Premier League Second Team of the Season 16-17

Sadly in life too often great performers are forgotten because they have been slightly out performed by their compatriots, that was until the Premier League Second Team of the Season came around and gave them all sorts of acclaim and stuff!


It says a lot about a player who is a clear stick out in the worst team in the league that he is able to make it into a team like this. Pickford was that shining light for Sunderland and in doing so was just behind Tom Heaton in most of the shot stopping statistics. I would say that it should be considered that goalkeepers in poor teams have more of a chance to show off and their mistakes are generally more forgiven because they have so much more work to do, although that is the case for Pickford he made a number of quality saves and kept Sunderland in a number of games which they had no right of being in, he’ll be moving on to bigger and better things in the future.

Jordan Pickford

Right Back

Walker had an unusual season for Spurs this year, I wouldn’t say he was particularly outstanding and got dumped near the end of the season because he thought he could strong arm the team into more money. What makes me question putting Walker into this team is that Trippier (who I wouldn’t say was that great a player) slotted into the team and was just as productive as Walker in the last number of games, which then makes me question if Spurs is just a good system for full backs or whether Walker has actually had a high end season. He wouldn’t have been in the team if I felt there had been another standout right back, however the reason he is in the team is because I struggle to think of someone else who could fill the role, so essentially Walker got this spot by default.

Kyle Walker

Centre Back

I would say that Alderweireld this season has taken the step to becoming the Premier League’s best centre back. Solid, consistent, a leader at the back, Alderweireld was a massive part of taking Spurs to the best defensive record in the league.

Toby Alderweireld

Centre Back

The other massive part of that best defensive record in the league was Jan Vertonghen. Pretty much everything which I said about Alderweireld could be said about Vertonghen, who make up the best centre back partnership in the Premier League, both of whom put in another good season.

Jan Vertonghen

Left Back

I don’t know if Marcos Alonso is a goof left back, however he certainly had a good season at left wing back. He is good going forward and was always an out ball on the left for Chelsea picking up an impressive 6 goals as he marauded up and down the wing. The defensive duties of a left wing back aren’t overly taxing, it is a position which relies more on attacking and an engine to keep them going and Alonso contributed massively to the team with exactly that.

Marcos Alonso

Right Midfield

Mane’s time at Southampton showed glimpses of genius but that so often was intertwined by lacklustre performances, this season at Liverpool it was mainly on the genius side. Liverpool with and without Mane this season were a totally different team, his spells on the sidelines and time at the AFCON saw Liverpool’s worst form of the season come together. 13 goals and 5 assists in only 27 games is a fantastic return, with a full season he would probably have been in the Team of the Season and Liverpool’s top four success would likely have been a lot more comfortable, alas even with his spells out he had a great season and made a bigger contribution to his team than any other player.

Sadio Mane

Centre Midfield

Utd’s best player this season an absolute machine in the midfield. Herrera is the ultimate box to box ball winning midfielder, he has an incredible footballing brain, top level interceptions, a great tackler, good vision, an engine, passing ability and leadership, arguably the best all round midfielder in the Premier League.

Ander Herrera

Centre Midfield

David Silva this season was converted from a more attacking central role to more of a deep lying playmaker and he took to the position with no issues whatsoever. Silva has incredible passing ability and he showed it this season as he dictated City’s play from a deeper role, something vital in Guardiola’s system. Silva may have not put the flashy numbers he has put up in previous season but his influence on the team was as high as always and he showed his quality throughout.

David Silva

Centre Midfield

Back to back Premier League medals for Kante who has played a big part in both teams title successes. Kante is the leagues best defensive ball winning midfielder and is a little energiser in the middle of the park as he hunts down opposition attackers in his pursuit of the ball. Kante fits perfectly into Conte’s system and despite being grossly over rated has put in another great season with his limited skill set. It will be interesting to see how he does next season when he has European football on top of his domestic duties as it felt like he shaded off quite considerably in the final third of the season.

N’Golo Kante

Left Midfield

Sigurdsson is the one man wrecking crew for Swansea, 9 goals and 13 assists in a team which almost got relegated and had to suffer through a period of Bob Bradley’s pitiful managerial reign. Almost certainly Swansea would be spending next season in the Championship if it wasn’t for Siggy’s contribution, every team needs that little bit of extra quality and in a team which was lacking so much this season Sigurdsson delivered exactly that.

Gylfi Sigurdsson


Lukaku had his best season of his career this season as he put away 25 goals and directly contributed to 31. It’s funny to think that at the age of 24 a player can score 25 goals and be easily his teams best player, yet still have as much criticism as Lukaku receives. Yet it is hard to say that Lukaku even after a great season hasn’t sort of disappointed. It still feels like Lukaku should be able to offer more than just goals, yet his overall play still isn’t quite good enough, he also tends to go missing against the best teams, not the signs of a top quality player. Yet despite all of that the guy has scored 25 goals and ultimately the role of a striker is to score goals, it goes to show how high expectations are for Lukaku when he returns a great goalscoring return of 25 and people are still disappointed and expecting more.

Romelu Lukaku

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So what did you think of the Premier League Second Team of the Season? Are there some players missing? Maybe some of the guys should be in the Team of the Season? Or should some of these guys be nowhere near this list? Leave a comment and share those thoughts!

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