Super Bowl LI Review

Super Bowl LI delivered one of the most incredible games you will ever see, a comeback for the ages in a game that looked all but dead in the third quarter.  If you went to bed early then you missed quite possibly the single greatest performances in NFL history, but how did we get to that point? Continue reading “Super Bowl LI Review”


Super Bowl LI Betting Tips

All good things must come to an end and for the 2016 NFL season we are at that point, but what better way to do things than going out with a bang as two of the best offences in the league go head to head to see who will be crowned this year’s champions, it should be a doozy. Continue reading “Super Bowl LI Betting Tips”

Super Bowl XLIX Review

Twenty seconds left, it’s 2nd and goal from the one and you’re four behind. It is the stuff that dreams are made of. In the backfield you have the best running back in the league, a man who the opposing team hasn’t been able to get down all game. There’s only one thing for it, give the man the ball and let him win you the Super Bowl…Then you wake up in a cold sweat realising you decided it was a good idea to throw the ball and hence lost the game, this is the recurring nightmare that the Seahawks offensive co-ordinator will be having for years to come.
pats hawks int

I said in my preview/betting tips that the game was the Seahawks to lose and oh god did they lose it. I think it is harsh on the Patriots but the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl rather than the Patriots won it. The Seahawks had a 10 point lead at one point and they threw it away with needless penalties and celebrating on the touchline. They got away from what they do best, run the ball and run it hard.

The Legion of Boom disappeared as Brady threw the ball all over them in the final quarter. Maybe Richard Sherman and Co should’ve been focusing on tactics and plays rather than signalling to the camera that they were up 24-14. The Seahawks collapse was reminiscent of the Packers collapse only a fortnight prior, life is full of many ironies.
sherman gif

Not to bang on about it but how the fuck can’t you give the ball to Lynch on the 1 yard line? Maybe he doesn’t get in, maybe he loses 5 yards but you have to give the ball to your best offensive player and give him the chance. In my opinion if Lynch takes it in the Seahawks win and Lynch is the MVP and hero and this is the real reason why he didn’t get the ball in his hands. How could you release your best offensive player who has just won you the Super Bowl, a man who the fans love? The answer is you can’t without looking incredibly stupid and it is due to this that I think the Seahawks systematically chose to allow Russell Wilson win the game for them so that he would be the hero who won the team the game. The problem naturally is that Wilson is not an elite player and his throw when it really mattered showed exactly this. Don’t get me wrong Wilson is a quarterback many teams will wish they had but to make that throw he has to give his man the best chance to catch it and he threw it in there with at best a 50/50 chance of him catching it and he cost his team the game.
Russell Wilson

Conspiracy theories apart it was a good game, even if the Patriots won which I’m sure pretty much everyone but the Patriots fans didn’t want to happen (they aren’t very popular, granted neither are the Seahawks). I was surprised at how many touchdowns there were and thought we would have seen more field goals than touchdowns, kind of put my bets way out. Oddly enough the first Super Bowl I’ve ever bet on where I didn’t make profit on my bets, that’s 1/7 if you’re wondering.

I am finding it hard to evaluate this Super Bowl because although I’d like to sit here and tell you what the Patriots did well (and they did do things well) I can’t help but turn back to criticisms of the Seahawks. What I do think the Pats did well was taking advantage of what the Seahawks offered them; I’m talking about taking advantage of Gronk mismatches, keeping the game close when they were being outplayed around the 3rd quarter and smartly taking what the Hawks gave them later on in the game and not feeling the need to force the ball. Brady for me was the MVP for how he led the team back with almost no running game, but I did think that Edelman was excellent and Vereen made a huge impact in the passing game when he replaced Blount in the line-up.

Back to criticising the Seahawks now, after making one of the stupidest calls I’ve ever seen you have the Patriots on their own 1 yard line unable to take a knee, you know what they will likely do (QB sneak) and you know you have to get low and stop it, however instead of doing that you jump offside and pick up a five yard penalty which ends the game totally. Who knows maybe you get the safety and give yourself a chance of a field goal or maybe Brady sneaks and it all comes to nothing, but you have to give yourself the chance, to do anything else is almost as criminal as throwing it on the 1 yard line. The brawl at the end of the game was also embarrassing; the Seahawks clearly have an ego problem and need to be more humble in victory and defeat.
The funny thing about the throw on the 1 yard line is that it isn’t so much that the play call is horrible because if the Patriots had been in that position you would expect them to put the ball in the hands of their best player (Brady) to try and win the game, but that’s the key word put the ball in the hands of your best player, the Seahawks chose to do otherwise and paid the heavy heavy price.
lynch sbxlix

What shouldn’t be ignored is that the Seahawks made a wonder call by going for the touchdown with six seconds to go in the first half. Personally I thought this was a horrible decision but it worked out in the end and they ended up looking like genius’, something which didn’t really last long. The irony about this is that if the Patriots had lost the game I think people would have looked at this play as the reason which they lost because the Pats knew that the Seahawks could only do one thing, yet decided it would be a good idea to play an incredibly soft coverage almost allowing the Hawks to score. Funny how things could so easily be different instead of sitting here talking about a horrible Patriots call in the final seconds we are instead talking about a horrible Seahawks call in the final seconds.

