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Luis Suarez Moves to Barcelona Leaves Liverpool in the Shit.

It seems odd that a player who has been banned from all footballing activities for 4 months and recently bit an opponent (his third offence) has just got a huge step up in terms of clubs after a massive £75 million transfer (although reports in Spain say it is closer to £64 million).

First off £75 million is grossly overpaying for a player who has a tendency to get himself big suspensions every season and one who won’t be able to meet up with the rest of the team until late October. If you measure him against the Bale transfer for instance his market value is probably right, but in reality Bale was way overpriced and so is Suarez. If Barca had paid £50 million then it would have been good business but they paid 50% more than that.

It is sad for the Premier League because once again it has lost one of its stars. I’m not a Liverpool fan but Suarez was the biggest name and best player in the Premier League and now he has gone, it leaves a whole in the idea that the Premier League is the pinnacle of football when the stars of the league keep moving to Real Madrid and Barcelona.

So what about Liverpool? Yes they have managed to get rid of a major headache in Suarez because you know he hasn’t racially abused someone in a while (something which will probably be endearing in Spain) and is not too far off another suspension but they have just sold by far their best player. Liverpool somehow finished second last year (yes 2nd with that poor squad!) and pretty much most of the credit can go to Suarez. He singlehandedly carried the team through the middle of the season (after his suspension) and when his form dropped off the other players picked it up because they were drunk on the momentum. However as is the way of things you can’t win a league with just one player and so Liverpool choked after realising that for once they weren’t struggling to get a Europa League place and that their manager was a dafty.

How will Liverpool, the one man team, cope without their one man? The answer is pretty simple, they are bound to struggle, greatly. Liverpool needed a whole host of players and that was before Suarez was sold; now they need a whole host more. You look at the £75 million which they are reportedly receiving and marvel at the players they could potentially be signing and think that they will be ok because that money will be able to be spread throughout the squad! Sounds good, but have a little look at Spurs and how they did after Bale and you realise that it is incredibly hard to replace somebody who is truly special.

So far Liverpool have signed Emre Can (a Bayern Munich reject), Adam Lallana (an overpriced Englishman) and Rickie Lambert (em….really?), that’s £39 million of your Suarez transfer gone already. It’s hard to say how Can will do but you have to imagine that if he was good enough you imagine he would still be at Bayern, I do like Lallana but you have to wonder if he could make the step up (Stewart Downing looked good at Villa after all) and the less said about Lambert the better.

Liverpool fans won’t want to read this but you’re fucked. You are absolutely fucked. I didn’t think you would finish top 4 next season with Suarez (prior to ban) but now I don’t think you’ve got a chance. Chelsea are better, City are better, Arsenal are better, Utd are better, Spurs have stayed the same and Liverpool have regressed dramatically on last season.

Look Liverpool fans, maybe I’m wrong, maybe all of Liverpool’s signings will play super-duper well (just like last seasons did…cough cough cough) and maybe guys like Sturridge and Sterling will step up and take the reins, and yeah maybe all of that will happen and everyone will live happily ever after and Liverpool will win the quadruple!!! However back in the real world it is unlikely that all of these things will happen. First off I doubt that Sturridge and Sterling will do as well as last season because a large reason for their success was the space which defences were giving them because they were worried about Suarez and Sturridge is pretty shit anyway. To sign about seven or eight players (as is needed) makes it unlikely that they will be able to gel straight away which as I have previously said look at Spurs last season. It all looks pretty grim…

So there you have it Suarez taking bites out of his fellow humans and subsequent transfer to Barcelona has pretty much left Liverpool in the shits. It is bad news for Liverpool, it is bad news for the Premier League and it is bad news for the marketing. However can you really blame Suarez for leaving, who really wants to play at middle of the road clubs anyway?

Leave a comment about what you think about King Bitey’s transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona for lots ‘n’ lots of money. Do you think that it was the right time for Liverpool to let him go? Do you think that it was only a matter of time because good players don’t play for Liverpool? Share your opinions and stuff!!!

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The Art of Choking- The 2014 Liverpool Edition.


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  It’s incredible how a couple of weeks can change your entire beliefs in football; Sunderland looked dead and Liverpool looked like being crowned champions was only a formality.  What a funny thing football is, just when you think you know what’s happening it turns out that you were so damn wrong.  Just for the record, Liverpool have bottled winning the Premier League, they choked.

I wanted to write this after the Chelsea game but decided to hold off because I would have looked pretty silly if City ended up making a mess of it again, thankfully Liverpool look like they’ve thrown it away all by themselves.  Liverpool can no longer win the league, the chances of City dropping more than 2 points in games at home to West Ham and Aston Villa are little to none.  That must be hard reading for Liverpool fans but if you think you still have a chance you are living in a dreamland.

