Premier League 18-19 Table Predictions

Seeing as the Premier League window closes prior to the season starting I decided to leave my season preview until after that happened, naturally the consequences of that is that I haven’t been able to complete it prior to the first game, so here’s how I think the league will play out this season.

1st – Man City

2nd – Man Utd

3rd – Liverpool

4th – Arsenal

5th – Spurs

6th – Chelsea

7th – Everton

8th – West Ham

9th – Leicester

10th – Wolves

11th – Palace

12th – Fulham

13th – Brighton

14th – Burnley

15th – Watford

16th – Southampton

17th – Bournemouth

18th – Newcastle

19th – Huddersfield

20th – Cardiff

So there you have it, my terrible attempt at predicting how the season will go. I do think that City are the most likely team to win the league, however I don’t think Utd are that far behind them and Liverpool have stretched away from the other top four contenders. I think fourth is really hard to call, but feel Arsenal have down a lot of good business over the last two windows. Relegation is much tougher as I feel that there is a large number of below average sides. Anyone from Brighton down could go down and the only one I am purely confident about is Cardiff. I think Huddersfield aren’t a good side and were fortunate to stay up last season and Newcastle are all over the place as always.

My preview for the seasons and review of the transfer window will follow after this, however in the meantime what do you think of my predictions for the Premier League 18-19? Why not leave some of your thoughts on what you think might happen or maybe how this is definitely Liverpool’s year or something?

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