I think that will wrap it up for this review. The Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX but as much as that the Seahawks lost it, however it takes two to tango and the Patriots had to put themselves in a position to take advantage and they did exactly that, giving Belichick and Brady their 4th Super Bowl together.

So what did you think of Super Bowl XLIX? Are you still shocked at the Seahawks call on the 1 yard line? Do you think that Richard Sherman deserved to get his mouth shut? Well leave a comment and let the world know. Plus you can find more of my musings by joining the bm23reviews Facebook and Twitter pages because why the fuck not?

Super Bowl XLIX Betting Tips

The Super Bowl is here once again and the entire world wants to know what they should be throwing their hard earned cash on to make that into more cash and hence make them mega rich. Thankfully for my adoring public I’m back with some of my highly useful betting tips!

First off here’s a little preview of the match itself just for you guys. This match is made for the Seahawks to win (my pre-season tip); the Patriots struggle against good defensive teams and don’t defend well against the big boy running backs. You only need to take a look at how the Patriots played against the Jets this season (two games which they undeservedly narrowly won) to see that the Seahawks are custom built to beat the Patriots. In contrast if the Patriots can run up a score (which isn’t beyond them and their questionable tactics) I don’t see the Seahawks being able to keep in touch. The Pats won’t make the silly mistakes which the Packers made to allow the Seahawks back into the game, they are master game managers and they know how to kick you when you’re down. The other positive for the Pats is that the Seahawks are carrying a number of injuries in the secondary (Seahawks strongest area), something which will play right into their hands. For me the Super Bowl is the Seahawks to lose and they should win when you evaluate the two rosters, but when you take into consideration the injuries and the craftiness of the Patriots, I don’t think it is a guarantee by any means, it should be a good game.

Now onto the actual betting tips
super bowl xlix ball 2

Seahawks to win 10/11

It’s a straight up who’s going to win. According to the bookies there is nothing to choose between the two, so if you fancy the Pats then bet them at the same price, but as I said above I think the game is the Seahawks to lose.

Total Points Under 47.5 10/11

I don’t see this game being particularly high scoring; it is more likely to be a defensive slugfest. With that in mind I think this is a decent price, and if you’re feeling more adventurous then double it with who you think the winner will be.

Lynch MVP 9/2

marshawn lynch
If the Patriots win the MVP will almost certainly be Brady, if the Seahawks win then the MVP will almost certainly be either Wilson or Lynch. Lynch is the Seahawks main threat and as I said above is the type of runner which the Pats struggle mightily against. Expect him to have a big game.

Blount first TD scorer 9/1

The Patriots are likely to try and come out fast, running the ball at the Seahawks to open up the passing game for later on in the game. 9/1 for a starting running back who was on lightning form in the last game is an absolute steal.

To be honest there are too many markets and most of them are pretty stupid, but here’s a selection of throw away bets which are good prices and worth a wee punt on.

Over 4.5 sacks 11/10
Total punts under 8.5 5/6
Seahawks to have over 3.5 ball rushers 10/13
Largest lead in game under 14.5 5/7
2 pt conversion attempt 7/4

So there you have it here’s your tips for the Super Bowl. Personally I’m hoping the Patriots lose because they are my least favourite team and generic cheating comment about how they don’t deserve to be here and stuff. Generally I would just look for a good game, but…yeah…I really dislike the Patriots…so that isn’t really the case here… My misgivings about the Patriots apart enjoy the game and don’t forget to join up on Facebook and Twitter because why the fuck not?

The 2014 NFL Season Preview.

The NFL is about to kick off this Thursday and I haven’t written a preview, so this is me writing a preview! Last year I wrote a preview and I went into depth about every team and calculated out how many wins each would get and spent loads of time on it for many reasons including I didn’t have a girlfriend and there is only so many times you can pull it a day. The problem was that only about ten people actually read it which naturally had the effect of me filling up with tears as I thought about all the hard work I had put in to it. Yes it was a sad couple of months and after much counselling I did get over it and came to the realisation that I don’t really have NFL fans reading this blog. So this is going to be pretty snappy (like my dress sense) and I’m sure the eleven people (progression) who read it will love it as much as I love them…which isn’t very much, but I guess you can’t please everyone!