Liverpool were on an incredible run since the turn of the year; 16 wins and 2 draws and an eleven game winning streak heading into the Chelsea game.  Now there is no disgrace in ever dropping points to a Jose Mourinho coached team, but going into the game Chelsea couldn’t win the league and it was sandwiched between two highly important Champions League semi-final ties against Atletico Madrid, on top of that they put out what can only be called half a team.  So surely Liverpool with all their momentum could go in and wipe the floor with Chelsea…in fact they didn’t need to wipe the floor with them, a 0-0 draw would be more than enough to put Liverpool on course for their first league title for over twenty years.  Instead Liverpool played the game like a bunch of novices who didn’t know what to do when a team doesn’t try and play against them.  It was an embarrassing display from Liverpool; they created almost no opportunities and acted incredibly petulant at Chelsea’s antics, not realising that this was exactly what Chelsea wanted them to do.

Now I’m sure we can all agree that the Steven Gerrard slip and Demba Ba goal was funny as was the subsequent shoot from any silly position display which Gerrard gave us, but you have to feel sorry for him because he knows this is his last chance at realistically winning the Premier League.  That’s the thing with Liverpool, this team shouldn’t be good enough to challenge for the league, the fact that they have is a remarkable achievement for both the players and the management.  However that is the thing, next year Liverpool will be lucky to finish top four because with the new distraction of Champions League football and the inevitable improvement of the teams around them, this was their one chance.  After all Liverpool fans won’t want to accept this but they are a one man team, and when that one man doesn’t show up they struggle.

Liverpool have been a team of luck this season, what seemed liked endless luck, but luck can only take you so far and in this occasion it took Liverpool far enough to get the hopes of their fans up only to shatter them as the team came back to reality.

Which brings me to the fans; oh dear, I respect the Liverpool fans but damn they are yappy.  This isn’t hard for me to go into the archives and pick up on comments from Liverpool fans to me after I criticised their team, here’s my favourite: “That being said this isn’t about the past, it’s about now, today” bit awkward when you don’t go on and win the league…, but oh well.  Yes Liverpool fans are yappy, they love to talk about Liverpool like they have been a relevant club for the past twenty years despite the fact they haven’t been, they love to talk about Liverpool as if they are still the biggest club in England when they aren’t and they love to think that Jamie Carragher is a great pundit when he clearly isn’t.  I wouldn’t go as far to say that the fans cost Liverpool the title because after all they aren’t the ones playing on the pitch, but I think if you talk to Chelsea players or fans about this you will find that the sheer arrogance which the Liverpool fans had prior to the Chelsea match was one of the reasons why Chelsea were so spirited in their win.  The media, the fans and the players all acted as if the Chelsea result and Liverpool’s winning of the league was a formality, which of course it was until the choking started and the bottle went.  There’s a reason why you don’t count your chickens before they hatch, because maybe Jose Mourinho comes round and fancies some scrambled eggs.

For me Liverpool’s worst result of the season was when Chelsea lost 2-1 to Sunderland, because all of a sudden Liverpool went from being unlikely but possible winners to heavy heavy favourites.  The entire season I kept saying Liverpool wouldn’t win the league because in the end one of the better teams would come good, but after this result I started to believe that Liverpool’s winning of the league was almost a formality.  Given the circumstances Liverpool had four very easy games where 10 points were needed with which to win the league, they should have got them, the reason they didn’t is because they let the pressure of expectation get to them, it’s as simple as that.

The one word which describes Liverpool’s title challenge is momentum; it felt in the run in that every bounce of the ball, every refereeing decision and every game just went Liverpool’s way.  The problem with momentum is that when it stops it does so dramatically and Liverpool’s momentum was no different.  After losing for the first time this calendar year Liverpool follow that result up with what can only be called an embarrassing 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace.  In reality drawing at Palace currently isn’t an embarrassing result, but when you’re 3-0 up with less than 15 minutes to go you probably shouldn’t be losing points.  Much like in the Chelsea game, the Liverpool players looked incredibly naïve as Palace stormed back out of nowhere and made what was a nothing game into the stuff of nightmares for Liverpool.  The thing is Liverpool probably wouldn’t have won the league anyway if they had won against Palace, but you have to ask the question, City have shown in the past that they don’t react well under pressure, you must put it on them.

There is one thing that you must always do when you lose and that is stay classy, something which Liverpool refrained from doing (the sign that you don’t have a big club mentality).  Two situations spring to mind for me of this; firstly Brendan Rodgers comments after the Chelsea defeat, who cares if they parked the bus you couldn’t adapt and got tactically outclassed, it comes off as incredibly petty when a manager blames the other teams tactics (non-cheating ones) as the reason for losing, who cares if you were the only team playing football (which is questionable because your team played shit)?  The answer is no one, grow up and realise that not every team is stupid enough to give your players the space they require for you to be successful.  The second situation is after Chelsea lost to Atletico Madrid, why are the Liverpool players going on Twitter celebrating their loss and saying that this is justice?  Maybe if they were concentrating more on Crystal Palace and a little less on Chelsea they wouldn’t have blown their title chances right out of the water.  Stay classy Liverpool!

In many ways you feel sorry for Liverpool because they do have a great set of fans (even if I don’t particularly like them), they have played the best football in the league and it was a nice underdog story, but in reality they were never really good enough to win the league.  It will be a big summer for Liverpool because they are now a big scalp again, teams will know how to play against them, next year there will be high expectations and they are at least five (probably more) big contributing players away from being able to put themselves in this position again.  Liverpool fans won’t want to read this but that is how it will be.

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