The Premier League Quarter Season Awards 2016-17

Just when you thought your life couldn’t become any more complete…the Premier League Quarter Season Awards returned!!!  The award that every single player has been busting a gut to have their name taken into consideration.  Not everyone can be considered the best of the best but those who do are the real winners of the world and will inherit the earth…or something like that…  Continue reading “The Premier League Quarter Season Awards 2016-17”

The 2016-17 Champions League Preview

The final 32 have finally been narrowed down for the Champions League proper and it’s a real mixed bag.  Each group will be covered in the preview and each team will have a pot ranking attributed to them. Continue reading “The 2016-17 Champions League Preview”

The 2016 Premier League Positional Top 5

The transfer window may be super exciting for Jim White, however what regular people actually get excited about is the long awaited Premier League positional top 5!!!  Yes it is that time of year once again, where we find out who the best of the best is at the best of the best of the best of the best in the best of the best…best!  The elite players of the Premier League! Continue reading “The 2016 Premier League Positional Top 5”

The 2016 Premier League Summer Transfer Window Review

Another year another summer transfer window where Premier League clubs went absolutely crazy in the transfer market.  More than half of the teams in the Premier League broke their transfer fee record for a single player, and the window itself went over £1 billion for the first time ever, totally crazy. Continue reading “The 2016 Premier League Summer Transfer Window Review”

The Premier League Season Preview 2016/17

Writing a season preview is hard, there are twenty teams to write about and informing yourself of how each one is setting up for the season can be tricky, however it is all the trickier when the teams who you are writing about haven’t settled on what their squad will be for the rest of the season.  Continue reading “The Premier League Season Preview 2016/17”