An Analysis of the Man Utd Squad- The 2017-18 Edition

Utd got away with one last season as a Europa League win saved what would otherwise have been a disaster of a season. Despite that at the end of the season Utd had been the second most successful team in England and the future was looking fairly bright. Continue reading “An Analysis of the Man Utd Squad- The 2017-18 Edition”


Manchester United 2016/17 Season Review

A belated season review of the champions of Europe…cough…and League…Cup champions, Jose Mourinho’s first season at Old Trafford ended with winning two of the four tournaments which Manchester United entered, a success but only barely. Continue reading “Manchester United 2016/17 Season Review”

An Analysis of the Man Utd Squad- The 2016/17 Edition

Another season another new manager…  Yes, after 26 years of no change, Manchester United are on their fourth manager in five seasons, quite the culture shock for a club which is so use to stability. Continue reading “An Analysis of the Man Utd Squad- The 2016/17 Edition”

Manchester United Season Review 2015/16

It has been three years since Alex Ferguson stepped down as Manchester United manager, and it has been three years of frustrating football for Utd fans.  After achieving the minimum requirements expected last season, Van Gaal went into this season with heightened expectations; ultimately he and the team came up short. Continue reading “Manchester United Season Review 2015/16”

An Analysis of the Man Utd Squad -2015-16 Edition

It’s the first season in two years where there hasn’t been a major upturn at Utd (yay same manager as last year!), unless of course you call the switch from Nike to Adidas a major upturn, which of course it is, in quality of shirts.  Sadly this isn’t a post about the differing quality and designs of the world’s two biggest sports clothing producers (although if it was I’d be telling you why Adidas is better than Nike) but rather an analysis of the Man Utd squad for the upcoming 2015-16 season. Continue reading “An Analysis of the Man Utd Squad -2015-16 Edition”