AFC East

The Patriots will win the AFC East again because everyone else in it is absolutely shit and trust me I know I’m a Jets fan (I’m only joking the Jets will be ok, better if Geno progresses).

AFC North

Bengals take the north for me they have the best team in the division. The only thing I don’t like about the Bengals is that Andy Dalton could hold them back in his make or break season, he has all the pieces around him to succeed he just needs to use them. The Ravens will be there but Flacco is an over rated quarterback and I think the defence and running game will be iffy. Steelers have been in transition for a few years now and still seem to be so, can’t see them doing anything this year. The Browns be the Browns.

AFC South

Colts will walk the South because the other teams aren’t quite there yet. Texans still lack a quarterback who can do it, Titans are a bit of a mess and Jags will be better but again are a mess.

AFC West

Again it’s all about the Broncos, easily the best team in the West and assuming that Manning is fit they are the best team in the AFC by quite some way. Both the Chargers and the Chiefs are in the wild card hunt but both have major weaknesses (who’s catching the ball in Kansas and can Rivers carry the team again?) could end up cancelling each other out by default. Oakland Raiders…nough said…


There is a lack of quality in the AFC and beyond the top teams there isn’t really much there. I think that the Jets will take a place but it is highly dependent on how Geno Smith plays and also whether the passing defence holds up (two big question marks) and I’ll give the other place to the Ravens because they are probably just a bit better than the rest.

NFC East

Used to be the class of the NFC now is the weakest division, when you fall you fall hard. Eagles are well above the rest and will win the division easily. If RG3’s knee holds up Redskins could do something but I think it’s a big ask (poor decision to play him in play-offs two years ago and even worse when they played him last season when he wasn’t fully recovered, classic case of poor short term decision making damaging the team in the long run). Cowboys are a mess on both sides and Giants aren’t that much better.

NFC North

Packers look really good this year and Rodgers is probably the best quarterback in the NFL, scream play-offs like Justin Bieber screams like a girl. Bears are going to be in the mix for one of the two wildcard spots but they are very competitive and their margin for error will be really small, need the good Jay Cutler to show rather than the flip your hair Jay Cutler. Lions and Vikings have both got plenty of quality but can’t seem to get it to come together, both could be playoff teams but I doubt either will.

NFC South

Got to be the Saints this year, too many good players and Drew Brees for them to fail plus Sean Payton is back this year which can only help. Falcons are too overly reliant on certain players to make you confident that they could really do anything but if they all stay healthy they will be a wildcard challenger. I don’t rate Cam Newton and as is the way of the NFL the team will win or lose depending on him, I hence think they will lose more than they win. Buccs are a mess.

NFC West

I remember watching the Seahawks beat the Rams on Sunday night football (which is more like Monday morning football for me) and winning the NFC West 7-9 much to the distaste of everyone in the media, now the NFC West is the class of the NFL…who knew? Seahawks are excellent with so much depth and are confident coming off of a Super Bowl win, plus they’re a young team so are only going to get better in theory which is very scary for the rest of the NFL. 49ers are a class team who are overshadowed by their classier division rivals, surely a roster of this quality will make the play-offs, and otherwise the play-offs will be missing something. 49ers are a bit like Seahawks light. Feel sorry for the Cardinals because they are a play-off calibre team but find themselves in a tough division with arguably the two best teams in the NFL, hence I expect them to cancel the Cardinals out which will see them miss the play-offs unfairly again. Rams won’t make play-offs for the same reason but also because Bradford is down again and they can’t overcome that.


For me the 49ers are a lock for one of the slots and beyond that it is really hard to say. Unlike the AFC where you can’t decide which shit team to put in the play-offs, the NFC is which good team do you have to leave out? Bears missed out last season so I’ll plump for them because who doesn’t like a bear (whether it be brown, black, polar or a big gay guy)?


So the play-off teams will be:



If I were to pick the teams for the Super Bowl at this point I would go for Seahawks and Colts with the Seahawks winning because they truly look like the class of the NFL.

So if you’ve actually made it this far leave a comment about what you think about the upcoming season and who you think will win stuff and whatnot. Plus if you are one of the ten readers and you do leave a comment I certainly will reply in an open letter telling you how pleased I am that you read the whole thing! You can also make me happier by joining the bm23reviews Facebook and Twitter family!