Premier League Second Team of the Season 2017-18

For every winner there is a person who almost won, who has been amazing but has fallen just a little bit short and is now peeking in their bathroom winner wishing that they were them. Well it’s time to celebrate the Premier League players who weren’t the best but were damn close.


Not even the starting keeper at the beginning of the season, pretty much a journeyman back up keeper and here is one place short of the Team of the Season. It says everything about Pope made the England team for the World Cup, nobody would have thought that a mere six months ago. A rock at the back, keeping 11 clean sheets on his way to a career season.

Nick Pope

Right Back

Man I am struggling to find right backs that had a good season this year, I guess Trippier had a solid season for Spurs. He’s not a great player but he’s solid and to be honest did a good enough job that Spurs didn’t overly miss Walker leaving.

Kieran Trippier

Left Back

I would say that Davies deserves to be here more than Trippier, he had a good year as he stood in for the cranky Danny Rose. 2 goals and 6 assists is a solid return in 29 games from a full back and similarly to Trippier he also plugged the gap well enough to make the loss of Rose not seem like the end of the world.

Ben Davies

Centre Back

Not even a centre back and here he is again. Chelsea’s defence in the second half of the year was a mess but the only man you couldn’t blame for that is Azpi, who kept a high level of performance throughout. He was great in the first half of the year when Chelsea were half decent, he was still good when Chelsea were shit and his teammates really let him down this year.

Cesar Azpilicueta

Centre Back

Tarkowski made the team of the season and a big part of that was his partnership with Ben Mee. Mee and Tarkowski in front of Pope were the wall which helped propel Burnley to an unlikely 7th in the league. Mee started to pick up some injuries as the season came to a close and the loss of him really hurt Burnley’s defensive effectiveness.

Ben Mee

Centre Midfield

The other man in the City midfield, he does the dirty work when none of the players in front of him can do. It’s interesting when you look at the role Fernandinho plays at City, he doesn’t have defensive minded players in front of him and he lacks quality defenders behind him, so it pretty much all relies on him. He may not be the most talented player in the team but somebody has to make professional fouls and never be booked for them.


Centre Midfield

I have to say that it does feel like there has been a lack of quality performances in the league this season, usually I wouldn’t really struggle to put together two teams, yet this season I really have.. Having said that lets take time out to celebrate fantasy football hero Luka Milivojevic who was the master of the penalty and a many a time saviour for people looking for a cheap midfield option everywhere.

Luka Milivojevic

Right Midfield

Mahrez actually had a really solid season, 12 goals and 10 assists from a player who played in a team which struggled for large portions of the season is impressive, even more impressive when you consider that he was disrupted in January by a club which was being a complete fanny. Hard to see him being at Leicester next season after running so many good seasons together now.

Riyad Mahrez

Left Midfield

A really good season from Sane who was the league’s best young player, contributing 10 goals and 15 assists to the cause. He is still a bit inconsistent but at only 22 you can’t really complain about such a good return. The next step will be trying to add different aspects to his game and not relying on his pace so much, that’s the difference between a good player and a quality player, this was a good first step.

Leroy Sane

Attacking Midfield

Eriksen often gets lost in the Kane-Alli shuffle when it comes to Spurs but he really is a quality consistent performer. This wasn’t even his best year and he still contributed 10 goals and 10 assists to the cause. All of Spurs’ play comes through Eriksen, he is along with Kane their two most important players. Not the flashiest player in the league but he is certainly one of the best.

Christian Eriksen


I don’t really like Vardy but it’s hard to ignore the fact that he’s scored 20 goals for a team which finished 9th in the league. I thought he was going to be a one season wonder but at 31 Vardy is still having great seasons and as much as I hate to say it, that should be heavily applauded.

Jamie Vardy

So there’s the second team of the Premier League season 17-18, I know what you’re thinking that they aren’t as good as the first team and that my effort in writing this wasn’t as high as when I was writing the team of the season…and you’d be right! As is life.

So what did you think of the Premier League Second Team of the Season 2017-18? Are you upset that I snubbed all of Bournemouth’s players? Why was there no Fabian Delph!?!? Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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