I love many forms of sports.  I follow football, American football, Formula 1, Golf, Tennis and wrestling.  Being Scottish you don’t have much to celebrate on an international level (with the exclusion of Andy Murray) so it is at club level that I get most of my enjoyment out of team sports.

I am a supporter of Manchester United (not bandwagoning because a 3 year old [when i started my love affair] cannot make an educated decision about things because they don’t understand what they are doing or what day it is) and of the New York Jets (at the time an educated decision based on the fact that I wanted to pick a team to support [I was about 15] and Doug from King of Queens liked the Jets, I now realise that it was probably a bad decision and have developed the self loathing features that only Jets fans can muster).

So there you go I have watched sports as long as I can remember and have been through the highs and lows that come along with that.  For every bad memory (anything to do with Scotland) there are the good memories (European triumphs) and that is what makes sports spectacular.

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