UEFA Champions League Last 16 Preview 2016-17- Part 2

The prediction game is a tough one, sometimes you look like a genius, such as when you say that Arsenal will be rolled over by Bayern because they are weak mentally and shrivel in the big games, and sometimes you look like an idiot, such as when you say PSG are one of the most over rated teams in Europe and then they go on to humiliate Barcelona…C’est la vie…

Manchester City v Monaco

This is a very interesting tie as we see if Guardiola can do what he couldn’t at Bayern, which he almost certainly won’t.  City are nowhere near good enough to win this competition, a good team will destroy their lacklustre defence, their midfield is lightweight and although their front four is very talented it can be out classed and sometimes is one dimensional.  If City come up against a good attacking side I think they will struggle mightily.  Guardiola was brought into City to win the Champions League, whether he achieves this or not in his time at the club I do not know, however I do know that it won’t be this season because they flat out aren’t good enough.

Monaco are a very good attacking side and I think that they will match up against City very well.  They are leading the French league and have been scoring for fun, they also got the better of Spurs in the group stages (a team who are better than City) which bodes well for them in this tie.  Their biggest threat could be their young squad getting caught in the headlights and the moment being too big for them, but if they play to their potential the shock is there to be taken.

I think City will probably go through, however Monaco do match up well against them and this is definitely a City team who can get got at.  Monaco won’t be able to catch City unawares after the PSG result, but City are so hot and cold that it might not matter.

Bayer Leverkusen v Atletico Madrid

Leverkusen are having an average season in the Bundesliga and to even get to this stage is a real achievement for them.  The only way I can see them getting the better of Atletico is if they can limit the Spanish side going forward.  Atletico can be susceptible to a lack of goals and if Leverkusen can take advantage of this then they may cause the upset.

Atletico on paper should walk this, but they aren’t on the best of form this season.  Their European record over the last three season is fantastic and with the league already over for them this season all their concentration will be on this tournament.  It will be interesting to see what they are able to do this season because they haven’t quite shown up this season like they have previously and I think it is unlikely that they’ll go all the way.  They are a team that nobody will want to face in the later rounds and on their day, they can stifle anyone.

Porto v Juventus

This isn’t a particularly good Porto team, who only made it to this stage because of how ridiculously easy their group was, yet somehow they still managed to finish second.  They’re just making up the numbers.

Juventus would be one of my picks to go on and win the title in May, something they’ve been threatening to do for a few years now.  With all the usual big clubs not quite being on it this season, it really opens the door for Juve to go on and take advantage.  Juventus can do it all and along with Bayern are the two most well rounded teams in the competition.  Add all this to the fact that they are looking comfortable in Serie A and Juve begin to look very good to go all the way.

Sevilla v Leicester City

When you look at some of the teams Sevilla could have drawn and then you look at the team they did draw, they really couldn’t be any happier.  Leicester are by far the worst team left in the tournament and this should be an absolute walkover for Sevilla, who are having a very good season.  If the draw goes for them in the next round then they might sneak into the semis, which would be quite the achievement.

Leicester are shit and shouldn’t be at this stage, however due to the worst group I’ve ever seen in the Champions League they somehow made it this far.  They will probably be relieved when they get put out, so that they can concentrate on staying up in the Premier League.  Personally, I’d be pissed if I was a Leicester fan and they went through to the next round because it would say to me that the players are only trying when it suits them and that simply isn’t acceptable.

Why not check out Part 1 of my last 16 preview.

So what are your thoughts for the last 16 of the Champions League?  Do you think Barca will make a comeback?  Are Leicester the tournaments real dark horse?  Well leave a comment and share those thoughts!

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