2018 World Cup Pre-Tournament Betting Tips

It’s the return of the World Cup betting tips!!! Four years ago I predicted like a mad man and made tons of money on my £1 bets! That’s right…I’m the sort of guy who risks it all!

To Win Outright

I think there are four teams who are a cut above the rest; Germany, Brazil, Spain and France. I think Germany are the best placed to win the competition and you can get them at 9/2. Germany’s odds should probably be shorter, however they’re being impacted by the difficulty of retaining and people getting caught up in Brazil.

Germany 9/2

If you want an outside bet then I think you can do a lot worse than Croatia. They have a really good side and if they are able to beat a wounded Argentina to the top of their group then they will have a decent run to the quarters, at which point all the teams are good.

Croatia 33/1

Top Goalscorer

You always get really good prices for the top goalscorer as it’s such a volatile market. I have Germany winning the competition and more so I think the very worst they will do is the semis (meaning the full seven games). With that in mind I think you look at a German to be top goalscorer and the man of Germany World Cup goals is Thomas Muller. He has 10 goals in 13 games and continually shows up for Germany. He’ll play quite far forward, maybe even time at striker, making him a good choice.

Thomas Muller 33/1

Group Betting

Belgium to win Group G- 5/6

Their only real competition is England and England aren’t really up to much. Belgium have one of the best first elevens in the tournament, should be easy enough.

Colombia to win Group H- 11/8

Tough one to call because there isn’t a great deal between Colombia and Poland, however Colombia are the better side and it’s a 50/50 shot.

Uruguay to win Group A- 8/11

Group A is a really weak group and Uruguay are the only side which is of the quality required in this competition, should take it fairly easily.

Stage of Elimination

Serbia last 16- 2/1

Serbia have a fairly favourable group and Russia is their home away from home, could be the surprise of the groups.

England last 16- 11/5

You always get a good price on England to not do well because some people are deluded. They should make it through the group stages and then it’s a 50/50 whether they go out in the last 16 or quarters (also 11/5)

Senegal group stage- 8/13

They aren’t as good Colombia or Poland which means they’ll find the knockouts out of touch.

So leave a comment about the money you have lost by following these amazing and questionable tips or why not share some of your own?

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