Champions League Final Preview 2016-17

Two of the biggest teams in Europe clash in what is setting up to be a very interesting Champions League final. Real Madrid, probably the biggest team in Spain against Juventus, probably the biggest team in Italy, the story sets itself up quite nicely.

The last time I wrote about the Champions League I felt that Juventus were one of the teams to watch out for (along with Bayern) because I felt that they were a well rounded team and most of the other main competitors weren’t at their best which would allow Juve to plot their way to the final and possibly the championship. I didn’t fancy Real at all and thought that Atletico would stifle them in the semi finals, which was clearly very wrong.

In their respective semi finals both teams went through fairly comfortably. Juve bossed an inexperienced Monaco side who looked like the moment was too big for them, putting in a professional controlled performance. Real or should I say Cristiano Ronaldo blew Atletico out the water in the first leg and although Atletico put up a good fight in the second leg it was always going to be an uphill battle.

This game is a classic attack versus defence, generally I am of the opinion when a great attack plays a great defence that a great defence will generally prevail, especially if the team with the better defence is clinical in attack, however in the last three finals it has went in the total opposite direction. On two occasions Real have scraped through against Atletico and Barca beat Juve in the other final, if that trend continues then Juve could be in trouble.

I do think that Juventus will win through in this match, simply because despite making the final I still don’t have much confidence in Real. Juventus feel like an incredibly well rounded team, their defence is currently the best in Europe and they have a threat going forward. Real’s defence still has so many questions in regards to its effectiveness, their midfield can be taken advantage of if Casemiro is isolated because Modric and Kroos don’t do enough defensive work.

For Real it will come down to whether or not Ronaldo shows up and if he doesn’t then will those around him take up the mantle? Ultimately Real have managed to make the final due to the performances of Ronaldo in the quarters and the semis, catching teams unaware with his clinical finishing.

Juve tactically I think will be too strong to get caught out by the Real sucker punch, they will likely dominate set pieces, their defence is incredibly strong and I can see them frustrating Real all game long. Juventus seem like a team whereas Real feel like a group of individuals and that’s why I feel that they will be this years champions.

I don’t really like either team so it doesn’t bother me who wins, however I would prefer Juventus to win, partially because Buffon’s career deserves one, I don’t think this Real team deserves 3 of the last 4 titles and it would be a nice change from the same old teams winning the competition over and over.

So how do you think the Champions League final will go? Do you think that Juve will finally win their third crown? Will Real be the first team to retain the Champions League? Or is this all a sideshow to the proper European final which happened just over a week ago? Leave a comment and share those thoughts!

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