2017-18 Premier League Season Awards

A long season has come to an end…and now….it’s time to PARTAY!!! It’s the Premier League season awards, where winners are winners and losers are the people who aren’t the winners.

Best Team

Previous Winners- Man City & Man City

It shouldn’t really be a shock that City would win the best team of the season, they hit 100 points, the highest ever points tally in English football, they broke the Premier League record for wins and goals scored and did it all at a canter. City have won this award throughout all the awards series, however it really was their first half of the season which carried them to the title and the records. Their second half of the season wasn’t as impressive but for an overall showing you can’t help but applaud their achievements.

Man City

Best Player

Previous Winners- Kane & Salah

A player scoring 32 goals is special, a winger doing it is out of this world. In his first season Salah has made the Premier League his bitch and doing all this for the 4th best team in the league. The mark Salah always had against him is that he isn’t the most clinical in front of goal, he very much changed that this season adding a finishing dimension to his game that helped propel his team to a last day Champions League spot. 32 goals and 10 assists is a pretty good season, better when you’re not a striker and it’s essentially your first season in the league.

Mo Salah

Best Manager

Previous Winners- Dyche & Dyche

I know what everyone is thinking here…there’s one clear winner, he’s a guy who’s done something really special, his team play the best football ever created anywhere, charismatic, a gift to football and he did all of this whilst guiding his team to an incredible fourth in the league!!! Oh…wait…fourth? Yea…it isn’t that impressive for the apparent clear second best team in the league…so I guess it has to be Guardiola. Yeah…makes a lot of sense really, record breaker and all that…but then again when you think about it, when you outspend the league so wholeheartedly it isn’t that amazing that you then proceed to win the league. Let’s be honest here, if anyone were to win this award it has to be Sean Dyche. The simple fact is that he has taken arguably the worst squad in the league and a team which was destined for relegation and got them to finish a very comfortable 7th. Burnley will be in Europe next season, fucking Burnley. I think people have forgotten how incredible an achievement this is because they’ve been 7th basically all season and had a mini slump around the turn of the year. At one point there was a legitimate chance that Burnley would finish above Arsenal, now that says a lot about Arsenal but it says even more about Burnley and what the ginger Mourinho has done with his good ol’ fashioned punt it up the pitch and defend like hell.

Sean Dyche

Best Goalkeeper

Previous Winners- De Gea & Pope

De Gea is a cut above every keeper in the league and to be honest at the moment he is easily the best keeper in the world. He won the golden glove this year, his first in his time in the Premier League, which in itself is remarkable because he has been the best keeper in the league for years now. Not a hard decision, get that party hat on David!

David De Gea

Best Defender

Previous Winners- Jones & Azpilicueta

It’s been a weird year for defenders, City didn’t have anyone who consistently played or performed, neither did Utd, Azpilicueta was on top form as always but it’s hard to look past the way that the Chelsea defence imploded in the second half of the year, hence the award has ended up going to Jan Vertonghen. Vertonghen has consistently been one of the league’s best centre backs and he has once again thrown together a very solid season. Spurs weren’t at their best this season and there was a lot of moving parts in the backline, but the one stalwart was Vertonghen. Bit of a last man standing but there ya go.

Jan Vertonghen

Best Midfielder

Previous Winners- De Bruyne & Salah

Salah being the best player probably also makes him the best midfielder, let me just check…yip that is correct.

Mo Salah

Best Striker

Previous Winners- Kane & Kane

It’s a shame for Kane, after scoring 29 goals last season he improved his tally to 30 goals this season and in doing so became part of an elite group…yet nobody is talking about it because he was usurped by Salah. That’s four seasons in a row which Kane has scored 20+ goals, that’s a special sort of run. In my opinion Kane is the best player in the league, he just wasn’t the best player this season…best striker though, so he has that going for him.

Harry Kane

Best Signing

Previous Winners- Richarlison & Salah

The season’s best player also happened to be signed in this season and for only £30 odd million which is pretty damn good value. Special mention to Andy Robertson who was a bargain at £7m and is Scottish. Running out of Salah pictures…

Mo Salah

Best Young Player

Previous Winners- Sane & Sane

He’s won both the early season awards, so it’s probably no surprise that he also managed to win the full season award. At times inconsistent but you have to hand it to Sane, to return 10 goals and 15 assists is a great year. He epitomises City’s style of play this season, using his pace to pick up all those cheap sweaty goals as he runs to the byline past clueless defenders and cuts the ball back across the six yard box.

Leroy Sane

Biggest Surprise

Previous Winners- Everton & Man City

I was thinking about what deserved to win this and I didn’t really think anything was sticking out…that was until it hit me, it was so obvious…Arsenal actually having the balls to finally sack Wenger! When you think about it it makes a lot of sense, Wenger should probably have been relieved of his duties ten or so years ago, yet he was allowed to drag on slowly destroying any legacy which he had built up. I hear lots of excuses, but a new stadium isn’t really a valid excuse in my mind, certainly not over ten years after it was built and especially not when you consider how much money can be made in football now. I always find it funny when you hear people in the media talking about Wenger making Arsenal as if Arsenal weren’t already a massive club. You’d think Arsenal were a nothing before Wenger, when the reality is that they won the league in 1991, the FA Cup in 93 (when it still meant something) and the Cup Winners Cup in 94 and then two years later Wenger joined the club. History has been re-written to make Wenger seem like a bigger deal than he actually was, the guy has been a non event for over a decade and dragged (at worst) the third biggest club in England into the lands of mediocrity. Well done Arsene, you may not have won anything on the pitch this year but you did win a coveted bm23sportsreviews award…so truly going out on a high.

Arsenal actually having the balls to sack Arsene Wenger after years of mediocrity and failure.

There it is the party rages on as the winners get into the shots and Wenger gets a bit handsy with his trophy, it’s been a while since he won something so prestigious so give the guy a break.

If you’re interested, and how could you not be, then check out how the half season awards went.

So leave a comment and shower myself and the award winners with some praise (but mainly me). Give those thoughts by using your mind and the fingers to push the buttons or just palm the keyboard and hope something half sensible comes out, it generally works ok for me.

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