but he couldn’t get it done, to the extent that by the time that Benitez finally came in it was all too late.

Newcastle spent around £75 million this season, yet still got relegated, it’s mind boggling.  I wouldn’t say they signed bad players as such, however they signed a lot of players who they didn’t really need.  Going into the season their biggest issue was defence, yet they almost totally ignored trying to fix it.  Newcastle went all in January, bringing in Shelvey, Townsend, Saivet and
Doumbia (massively overpaying for all), yet only Townsend made a serious contribution.  There is a serious issue with Newcastle at board level and I think that it’s unlikely to change until Mike Ashley sells the club, but with the amount of money he’s making I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

Looking forward Newcastle are in a total mess, their wage bill will be way too high for the Championship, they will have a mass exodus of their best players and they have holes all over the pitch.  If Benitez stays and the club receives decent investment (likely due to money coming in from player sales) then I’m sure they’ll bounce straight back.  If they don’t bounce straight back then they could be in trouble.  Newcastle are too big a club to be in the Championship, I hope to see them back in the next year.

Norwich                               19th

norwich 2016

You go into the Premier League with a Championship style squad and you are going to be risking your league status.  Norwich were in many ways unfortunate in ways last season because they probably could have done with another year in the Championship before coming up, this promotion came to quickly for them in my opinion.

Unlike some of the other relegated teams, Norwich were very thrifty in their use of money.  It means that they aren’t reliant on the Premier League money and would be ok if relegate, however it also means that they didn’t give the league a real go, which is always a shame.

The biggest criticism I could have of Norwich this season is that they were woeful defensively and seemed to throw away games which they had no right to be losing, the 5-4 game against Liverpool springs to mind.  I don’t think anyone can argue that Norwich didn’t deserve to go down, they struggled in the league and it all seemed too much for them.

Looking forward Norwich will probably be ok, their budget is reasonable and they have an excellent young manager in Alex Neil, the best thing they can do this summer is stick with him and show their faith in the manager by giving him a chance to get them back in the Premier League.  With a lot of big teams in the Championship next year I struggle to see Norwich bouncing straight back up, saying that they are experts at it.

Aston Villa                           20th

agbonlahor fat

Absolutely abysmal from Villa this season…  They lost their two best players in the summer, however they spent a shit load on players to replace them.  It is often hard to replace your best player, but when you sign over ten players you would think that the quality of the squad would have increased…apparently the total opposite.

I struggle to think of a single player who actually had a good season for Villa (maybe Ayew), most of the players were embarrassingly bad.  Worse than that it looked like most of the players didn’t want to be there, like they couldn’t have given two shits.  It’s made all the worse when your club captain is a fat slob who is out on the piss and hitting Burger King every day.  Sherwood is a fairly poor manager, but I can’t help but feel sorry for Remy Garde, who clearly didn’t know what he was walking in to.

Looking forward I am concerned for Villa, they have an overpriced, overpaid and oversized squad who clearly don’t care and are going to be hard to shift.  If Villa can’t shift them then they won’t be able to sign anyone who might actually be willing to give a bit of effort on the pitch.  They may have been taken over by some random Chinese guy, is that better than Lerner?  Time will tell, however a succession of bad owners could lead Villa into a really bad downfall, it looks like a long road ahead.

It’s been a long year and an even longer review, so here’s the fun part where I show you my disastrous predictions which I made pre-season and after the summer transfer window closed (what I consider to be my real predictions).  The teams will appear in the order they finished in the league followed by the position I predicted they would finish in pre-season followed by summer transfer window closure.







7th–West Ham—13th—13th







14th–West Brom—14th—15th







Total disaster to be honest, to be fair to myself I don’t think many people predicted the league the way it turned out, but even then it’s still pretty shit.  It is really hard to get exactly where a team will finish in the league, but you can generally predict the sort of area they will finish in, I’ve not even done that for most teams…  I did say it was a crazy year!

Well that’s enough for just now I think, but if you’re thirsty for more content (highly doubtful after this slog) then don’t worry because you can check out my review of last season’s Premier League (has some nice foreshadowing), or maybe you’d be more interested in reading my preview for this season or why not check my round up of the summer transfer window?  That will keep you busy for days, procrastinate away!

Please leave a comment on what you thought of the Premier League season, how you think your team did and are going to do next season and about how I’m a big meany about Leicester.

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