Premier League Quarter Season Awards 2017-18

Ohhhhh yeesssssss!!! It’s that time of year again and that can only mean one thing…the Premier League Quarter Season Awards! Yes the awards that all of the players in the Premier League and throughout have been waiting for. Never mind that Ballon d’Or rubbish, this is the one that counts, so settle in and find out who the winners are.

Best Team

It couldn’t really be anyone other than Man City, they’ve been marvellous to start the season. 9 wins and one draw is fantastic, it is even better when you consider that they played for over half the match with 10 men in their only draw. 35 goals and only 6 conceded in ten games is genuinely out of this world, to do it playing exciting sexy football makes it all the better. City have scored 12 goals more than the next best team. It is remarkable how fluent City’s forward players are currently playing with, goals are coming from all over the place and it is highly frightening for opposing defenders, you are never going to be able to mark four different players at every moment of the match. Question for City is will they be able to keep this level of performance up across an entire season? The answer is almost certainly no, however the better question is whether the other teams will be able to keep up before they start to slow down?

Man City

Best Player

I have to say this is a really tough choice because it feels like a great number of players have been simply outstanding to start the season. Having said that I’m going to go for Harry Kane due to City players over shadowing each other and diminishing their overall output. Kane has once again shown why he is the brightest talent in English football, he’s been consistently spectacular for Spurs for four seasons now and there is no doubt he is a generational goal scoring talent. Kane has 8 goals in 9 games and he very much is driving this Spurs team forward. He may not be the captain but he is very much the leader of the team and is fast becoming the poster boy of the league.

Harry Kane

Best Manager

The natural assumption is that Guardiola would be crowned best manager of the quarter season…well guess again because it is none other than the main man himself…Mourinho…well the ginger Mourinho, Sean Dyche. Dyche has taken Burnley to 7th in the league, something which is truly remarkable. Think about it for a moment, the six teams above Burnley are the six best teams in the league, the so called big six. That means that Burnley are the best of the rest…Burnley! This is a team which in comparison to other teams in the league have a pitiful budget for both transfers and wages, yet are very much the best of the rest. 10 games, 9 goals and 9 conceded, it maybe isn’t the best football but who gives a shit when you’re winning.

Sean Dyche

Best Goalkeeper

I’m not sure that there really has been a particularly outstanding goalkeeper so far this season, so naturally I feel it apt to give it to the default winner of these things, David De Gea. To be fair to De Gea he has kept a spectacular 8 clean sheets in 10 games, having only conceded 4 goals, it is pretty special. The reasoning behind my reluctance for giving De Gea the award is because he has a very strong defensive structure in front of him, that isn’t to say that he hasn’t had a great season so far because he very much has.

David De Gea

Best Defender

He has been one of the greatest what ifs of Premier League potential of the last decade. So often the phrase has went ‘Phil Jones could be a great player if he could just stay fit’ and so the prophecy has come true. Jones has managed to started 10 games in a row, which in itself is a feat worthy of the best defender award, however he has been the standout defender on the standout defence of the season, it’s no surprise that he’s being lauded as the player that everyone had previously expected him to become.

Phil Jones

Best Midfielder

He just missed out on being crowned the best player of the quarter season, so it’s no surprise that he is the man picking up the best midfielder crown, none other than Kevin De Bruyne. De Bruyne’s stat line isn’t as impressive as some of his City teammates (1 goal & 6 assists), however the stats really don’t tell the story. De Bruyne has been out of this world for City so far this season, his passing is sublime and in a City team full of midfielders playing superbly he is the standout. Everything for City goes through De Bruyne, he’s their best player and he’s arguably the leagues best player, certainly the leagues best midfielder for me.

Kevin De Bruyne

Best Striker

Naturally it’s Harry Kane, the leagues best player and top goalscorer.

Harry Kane

Best Signing

When I talk about best signing, I’m really looking at who gives the most value based on price paid or massive contribution to their team. With that in mind I’m going to give this one to Richarlison who has given Watford that little bit of something special and cost a pretty reasonable fee of £11m. He may have only scored 3 goals and assisted a further two, however it should really be more. If Richarlison’s end product was just a little bit better he would have very strong numbers. At only 20, it will be interesting to see if he can grow into the season or this is as good as it gets, because although there is room for improvement, it looks like Watford have a real talent.


Best Young Player

He didn’t have a great start to the season, however over the last few games he has been on shit hot form, it’s Leroy Sane. Sane has 6 goals and 5 assists, almost as many as he had the entirety of last season. His speed and clinicalness has made him a vital player for City’s counter attacking, with Sane consistently punishing full backs for being a little slow, lazy or tired. Pace is deadly, pace and an end product is the stuff of nightmares.

Leroy Sane

Biggest Surprise

It couldn’t be anyone but Everton, currently in the relegation zone and out of Europe after four games, Koeman sacked and a team which despite having a very strong window looking totally out of ideas. I thought Everton could have a very tidy season, I genuinely thought they would finish above Liverpool, it won’t happy any more because they’ve been dreadful.


Best Team

GK– De Gea






CM—De Bruyne





Another year another great award show. If you didn’t guess the best teams in the league this year tend to be from City, Utd and Spurs (in that order), it’s pretty much night and day between these three and the rest currently. But enough shop talk, lets get the booze out and the party hats on because it is time to boogy on down to celebrate the most prestigious quarter season awards in the world!

So what did you think of the Premier League quarter season 2017-18 awards? Who’s been snub? Are the hankeys out? Who’s had a few too many? Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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