World Cup 2018 Team of the Tournament

Just a quick call out for the players who I think outshone their compatriots in the 2018 World Cup. The eleven players who stamped their presence on this competition like no other and made themselves heroes of their nations.


Lloris was a wall for France, the calm composed leader at the back had a really good tournament and it’s a shame for him that he didn’t win the golden glove, losing it due to a silly mistake in the final.

Hugo Lloris

Right Back

In an England team which made the semis Trippier was one of the standout performers, running up and down the right wing like a man possessed. His delivery was good in this tournament and scored the goal which England should have been able to build on to make the final. He stepped up, others didn’t.

Kieran Trippier

Centre Back

Arguably the best centre back in the world was an absolute rock in the French defence. Dangerous at set pieces and a wall at the back, fast and physically imposing, everything that you’d want in a centre back.

Raphael Varane

Centre Back

I was really impressed with Vida in the World Cup, he was one of Croatia’s best players and was constantly making big plays and having big matches which led to his team making the final. He’s one of those players who you watch at the World Cup playing at a really high level and you can’t help but wonder why he’s at Besiktas, I imagine this performance is misleading.

Domagoj Vida

Left Back

Hernandez is kind of getting this slot as the best of a position which didn’t really have an outstanding performer. He did have a very good tournament but I wouldn’t call it special.

Lucas Hernandez

Centre Midfield

In my opinion the best player in this 2018 World Cup. Pogba was France’s best player and he offered everything in attack and defence, an absolute midfield maestro who opened defences with his passing, broke up play and dominated players with his physicality. If you could make a perfect midfielder then it would be Pogba in this tournament.

Paul Pogba

Centre Midfield

Modric won the golden ball and was Croatia’s best player. He is a special player and led the unlikely Croatia to a final. His performances against Denmark and Russia really showed what a critical player he was in the run to the final.

Luka Modric

Right Wing

The best young player of the tournament played a big part in France winning it all. His pace was electric and at only 19 you have to marvel at the pure spectacle that is Mbappe. He’s a big time performer, who at times showed the lesser side of football but more often than not showed the beauty of it. If he could become more consistent then he will be scary.

Kylian Mbappe

Left Wing

Hazard can be a bit moody at times, however he very much stepped up in this World Cup. A big contributor to Belgium finishing third, he was their best attacking performer and help make Belgium the best team to watch in the tournament.

Eden Hazard

Attacking Midfield

I feel like Griezmann could have done better and he stays makes the team of the tournament, that’s how good he is. Griezmann actually had a sneakily good tournament as he created a lot of the creative opportunities which allowed the other players to score. He stepped up massively in the final and was instrumental in France winning the match, in particular when they were struggling against a rampant Croatia. If it wasn’t for Pogba then he’d have been France’s best attacking player.

Antoine Griezmann


Striker is another position which I think didn’t have an outstanding performer in this World Cup. I’ve went for Lukaku because he dominated the group stages, was excellent against Brazil and although he should have scored more his overall contribution to the team was massive.

Romelu Lukaku

So there you have it, the World Cup 2018 team of the tournament. It’s dominated by French players but being the most dominant team in the competition will do that to a team of the tournament. Leave a comment and share who the snubs and over reaches are.

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